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Visages of Geodiversity and Geoheritage

Product Code: SP530
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by L. Kubalíková, P. Coratza, M. Pál, Z. Zwoliński, P.N. Irapta, B. van Wyk de Vries
Publication Date: 06 July 2023
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Special Publication 530

Geodiversity and geoheritage are emerging topics within the geosciences that are increasingly interconnected to biodiversity research and the humanities through the intersection between Earth and culture.

Understanding, recognizing and conserving geodiversity is important for various domains, including geology, geomorphology, geography, ecology, conservation and land management. Geodiversity helps preserve Earth's geoheritage, support biodiversity, manage geohazards and promote sustainable land use. Geoheritage also connects with geotourism development and is integral to territorial development studies.

This volume showcases theoretical research and case studies prepared by a stimulating selection of early career scientists alongside experienced researchers. The first part of this book is dedicated to conceptual chapters on geodiversity that consider its links to other studies. The second and third sections present an integrated view of geodiversity, geoheritage and landscape through their management and conservation. This volume charts the diversity of research and those working in the field of geodiversity and geoheritage. Through these multidisciplinary perspectives, we invite emerging and early researchers to continue the conversation and strengthen this dynamic field of study.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 23 June 2023

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205780
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 352
Weight: 1 kg


Soldati, M. Geodiversity and geoheritage research: valuable resources for Earth Science outreach and sustainable development

Kubalíková, L., Irapta, P. N., Pál, M., Zwoliński, Z., Coratza, P. and van Wyk de Vries, B. Visages of geodiversity and geoheritage: A multidisciplinary approach to valuing, conserving and managing abiotic nature

Principles and conceptual aspects of geodiversity and geoheritage research

Gray, M. Some observations and reflections on geodiversity, the oft-forgotten half of nature

Tukiainen, H., Toivanen, M. and Maliniemi, T. Geodiversity and Biodiversity

Kubalíková, L. and Coratza, P. Reflections of geodiversity–culture relationships within the concept of abiotic ecosystem services

Migoń, P. and Pijet-Migoń, E. The role of geodiversity and geoheritage in tourism and local Development

Geodiversity – practical applications of the principles and concepts

Najwer, A., Reynard, E. and Zwoliński, Z. Geodiversity assessment for geomorphosites management: Derborence and Illgraben, Swiss Alps

Li, B., Németh, K., Zakharovskyi, V., Palmer, J., Palmer, A. and Proctor, J. Geodiversity estimate of the Arxan–Chaihe Volcanic Field extending across two geoparks in Inner Mongolia, NE China

Zakharovskyi, V., Kósik, S., Li, B. and Németh, K. Geosite determination based on geodiversity assessment utilizing the volcanic history of a near-sea-level explosive eruption-dominated volcanic island: Tūhua/Mayor Island, New Zealand

Pál, M. and Albert, G. From geodiversity assessment to geosite analysis – a GIS-aided workflow from the Bakony–Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark, Hungary

Kubalíková, L., Balková, M. and Zapletalová, D. Where geodiversity meets biodiversity and culture: a case study from the abandoned limestone quarries of Hády (Brno, Czech Republic)

Geoheritage – practical applications of the principles and concepts

Vergara-Daskam, C. and Estay-Daskam, C. Geoheritage of Cajón del Maipo aspiring geopark: inventory, assessment, and opportunities for local development in the Andes of central Chile

Bubniak, I. M., Bubniak, A. M., Vikhot, Y. M., Kril, S. Y., Oliinyk, M. A. and Bihun, M. V. The Sukil River valley: a natural geological laboratory (case studies from the Ukrainian Carpathians)

Masseroli, A., Bollati, I. M., Trombino, L. and Pelfini, M. The soil trail of Buscagna Valley, an example of the role of soil science in geodiversity and geoheritage analyses

Németh, B. and Németh, K. Spatial decision-making support for geoheritage conservation in the urban and indigenous environment of the Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand

Drápela, E. Geoheritage and overtourism: a case study from sandstone rock cities in the Czech Republic

Justice, S. C. Leveraging Earth science research for effective sustainability policy and territorial management in the Chablais UNESCO Global Geopark (France)

Cruz-Pérez, M. A., García-Sánchez, L., Miros, J., Canet, C. and Muñoz-Salazar, J. I. Multidesignated areas: case study from Comarca Minera UNESCO Global Geopark, Mexico

Implementation of geodiversity and geoheritage for society and environment

Zwoliński, Z., Brilha, J., Gray, M. and Matthews, J. International Geodiversity Day: from grassroots geoscience campaign to UNESCO recognition



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