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Geoethics: Status and Future Perspectives

Product Code: SP508
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G. Di Capua, P. T. Bobrowsky, S. W. Kieffer, C. Palinkas
Publication Date: 01 June 2021 (not yet published)
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Special Publication 508

Selected articles available via Online First from the Lyell Collection. What is Online First?

This is the second volume focused on geoethics published by the Geological Society of London. This is a significant step forward in which authors address the maturation of geoethics. The field of geoethics is now ready to be introduced outside the geoscience community as a logical platform for global ethics that addresses anthropogenic changes. Geoethics has a distinction in the geoscientific community for discussing ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience knowledge, research, practice, education and communication. This provides a common ground for confronting ideas, experiences and proposals on how geosciences can supply additional service to society in order to improve the way humans interact responsibly with the Earth system. This book provides new messages to geoscientists, social scientists, intellectuals, law- and decision-makers, and laypeople. Motivations and actions for facing global anthropogenic changes and their intense impacts on the planet need to be governed by an ethical framework capable of merging a solid conceptual structure with pragmatic approaches based on geoscientific knowledge. This philosophy defines geoethics.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205384
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Weight: kg


Front matter



Di Capua G., Bobrowsky P.T., Kieffer S.W. and Palinkas C. Introduction: geoethics goes beyond the geoscience profession

Peppoloni, S. and Di Capua, G. Geoethics as global ethics to face grand challenges for humanity

Bohle, M. Geo-societal sense-making

Keane, C.M. and Asher, P. Addressing the geoethics skills gap through co-curricular approaches

Cronin, V.S. Geoethics as a common thread that can bind a geoscience department together

Mogk, D.W. The intersection of geoethics and diversity in the geosciences

Bonham, O. and Waldie, A. Geoscience, ethics and enforcement

Dawson, L.A., Di Maggio, R.M., McKinley, J., Di Capua, G., Peppoloni, S. and Pringle, J. A proposal for a white paper on geoethics in forensic geology

Fernández-Fuentes, I., Correia, V. and Neumann, M. The importance of professional regulation of geoscientists and their role in a fast-changing world

Ovadia, D.C. and O’Connor, E.A. International geoscience cooperation – fair and equitable?

Boon, J.    Sociology for mineral exploration              

Bilham, N. Responsible mining and responsible sourcing of minerals: opportunities and challenges for cooperation across value chains

Mudd, G.M. Sustainable/responsible mining and ethical issues related to the sustainable development goals

Groenfeldt, D. Ethical considerations in managing the hydrosphere: an overview of water ethics      

Bellaubi, F. and Arasa, A. Geoethics in groundwater management: the geoethical dilemma in la galera aquifer

Oboni, F. and Oboni, C.H. Holistic geoethical slopes’ portfolio risk assessment

Cerase, A. From ‘good’ intuitions to principled practices and beyond: ethical issues in risk communication

Stewart, I.S. and Hurth, V. Selling Planet Earth: re-purposing geoscience communications

Wuebbles, D.J. Ethics in Climate Change: A Climate Scientist’s Perspective    

McLean, M.R. Reaching out from earth to the stars



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