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Geometry and Growth of Normal Faults, The

Product Code: SP439
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C. Childs, R.E. Holdsworth, C.A.-L. Jackson, T. Manzocchi, J.J. Walsh and G. Yielding
Publication Date: 06 November 2017
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Special Publication 439

Normal faults are the primary structures that accommodate extension of the brittle crust. This volume provides an up-to-date overview of current research into the geometry and growth of normal faults. The 23 research papers present the findings of outcrop and subsurface studies of the geometrical evolution of faults from a number of basins worldwide, complemented by analogue and numerical modelling studies of fundamental aspects of fault kinematics. The topics addressed include how fault length changes with displacement, how faults interact with one another, the controls of previous structure on fault evolution and the nature and origin of fault-related folding.

This volume will be of interest to those wishing to develop a better understanding of the structural geological aspects of faulting, from postgraduate students to those working in industry.

Published online 09/11/2017. Print copies available from 06/11/2017.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862399679
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 544
Weight: 1.35 kg




Childs, C., Holdsworth, R. E., Jackson, C. A.-L., Manzocchi, T., Walsh, J. J. & Yielding, G. Introduction to the geometry and growth of normal faults

Fault geometric analysis

Yielding, G. The geometry of branch lines

Nicol, A., Childs, C., Walsh, J. J., Manzocchi, T. & Schöpfer, M. P. J. Interactions and growth of faults in an outcrop-scale system

Ferrill, D. A., Morris, A. P., McGinnis, R. N. & Smart, K. J. Myths about normal faulting

Ghalayini, R., Homberg, C., Daniel, J.M. & Nader, F. H. Growth of layer-bound normal faults under a regional anisotropic stress field

Fault kinematic analysis

Whipp, P. S., Jackson, C. A.-L., Schlische, R. W., Withjack, M. O. & Gawthorpe, R. L. Spatial distribution and evolution of fault-segment boundary types in rift systems: observations from experimental clay models

Khalil, S. M. & McClay, K. R. 3D geometry and kinematic evolution of extensional fault-related folds, NW Red Sea, Egypt

Ford, M., Hemelsdaël, R., Mancini, M. & Palyvos, N. Rift migration and lateral propagation: evolution of normal faults and sediment-routing systems of the western Corinth rift (Greece)

Fazlikhani, H., Back, S., Kukla, P. A. & Fossen, H. Interaction between gravity-driven listric normal fault linkage and their hanging-wall rollover development: a case study from the western Niger Delta, Nigeria

Jackson, C. A.-L., Bell, R. E., Rotevatn, A. & Tvedt, A. B. M. Techniques to determine the kinematics of synsedimentary normal faults and implications for fault growth models

Finch, E. & Gawthorpe, R. Growth and interaction of normal faults and fault network evolution in rifts: insights from three-dimensional discrete element modelling

Fault zone structure

Gabrielsen, R. H., Braathen, A., Kjemperud, M. & Valdresbråten, M. L. R. The geometry and dimensions of fault-core lenses

Roche, V., Homberg, C., Van Der Baan, M. & Rocher, M. Widening of normal fault zones due to the inhibition of vertical propagation

Skar, T., Berg, S. S., Gabrielsen, R. H. & Braathen, A. Fracture networks of normal faults in fine-grained sedimentary rocks: examples from Kilve Beach, SW England

Schöpfer, M. P. J., Childs, C., Manzocchi, T. & Walsh, J. J. Three-dimensional Distinct Element Method modelling of the growth of normal faults in layered sequences

Delogkos, E., Manzocchi, T., Childs, C., Sachanidis, C., Barbas, T., Schöpfer, M. P. J., Chatzipetros, A., Pavlides, S. & Walsh, J. J. Throw partitioning across normal fault zones in the Ptolemais Basin, Greece

Fault-related folding

Childs, C., Manzocchi, T., Nicol, A., Walsh, J. J., Soden, A. M., Conneally, J. C. & Delogkos, E. The relationship between normal drag, relay ramp aspect ratio and fault zone structure

Lăpădat, A., Imber, J., Yielding, G., Iacopini, D., McCaffrey, K. J. W., Long, J. J. & Jones, R. R. Occurrence and development of folding related to normal faulting within a mechanically heterogeneous sedimentary sequence: a case study from Inner Moray Firth, UK

Homberg, C., Schnyder, J., Roche, V., Leonardi, V. & Benzaggagh, M. The brittle and ductile components of displacement along fault zones

Pre-existing structure and reactivation

Morley, C. K. The impact of multiple extension events, stress rotation and inherited fabrics on normal fault geometries and evolution in the Cenozoic rift basins of Thailand

Reilly, C., Nicol, A. & Walsh, J. Importance of pre-existing fault size for the evolution of an inverted fault system

Fossen, H., Khani, H. F., Faleide, J. I., Ksienzyk, A.K.& Dunlap,W. J. Post-Caledonian extension in the West Norway–northern North Sea region: the role of structural inheritance

Ferrer, O., McClay, K. & Sellier, N. C. Influence of fault geometries and mechanical anisotropies on the growth and inversion of hanging-wall synclinal basins: insights from sandbox models and natural examples

Worthington, R. P. & Walsh, J. J. Timing, growth and structure of a reactivated basin-bounding fault



Mark Griffin

Normal faults are the fundamental crustal structures that accommodate extension within extensional sedimentary basins, developed in continental rifts and passive margin settings. Their geometry and growth are intimately linked and the current understanding of how these faults grow is directly derived from observations of fault geometry.
The volume provides an in-depth description of current models of fault growth, and discusses the methods by which these models can be investigated. The main focus of the volume emphasises how geometric observations provide constraints on fault growth.
In summary, the volume provides an excellent overview of the recent interdisciplinary geoscientific developments within this important and evolving field. The contributions are well-written and edited, complemented with appropriate figures, photographs and data-tables, features that one has come to expect from the GSL Special Publication series. The editors and contributors are to be congratulated. An informative and recommended read.
The anticipated readership would be from both academic researchers and industry professionals that are interested in acquiring an up to date and ‘holistic’ understanding of the structural geological aspects of the development of normal faulting.

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