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New Perspectives on Pterosaur Palaeobiology

Product Code: SP455
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by D.W.E. Hone, M.P. Witton and D.M. Martill
Publication Date: 18 January 2018
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Special Publication 455

Pterosaurs, the first vertebrates to evolve powered flight, are undergoing a long-running scientific renaissance that has seen sustained, and even elevated interest, from several generations of palaeontologists. These incredible reptiles are known from every continent, flew the Mesozoic skies for at least 160 million years, diversified into more than a dozen major clades and well over 100 species, and included the largest flying animals of all time. This volume brings together leading pterosaur researchers from around the globe to discuss new and cutting-edge research into various aspects of pterosaur palaeobiology and presents diverse papers to deliver new insights on flying reptile palaeoecology, flight, ontogeny, skeletal and soft-tissue anatomy, temporal and spatial distribution and evolution, as well as revisions of their taxonomy and interrelationships.

Published online 24/01/2018. Print copies available from 18/01/2018.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786203175
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 238
Weight: 0.89 kg


HONE, D. W. E., WITTON, M. P. & MARTILL, D. M. New perspectives on pterosaur palaeobiology

WITTON, M. P. Pterosaurs in Mesozoic food webs: a review of fossil evidence

HENDERSON, D. M. Using three-dimensional, digital models of pterosaur skulls for the investigation of their relative bite forces and feeding styles

FRIGOT, R. A. Pelvic musculature of Vectidraco daisymorrisae and consequences for pterosaur locomotion

PALMER, C. Inferring the properties of the pterosaur wing membrane

BENNETT, S. C. & PENKALSKI, P. Waves of bone deposition on the rostrum of the pterosaur Pteranodon

CODORNIú, L., CHIAPPE, L. & RIVAROLA, D. Neonate morphology and development in pterosaurs: evidence from a Ctenochasmatid embryo from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina

Lü, J., MENG, Q., WANG, B., LIU, D., SHEN, C. & ZHANG, Y. Short note on a new anurognathid pterosaur with evidence of perching behaviour from Jianchang of Liaoning Province, China

MCLAIN, M. A. & BAKKER, R. T. Pterosaur material from the uppermost Jurassic of the uppermost Morrison Formation, Breakfast Bench Facies, Como Bluff, Wyoming, including a pterosaur with pneumatized femora

VIDOVIC, S. U. & MARTILL, D. M. The taxonomy and phylogeny of Diopecephalus kochi (Wagner, 1837) and ‘Germanodactylus rhamphastinus’ (Wagner, 1851)

HONE, D. W. E., JIANG, S. & XU, X. A taxonomic revision of Noripterus complicidens and Asian members of the Dsungaripteridae

MARTILL, D. M. & MOSER, M. Topotype specimens probably attributable to the giant azhdarchid pterosaur Arambourgiania philadelphiae (Arambourg 1959)

O’SULLIVAN, M. The pterosaur assemblage of the Oxford Clay Formation (Jurassic, Callovian–Oxfordian) from the UK

UNWIN, D. M. & MARTILL, D. M. Systematic reassessment of the first Jurassic pterosaur from Thailand

BENNETT, S. C. A large pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone of Utah

LEAL, M. E. C., Pêgas, R. V., BONDE, N. & KELLNER, A. W. A. Cervical vertebrae of an enigmatic pterosaur from the Crato Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Araripe Basin, NE Brazil)

DALLA VECCHIA, F. M. A wing metacarpal from Italy and its implications for latest Cretaceous pterosaur diversity

RIGAL, S., MARTILL, D. M. & SWEETMAN, S. C. A new pterosaur specimen from the Upper Tunbridge Wells Sand Formation (Cretaceous, Valanginian) of southern England and a review of Lonchodectes sagittirostris (Owen 1874)



Gordon Neighbour

Featured in Geoscientist Vol. 28 No. 5

This book encompasses a wide range of papers on pterosaurs, including their taxonomy, behaviour, ecology and relationships. The papers are an excellent mixture; some concentrating on the development of our understanding of individual species, others covering the pterosaurs’ place in the wider Mesozoic world.
This is a book that can be dipped into or read straight through – there genuinely is something for everybody with even a passing interest in palaeontology. It adds significantly to our knowledge of Mesozoic life, and deserves a wide readership.

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