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Mesozoic Biotas of Scandinavia and its Arctic Territories

Product Code: SP434
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by B.P. Kear, J. Lindgren, J.H. Hurum, J. Milàn and V. Vajda
Publication Date: 02 June 2016
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Special Publication 434

Scandinavia and its Arctic territories of Svalbard and Greenland represent geographical regions with a long history of Mesozoic palaeontology. However the last few decades have witnessed a surge of new discoveries, especially from the famous Triassic and Late Jurassic Lagerstätten of East Greenland and Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Archipelago, together with the Late Cretaceous strata of southern Sweden and UNESCO World Heritage locality at Stevns Klint in Denmark; the latter recording one of the most complete terminal Mesozoic rock successions known globally. Collectively, these deposits encompass the spectrum of Mesozoic biotic evolution from the explosive radiation of marine faunas after the Permian-Triassic extinction and seminal specialization of amniotes for life in the sea, to the Late Triassic–Jurassic domination of the land by dinosaurs and Cretaceous development of modern terrestrial floras and marine ecosystems. This volume authored by leading experts in the field encapsulates key aspects of the latest research, and will provide a benchmark reference for future investigations into the Scandinavian Mesozoic world.

Published online 17/05/2016. Print copies available from 02/06/2016.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862397484
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 336
Weight: 0.93 kg


Kear, B. P., Lindgren, J., Hurum, J. H., Milàn, J. & Vajda, V. An introduction to the Mesozoic biotas of Scandinavia and its Arctic territories

Ebbestad, J. O. R. Carl Wiman and the foundation of Mesozoic vertebrate palaeontology in Sweden

Clemmensen, L. B., Milàn, J., Adolfssen, J. S., Estrup, E. J., Frobøse, N., Klein, N., Mateus, O. & Wings, O. The vertebrate-bearing Late Triassic Fleming Fjord Formation of central East Greenland revisited: stratigraphy, palaeoclimate and new palaeontological data

Hansen, B. B., Milàn, J., Clemmensen, L. B., Adolfssen, J. S., Estrup, E. J., Klein, N., Mateus, O. & Wings, O. Coprolites from the Late Triassic Kap Stewart Formation, Jameson Land, East Greenland: morphology, classification and prey inclusions

Klein, H., Milàn, J., Clemmensen, L. B., Frobøse, N., Mateus, O., Klein, N., Adolfssen, J. S., Estrup, E. J. & Wings, O. Archosaur footprints (cf. Brachychirotherium) with unusual morphology from the Upper Triassic Fleming Fjord Formation (Norian–Rhaetian) of East Greenland

McLoughlin, S. & Strullu-Derrien, C. Biota and palaeoenvironment of a high middle-latitude Late Triassic peat-forming ecosystem from Hopen, Svalbard archipelago

Kear, B. P., Poropat, S. F. & Bazzi, M. Late Triassic capitosaurian remains from Svalbard and the palaeobiogeographical context of Scandinavian Arctic temnospondyls

Vajda, V., Linderson, H. & McLoughlin, S. Disrupted vegetation as a response to Jurassic volcanism in southern Sweden

Sachs, S., Hornung, J. J., Lierl, H.-J. & Kear, B. P. Plesiosaurian fossils from Baltic glacial erratics: evidence of Early Jurassic marine amniotes from the southwestern margin of Fennoscandia

Delsett, L. L., Novis, L. K., Roberts, A. J., Koeovoets, M. J., Hammer, Ø., Druckenmiller, P. S. & Hurum, J. H. The Slottsmøya marine reptile Lagersta¨tte: depositional environments, taphonomy and diagenesis

Hurum, J. H., Druckenmiller, P. S., Hammer, Ø., Nakrem, H. A. & Olaussen, S. The theropod that wasn’t: an ornithopod tracksite from the Helvetiafjellet Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of Boltodden, Svalbard

Halamski, A. T., Kvaček, J. & Vajda, V. Late Cretaceous (Campanian) leaf and palynoflora from southern Skåne, Sweden

Poropat, S. F., Einarsson, E., Lindgren, J., Bazzi, M., Lagerstam, C. & Kear, B. P. Late Cretaceous dinosaurian remains from the Kristianstad Basin of southern Sweden

Einarsson, E., Praszkier, A. & Vajda, V. First evidence of the Cretaceous decapod crustacean Protocallianassa from Sweden

Siversson, M., Cook, T. D., Cederström, P. & Ryan, H. E. Early Campanian (Late Cretaceous) squatiniform and synechodontiform selachians from the Åsen locality, Kristianstad Basin, Sweden

Bazzi, M., Einarsson, E. & Kear, B. P. Late Cretaceous (Campanian) actinopterygian fishes from the Kristianstad Basin of southern Sweden

Sachs, S., Lindgren, J. & Siversson, M. A partial plesiosaurian braincase from the Upper Cretaceous of Sweden

Rasmussen, J. A. & Sheldon, E. Late Maastrichtian foraminiferal response to sea-level change and organic flux, Central Graben area, Danish North Sea



Gordon Neighbour

Featured in Geoscientist vol 27 February 2017

It is a fascinating read, covering such a wide variety of topics from the pioneering work of Carl Wiman to papers looking at specific fossil bearing localities. The collection of 18 papers has something for everyone and provides an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the Mesozoic in general, or the specifics of the Mesozoic in this area.

Each paper complements the others and provides readers with the opportunity to recognise the many different methods that are now used in studying past palaeoenvironments. It shows the importance of working together to develop our understanding of the world (or previous worlds) around us. Any interdisciplinary book of this nature should have a wider readership, including as it does so many different papers on such a wide variety of subjects.

The book builds on the excellent work of the previously published Geology of Svalbard (Harland 1998) and gives specific details of a number of fossil localities. The book also gives the reader an excellent insight into the trials and tribulations of fieldwork in such challenging areas. The quality of reproduction is as always from this publisher second-to-none, with good quality diagrams and images that enhance the well-written papers. Indeed, the use of colour in so many of the maps and diagrams considerably enhances their usefulness, and thankfully they are reproduced at a size that makes them easily accessible.

The quality of all of the papers is high, so to single any one paper out is not really possible and is, in truth, down to the personal interests of the reader.

Mark A Barrett BSc Hons Natural Sciences (Open)

Featured in OUGS Proceedings vol 3 2017

This book is an absorbing collection of 18 scientific papers that deals comprehensively with the Mesozoic marine and terrestrial fossil record for this geographical area. This is not a book for the layman and requires a good knowledge of palaeontological and plant terminology, as well as of geology.

The introduction gives an overview of the subject that certainly whets the appetite. The first paper deals with the foundation of Mesocoic palaeontology in Sweden in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Papers 2-6 describe various Triassic Biotas from Svalbard and East Greenland, and contain a number of fascinating insights.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this book and the comprehensive reference attached to each papers facilitate further research. I hope that the selected subject matter examples here given encourage people to purchase this book.

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