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Subseismic-Scale Reservoir Deformation

Product Code: SP459
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Ashton, S.J. Dee and O.P. Wennberg
Publication Date: 02 January 2018
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Special Publication 459

In the current cost-constrained environment for hydrocarbon exploitation, increasing emphasis is being placed on robust subsurface description and a clear understanding of the range of uncertainty associated with reservoir models.  Structural heterogeneity, particularly at the subseismic scale, forms an integral part of these refined descriptions as it allows greater prediction of subsurface flow characteristics.  This volume examines the best current practice and new challenges in hydrocarbon reservoir characterization and modelling of small to subseismic deformation features through case studies, experimental results and modelling.  The papers follow four themes: characterization of deformation in porous sandstones, novel characterization techniques, quantifying and characterizing deformation in carbonates, and modelling small-scale features.  It includes a collection of papers from a two-day international conference that brought academic and industry geoscientists and engineers together to discuss best current practice and new challenges in reservoir characterization and modelling of small to subseismic deformation features.  The volume should be of interest to geoscientists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and modellers.

Published online 05/01/2018. Print copies available from 02/01/2018. 

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786203212
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 216
Weight: 0.82 kg



ASHTON, M., DEE, S. J. & WENNBERG, O. P., Subseismic-scale reservoir deformation: introduction

Characterization of deformation in porous sandstones

FOSSEN, H., SOLIVA, R., BALLAS, G., TRZASKOS, B., CAVALCANTE, C. & SCHULTZ, R. A., A review of deformation bands in reservoir sandstones: geometries, mechanisms and distribution

RYKKELID, E. & SKURTVEIT, E., Deformation in a North Sea Jurassic trap analysed using a triaxial plane strain experiment

ZULUAGA, L. F., FOSSEN, H., BALLAS, G. & ROTEVATN, A., Structural and petrophysical effects of overthrusting on highly porous sandstones: the Aztec Sandstone in the Buffington window, SE Nevada, USA

Novel characterization techniques

BROWN, A. A., DAVIES, R. K. & TREVERTON, A. C., Fault core process and clay content derived from XRF analysis: Salina Creek Fault, Utah

WENNBERG, O. P. & RENNAN, L., A brief introduction to the use of X-ray computed tomography (CT) for analysis of natural deformation structures in reservoir rocks

Quantifying and characterizing deformation in carbonates

MICHIE, E. A. H., YIELDING, G. & FISHER, Q. J., Predicting transmissibilities of carbonate-hosted fault zones

GUTMANIS, J., ARDÈVOL I ORÓ, L., DÍEZ-CANSECO, D., CHEBBIHI, L., AWDAL, A. & COOK, A., Fracture analysis of outcrop analogues to support modelling of the subseismic domain in carbonate reservoirs, south-central Pyrenees

MARTÍN-MARTÍN, J. D., GOMEZ-RIVAS, E., GÓMEZ-GRAS, D., TRAVÉ, A., AMENEIRO, R., KOEHN, D. & BONS, P. D., Activation of stylolites as conduits for overpressured fluid flow in dolomitized platform carbonates

Modelling small-scale features

GILLESPIE, P., CASINI, G., IBEN, H. & O’BRIEN, J. F., Simulation of subseismic joint and fault networks using a heuristic mechanical model

MILLIOTTE, C., JONOUD, S., WENNBERG, O. P., MATTHÄI, S. K., JURKIW, A. & MOSSER, L., Well-data-based discrete fracture and matrix modelling and flow-based upscaling of multilayer carbonate reservoir horizons



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