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Seismic Characterization of Carbonate Platforms and Reservoirs

Product Code: SP509
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J. Hendry, P. Burgess, D. Hunt, X. Janson and V. Zampetti
Publication Date: 17 August 2021
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Special Publication 509

Modern seismic data have become an essential toolkit for studying carbonate platforms and reservoirs in impressive detail. Whilst driven primarily by oil and gas exploration and development, data sharing and collaboration are delivering fundamental geological knowledge on carbonate systems, revealing platform geomorphologies and how their evolution on millennial time scales, as well as kilometric length scales, was forced by long-term eustatic, oceanographic or tectonic factors. Quantitative interrogation of modern seismic attributes in carbonate reservoirs permits flow units and barriers arising from depositional and diagenetic processes to be imaged and extrapolated between wells.

This volume reviews the variety of carbonate platform and reservoir characteristics that can be interpreted from modern seismic data, illustrating the benefits of creative interaction between geophysical and carbonate geological experts at all stages of a seismic campaign. Papers cover carbonate exploration, including the uniquely challenging South Atlantic pre-salt reservoirs, seismic modelling of carbonates, and seismic indicators of fluid flow and diagenesis.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 27/07/2021.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205391
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 289
Weight: 0.85 kg



Hendry, J., Burgess, P., Hunt, D., Janson, X. and Zampetti, V. Seismic characterization of carbonate platforms and reservoirs: an introduction and review

Ting, K. K., Tan, Y. E., Chiew, E., Lee, E. L., Azudin, A. N. and Ishak, N. A. Assessing controls on isolated carbonate platform development in Central Luconia, NW Borneo, from a regional 3D seismic facies and geomorphology investigation

Jiménez Berrocoso, Á, Masini, M., Salazar, J., Campos, A. O. and Hsieh, J. C. C. Challenges of carbonate platform identification and characterization from seismic data in frontier exploration – evaluating a possible Miocene example from the SE Caribbean

Embry, J.-C., Hunt, D. W., Colpaert, A., Dræge, A. and Zahm, L. Seismic facies, stratigraphy, geomorphology, and seismic modelling of a Lower Cretaceous carbonate platform

Minzoni, M., Cantelli, A., Thornton, J. and Wignall, B. Seismic-scale geometries and sequence-stratigraphic architecture of Early Cretaceous syn-post rift carbonate systems, Presalt Section, Brazil

Barnett, A. J., Fu, L., Rapasi, T., Scotellaro, C., Guha, J., Cabolova, A. and Domingues, A. L. Seismic characterization and origin of clinoforms in lacustrine depositional environments: a case study from the Cretaceous of the South Atlantic

Mascolo, V. and Lecomte, I. Seismic modelling of outcrop carbonate systems: an application to the Cretaceous platform-to-basin system of the Maiella Mountain (central Apennines, Italy)

Masiero, I., Burgess, P., Hollis, C., Manifold, L., Gawthorpe, R., Lecomte, I., Marshall, J. and

Rotevatn, A. Syn-rift carbonate platforms in space and time: testing and refining conceptual models using stratigraphic and seismic numerical forward modelling

Gold, D. P., Baillard, F., Rathore, R., Zhang, Z. and Arbi, S. An integrated biostratigraphic, seismic reservoir characterization and numerical stratigraphic forward modelling approach to imaging drowned carbonate platforms: a case study from eastern Indonesia

Fournillon, A., Fournier, F. and Vidal, O. Seismic expression of carbonate build-up karstification: karst modelling strategies and insights from synthetic seismic

Smit, F. W. H., Stemmerik, L., Lüthje, M. and van Buchem, F. S. P. Characterization and origin of large Campanian depressions within the Chalk Group of the Danish Central Graben – implications for hydrocarbon exploration and development



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