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Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Black Sea and Caucasus

Product Code: SP428
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Sosson, R.A. Stephenson and S.A. Adamia
Publication Date: 06 October 2017
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Special Publication 428

The fifteen chapters included in this volume are concerned with the main issues in the Eastern Black sea and Caucasus regions of the Alpine–Tethyan orogenic realm, which are: (1) the changes in space and time of geodynamic processes responsible for the closure of the northern branch of the Neotethys Ocean and how these changes are related to the opening and inversion of back-arc basins; (2) the northwestern terminus of the Eastern Black sea rift; (3) timing and evolution of inverted and foreland basins; (4) the continuity of structures and their evolution in time between the Eastern Black Sea, the Greater Caucasus, the Lesser Caucasus and those of the Taurides–Anatolides– Pontides belt and of NW Iran; and (5) Paratethys evolution since the Eocene in this belt.

The papers included in this volume present new results obtained mostly by projects supported by the DARIUS programme.

Published online 7 September 2017. Print copies available from 6 October 2017.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862397392
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 1 kg


SOSSON, M., STEPHENSON, R. & ADAMIA, S. Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Black Sea and Caucasus: an introduction

The ‘Caucasus’ domain

ADAMIA, S. A., CHKHOTUA, T. G., GAVTADZE, T. T., LEBANIDZE, Z. A., LURSMANASHVILI, N. D., SADRADZE, N. G., ZAKARAIA, D. P. & ZAKARIADZE, G. S. Tectonic setting of Georgia–Eastern Black Sea: a review

HÄSSIG, M., ROLLAND, Y. & SOSSON, M. From seafloor spreading to obduction: Jurassic–Cretaceous evolution of the northern branch of the Neotethys in the Northeastern Anatolian and Lesser Caucasus regions

DANELIAN, T., ASATRYAN, G., SAHAKYAN, L., AVAGYAN, A. & GALOYAN, G. Radiolarian evidence for the age of chert blocks from the Upper Cretaceous ophiolitic mélange unit of the Erakh area, Armenia

SAHAKYAN, L., BOSCH, D., SOSSON, M., AVAGYAN, A., GALOYAN, GH., ROLLAND, Y., BRUGUIER, O., STEPANYAN, ZH., GALLAND, B. & VARDANYAN, S. Geochemistry of the Eocene magmatic rocks from the Lesser Caucasus area (Armenia): evidence of a subduction geodynamic environment

AVAGYAN, A., SHAHIDI, A., SOSSON, M., SAHAKYAN, L., GALOYAN, G., MULLER, C., VARDANYAN, S., FIROUZI, K. B., BOSCH, D., DANELIAN, T., ASATRYAN, G., KRTCHYAN, M. & SHOKRI, M. A. New data on the tectonic evolution of the Khoy region, NW Iran

MEIJERS, M. J. M., SMITH, B., PASTOR-GALÁN, D., DEGENAAR, R., SADRADZE, N., ADAMIA, S., SAHAKYAN, L., AVAGYAN, A., SOSSON, M., ROLLAND, Y., LANGEREIS, C. G. &MÜLLER, C. Progressive orocline formation in the Eastern Pontides–Lesser Caucasus

VAN DER BOON, A., KUIPER, K. F., VILLA, G., RENEMA, W., MEIJERS, M. J. M., LANGEREIS, C. G., ALIYEVA, E. & KRIJGSMAN, W. Onset of Maikop sedimentation and cessation of Eocene arc volcanism in the Talysh Mountains, Azerbaijan

ALANIA, V. M., CHABUKIANI, A. O., CHAGELISHVILI, R. L., ENUKIDZE, O. V., GOGRICHIANI, K. O., RAZMADZE, A. N. & TSERETELI, N. S. Growth structures, piggy-back basins and growth strata of the Georgian part of the Kura foreland fold–thrust belt: implications for Late Alpine kinematic evolution

CAVAZZA, W., ALBINO, I., ZATTIN, M., GALOYAN, G., IMAMVERDIYEV, N. & MELKONYAN, R. Thermochronometric evidence for Miocene tectonic reactivation of the Sevan–Akera suture zone (Lesser Caucasus): a far-field tectonic effect of the Arabia–Eurasia collision?

The ‘Black Sea’ domain

STAROSTENKO, V., JANIK, T., STEPHENSON, R., GRYN, D., RUSAKOV, O., CZUBA, W., ŚRODA, P., GRAD, M., GUTERCH, A., FLÜH, E., THYBO, H., ARTEMIEVA, I., TOLKUNOV, A., SYDORENKO, G., LYSYNCHUK, D., OMELCHENKO, V., KOLOMIYETS, K., LEGOSTAEVA, O., DANNOWSKI, A. & SHULGIN, A. DOBRE-2 WARR profile: the Earth’s upper crust across Crimea between the Azov Massif and the northeastern Black Sea

GOBARENKO, V., YEGOROVA, T. & STEPHENSON, R. Local tomography model of the northeastern Black Sea: intra-plate crustal underthrusting

NIKISHIN, A. M., WANNIER, M., ALEKSEEV, A. S., ALMENDINGER, O. A., FOKIN, P. A., GABDULLIN, R. R., KHUDOLEY, A. K., KOPAEVICH, L. F., MITYUKOV, A. V., PETROV, E. I. & RUBTSOVA, E. V. Mesozoic to recent geological history of southern Crimea and the Eastern Black Sea region

SHEREMET, Y., SOSSON, M., MULLER, C., GINTOV, O., MUROVSKAYA, A. & YEGOROVA, T. Key problems of stratigraphy in the Eastern Crimea Peninsula: some insights from new dating and structural data

SYDORENKO, G., STEPHENSON, R., YEGOROVA, T., STAROSTENKO, V., TOLKUNOV, A., JANIK, T., MAJDANSKI, M., VOITSITSKIY, Z., RUSAKOV, O. & OMELCHENKO, V. Geological structure of the northern part of the Eastern Black Sea from regional seismic reflection data including the DOBRE-2 CDP profile

HIPPOLYTE, J.-C., MÜLLER, C., SANGU, E. & KAYMAKCI, N. Stratigraphic comparisons along the Pontides (Turkey) based on new nannoplankton age determinations in the Eastern Pontides: geodynamic implications



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