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Monogenetic Volcanism

Product Code: SP446
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by K. Németh, G. Carrasco-Núñez, J.J. Aranda-Gómez and I.E.M. Smith
Publication Date: 23 June 2017
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Special Publication 446

The nature and origin of the small-scale volcanic systems, generally referred to as ‘monogenetic’, have enjoyed an elevated level of interest during the past decade. There has been recognition that their ostensibly simple volcano types are a window into the nature of explosive volcanism, landscape evolution and the processes of magma generation in the Earth’s upper mantle. In the past few years, major conferences have offered specialized technical sessions dealing with monogenetic volcanism and there have been thematic conferences, such as the IAVCEI International Maar Conference series, which have provided a focus for discussion of volcanological and geochemical aspects of small-scale basaltic volcanism. Many new aspects of monogenetic volcanism have emerged and have clearly demonstrated that this volcanism can be very complex on a fine scale. This book is a collection of papers arising from two recent Maar Conferences (the fifth in Queretaro Mexico and the sixth in Changchun, China) and serves as a snapshot of current research on monogenetic volcanism.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786202765
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 388
Weight: 1.1 kg


SMITH, I. E. M. & NÉMETH, K. Source to surface model of monogenetic volcanism: a critical review

LORENZ, V., SUHR, P. & SUHR, S. Phreatomagmatic maar-diatreme volcanoes and their incremental growth: a model

BEMIS, K.G. & FERENCZ, M. Morphometric analysis of scoria cones: the potential for inferring process from shape

KURSZLAUKIS, S. & LORENZ, V. Differences and similarities between emplacement models of kimberlite and basaltic maar-diatreme volcanoes

CAS, R. A. F., VAN OTTERLOO, J., BLAIKIE, T. N. & VAN DEN HOVE, J. The dynamics of a very large intra-plate continental basaltic volcanic province, the Newer Volcanics Province, SE Australia, and implications for other provinces

MURCIA, H., LINDSAY, J. M., NÉMETH, K., SMITH, I. E. M., CRONIN, S. J., MOUFTI, M. R. H., EL-MASRY, N. N. & NIEDERMANN, S. Geology and geochemistry of Late Quaternary volcanism in northern Harrat Rahat, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: implications for eruption dynamics, regional stratigraphy and magma evolution

FULOP, A. & KURSZLAUKIS, S. Monogenetic v. polygenetic kimberlite volcanism: in-depth examination of the Tango Extension Super Structure, Attawapiskat kimberlite field, Ontario, Canada

ARANDA-GÓMEZ, J. J., CERCA, M., ROCHA-TREVINÕ, L., CARRERA-HERNA´ NDEZ, J. J., LEVRESSE, G., PACHECO, J., YUTSIS, V., ARZATE-FLORES, J. A., CHACÓN, E. & BERALDI-CAMPESI, H. Structural evidence of enhanced active subsidence at the bottom of a maar: Rincón de Parangueo, México

SAUCEDO, R., MACÍAS, J. L., OCAMPO-DÍAZ, Y. Z. E., GóMEZ-VILLA, W., RIVERA-OLGUÍN, E., CASTRO-GOVEA, R., SÁNCHEZ-NÚÑEZ, J. M., LAYER, P. W., TORRES HERNÁNDEZ, J. R. & CARRASCO- NÚÑEZ, G. Mixed magmatic–phreatomagmatic explosions during the formation of the Joya Honda maar, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

ALVAREZ, R., CORBO CAMARGO, F., YUTSIS, V. V. & ARZATE, J. A. A volcanic centre in Mexico’s Pacific continental shelf

ALVAREZ, R., CORBO CAMARGO, F. & YUTSIS, V. V. Geophysical modelling of Isla Isabel: a volcanic island on the Mexican continental margin

BÁEZ, W., CARRASCO NUN˜ EZ, G., GIORDANO, G., VIRAMONTE, J. G. & CHIODI, A. Polycyclic scoria cones of the Antofagasta de la Sierra basin, Southern Puna plateau, Argentina

MARO, G. & CAFFE, P. J. Neogene monogenetic volcanism from the Northern Puna region: products and eruptive styles

BORRERO, C., MURCIA, H., AGUSTIN-FLORES, J., ARBOLEDA, M. T. & GIRALDO, A. M. Pyroclastic deposits of San Diego maar, central Colombia: an example of a silicic magma-related monogenetic eruption in a hard substrate



Ayla Stenning

We are quickly made acutely aware of the complexity and intrigue surrounding monogenetic volcanism; a topic that has, until fairly recently, fallen within the shadow of those deemed more volcanologically compelling, despite being the most abundant type of volcano on Earth. Recent IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior) conferences have led to this publication, a compilation of 14 papers. As a collective entity, these papers serve in laying the foundations of current understanding into a subject for which we are still fundamentally scratching the surface, while also frequently delving deeper and yet remaining highly self-aware of the flaws and drawbacks that still remain within the scope of current research and existing models.

Though occasional editing and formatting quirks slightly distracted, with some images and diagrams that would benefit from colour for the sake of clarity and lack of ambiguity, the undeniable forte of this publication is the work intertwined throughout the volume on maar diatreme volcanoes.

Deborah Parke - OUGS

The papers, taken as a whole, appear to give a good overview of the current knowledge of monogenetic volcanism, and the research being undertaken in different parts of the world into the processes involved.

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