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Large Igneous Provinces and their Plumbing Systems

Product Code: SP518
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. K. Srivastava, R. E. Ernst, K. L. Buchan, M. De Kock
Publication Date: 15 March 2022
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Special Publication 518

Identification of large-volume, short-duration mafic magmatic events of intraplate affinity in both continental and oceanic settings on the Earth and other planets provides invaluable clues for understanding several vital geological issues of current concern. Of particular importance is understanding the assembly and dispersal of supercontinents through Earth’s history, dramatic climate change events including mass extinctions, and processes that have produced a wide range of large igneous province (LIP)-related resources, such as Ni–Cu–PGE, Au, U, base metals and petroleum. This volume comprises 21 contributions on the latest developments and new information on LIPs and their plumbing systems and presents methodical studies on different components of LIP plumbing systems. These articles are especially helpful in understanding continental break-up events, regional domal uplift and a variety of metallogenic systems, as well as the temporal and spatial distribution of LIPs, their origin and their likely links to mantle plumes/superplumes.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 09/03/2022

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205520
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 600
Weight: 1.5 kg


Characteristics of LIPs and their plumbing systems

Srivastava, R. K., Ernst, R. E., Buchan, K. L. and de Kock, M. An overview of the plumbing systems of large igneous provinces and their significance

Klausen, M. B. Highly magmatic break-up LIP centres: revisiting the East Greenland volcanic rifted margin

Precambrian LIPs and their plumbing systems

Cundari, R., Hollings, P., Smyk, M. and Carl, C. The geochemical evolution of the Logan Igneous Suite, Ontario, Canada: new insights from the Logan Basin and implications for the genesis of the Mesoproterozoic Midcontinent Rift System

Davis, W. R., Collins, M. A., Rooney, T. O., Brown, E. L., Stein, C. A., Stein, S. and Moucha, R. Geochemical, petrographic, and stratigraphic analyses of the Portage Lake Volcanics of the Keweenawan CFBP: implications for the evolution of main stage volcanism in continental flood basalt provinces

Stepanova, A. V., Stepanov, V. S., Larionov, A. N., Salnikova, E. B., Samsonov, A. V., Azimov, P., Egorova, S. V., Babarina, I. I., Larionova, Y. O., Sukhanova, M. A., Kervinen, A. V. and Maksimov, O. A. Relicts of Paleoproterozoic LIPs in the Belomorian Province, eastern Fennoscandian Shield: barcode reconstruction for a deeply eroded collisional orogen

Peng, P., Xu, H., Wang, C., Su, X., Sun, F. and Wang, X. Spatiotemporal evolution of large igneous provinces and their related rifts in the North China craton: role in craton breakup and destruction

Pandit, M. K., Pivarunas, A. and Meert, J. G. Geochemical and palaeomagnetic characteristics of the Vestfold Hills mafic dykes in the Prydz Bay region: implications of a Paleoproterozoic connection between East Antarctica and Proto-India

Srivastava, R. K., Ernst, R. E., Söderlund, U., Samal, A. K., Pandey, O. P. and Gautam, G. C. Existence of the Dharwar–Bastar–Singhbhum (DHABASI) megacraton since 3.35 Ga: constraints from the Precambrian large igneous province record

Ahmad, T., Yousuf, I. and Chauhan, H. Petrogenesis and tectonic settings of Proterozoic mafic magmatism from the northern Indian Shield and the Himalaya: possible role for interaction of mantle plume with the subcontinental lithospheric mantle

Phanerozoic LIPs and their plumbing systems

Pham, T. T., Shellnutt, J. G., Tran, T.-A. , Denyszyn, S. W. and Iizuka, Y. Petrogenesis of silicic rocks from the Phan Si Pan–Tu Le region of the Emeishan large igneous province, northwestern Vietnam

Morake, M. A., O’Kennedy, J. N. F., Knoper, M. W., de Kock, M., Kramers, J. D., Grantham, G. H., Belyanin, G. and Elburg, M. A. The age and palaeomagnetism of Jurassic dykes, western Dronning Maud Land: implications for Gondwana breakup

Oliveira, A. L., Hollanda, M. H. B. M., Siqueira, R. and Macêdo Filho, A. A. Using a ‘speedy’ unspiked K–Ar methodology to investigate age patterns in giant mafic dyke swarms

Singh, A. K., Oinam, G., Chung, S.-L., Bikramaditya, R. K., Lee, H.-Y. and Joshi, M. Magmatism in the Siang window of the Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis, NE India: a vestige of Kerguelen mantle plume activity

Cucciniello, C., Morra, V., Melluso, L. and Jourdan, F. Constraints on duration, age and migration of the feeder systems of the Madagascan Flood Basalt Province from high-precision 40Ar/39Ar chronology

Kale, V. S., Dole, G., Patil Pillai, S., Chatterjee, P. and Bodas, M. Morphological types in the Deccan Volcanic Province, India: implications for emplacement dynamics of continental flood basalts

Sonu, Kumar, A., Satyanarayanan, M., Pathak, V., Vedanti, N. and Shrivastava, J. P. Chemical stratigraphy of subsurface lava flows from the Koyna (KBH1) core and correlation with the southwestern stratigraphy of the Deccan Traps

Steiner, R. A., Rooney, T. O., Girard, G., Rogers, N., Ebinger, C. J., Peterson, L. and Phillips, R. K. Initial Cenozoic magmatic activity in East Africa: new geochemical constraints on magma distribution within the Eocene continental flood basalt province

LIPs and their economic potential

Pirajno, F. Mineral systems and their putative link with mantle plumes

Reis, N. J., Teixeira, W., D’Agrella-Filho, M. S., Bettencourt, J. S., Ernst, R. E. and Goulart, L. E. A. Large igneous provinces of the Amazonian Craton and their metallogenic potential in Proterozoic times

Shellnutt, J. G., Pang, K.-N., Qi, L. and Bhat, G. M. Platinum-group element geochemistry of the Panjal Traps: constraints on mantle melting and implications for mineral exploration

Dey, A. and Mondal, S. K. Origin of Fe–Ni–Cu (Co) sulfide and Fe–Ti oxide minerals in the c. 1.77 Ga dolerite dyke, Singhbhum Craton (eastern India)

Choudhary, S., Sen, K. and Kumar, S. Pyroxenite-hosted chalcopyrites from Sung Valley, Meghalaya, NE India: implications for the formation of both high- and low-temperature sulfides in plume-derived magma



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