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From Source to Seep: Geochemical Applications in Hydrocarbon Systems

Product Code: SP468
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Lawson, M.J. Formolo and J.M. Eiler
Publication Date: 28 March 2018
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Special Publication 468

Hydrocarbon systems, by nature, are a complex interplay of elements that must be spatially and temporally aligned to result in the generation and preservation of subsurface hydrocarbon accumulations. To meet the increasing challenges of discovering hydrocarbon resources, it is essential that we advance our understanding of these systems through new geochemical approaches and analytical developments. Such development requires that academic- and industry-led research efforts converge in ways that are unique to the geosciences.

The aim of this volume is to bring together a multidisciplinary geochemical community from industry and academia working in hydrocarbon systems to publish recent advances and state-of-the-art approaches to resolve the many remaining questions in hydrocarbon systems analysis. From Source to Seep presents geochemical and isotopic studies that are grouped into three themes: (1) source-rock identification and the temperature/timing of hydrocarbon generation; (2) mechanisms and time-scales associated with hydrocarbon migration, trapping, storage and alteration; and (3) the impact of fluid flow on reservoir properties.  

Published online 21/03/2018. Print copies available from 28/03/2018.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-78620-366-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 216
Weight: 0.8 kg


Lawson, M., Formolo, M. J., Summa, L. & Eiler, J. M. Geochemical applications in petroleum systems analysis: new constraints and the power of integration

Source-rock identification and the temperature/timing of hydrocarbon generation

Stolper, D. A., Lawson, M., Formolo, M. J., Davis, C. L., Douglas, P.M. J. & Eiler, J.M. The utility of methane clumped isotopes to constrain the origins of methane in natural gas accumulations

Eiler, J. M., Clog, M., Lawson, M., Lloyd, M., Piasecki, A., Ponton, C. & Xie, H. The isotopic structures of geological organic compounds

Gao, Y., Casey, J. F., Bernardo, L. M., Yang, W. & Bissada, K. K. (A.) Vanadium isotope composition of crude oil: effects of source, maturation and biodegradation

Pedentchouk, N. & Turich, C. Carbon and hydrogen isotopic compositions of n-alkanes as a tool in petroleum exploration

Mechanisms and time-scales associated with hydrocarbon migration, trapping, storage and alteration

Byrne, D. J., Barry, P. H., Lawson, M. & Ballentine, C. J. Noble gases in conventional and unconventional petroleum systems

Moore, M. T., Vinson, D. S., Whyte, C. J., Eymold, W. K., Walsh, T. B. & Darrah, T. H. Differentiating between biogenic and thermogenic sources of natural gas in coalbed methane reservoirs from the Illinois Basin using noble gas and hydrocarbon geochemistry

The impact of fluid flow on reservoir properties

MacDonald, J. M., John, C. M. & Girard, J.-P. Testing clumped isotopes as a reservoir characterization tool: a comparison with fluid inclusions in a dolomitized sedimentary carbonate reservoir buried to 2–4 km



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