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Palaeomagnetism in Fold and Thrust Belts: New Perspectives

Product Code: SP425
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E.L. Pueyo, F. Cifelli, A.J. Sussman and B. Oliva-Urcia
Publication Date: 23 August 2016
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Special Publication 425

Palaeomagnetism is a technique used to understand complex deformation patterns in fold-and-thrust belts; it can be used to characterize the distribution, magnitude and timing of vertical axis rotations, an elusive variable using other methods. A combination of palaeomagnetic and structural geology analyses has helped to unravel the geometry and kinematics of fold-and-thrust belts around the world and of different geological ages for more than 50 years. This volume comprises three sections: the first shows thorough overviews of western Mediterranean arcs and the western Carpathians;  the second depicts several examples from the Andes, the Alps, Anatolia, Pyrenees, Iberian Ranges and the Atlas; and the third shows the latest research on the use of palaeomagnetism to understand fold-and-thrust belts in 3D and 4D in a more quantitative way and it also includes some methodological proposals to avoid common errors. In the papers of the first two sections, the combination of palaeomagnetic analyses with structural data, AMS or magnetostratigraphic analyses demonstrate the usefulness of palaeomagnetism in deciphering complex deformation patterns in fold-and-thrust belts.

Published online 8 August 2016. Print copies available from 23 August 2016.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862397378
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 282
Weight: 0.85 kg


PUEYO, E. L., CIFELLI, F., SUSSMAN, A. J. & OLIVA-URCIA, B. Introduction: Palaeomagnetism in fold and thrust belts: new perspectives


Large palaeomagnetic datasets

MARTON, E., GRABOWSKI, J., TOKARSKI, A. K. & TUNYI, I. Palaeomagnetic results from the fold and thrust belt of the Western Carpathians: an overview

CIFELLI, F., CARICCHI, C. & MATTEI, M. Formation of arc-shaped orogenic belts in the Western and Central Mediterranean: a palaeomagnetic review


Tectonic problems in the Andes, Pyrenees, the Iberian Range, the Alps and Anatolia

RAPALINI, A. E., PERONI, J., LUPPO, T., TASSONE, A., CERREDO, M. E., ESTEBAN, F., LIPPAI, H. & FRANCISCOVILAS, J. Palaeomagnetism of Mesozoic magmatic bodies of the Fuegian Cordillera: implications for the formation of the Patagonian Orocline

JAPAS, M. S., RE, G. H., ORIOLO, S. & VILAS, J. F. Palaeomagnetic data from the Precordillera fold and thrust belt constraining Neogene foreland evolution of the Pampean flat-slab segment (Central Andes, Argentina)

OLIVA-URCIA, B., BEAMUD, E., GARCES, M., ARENAS, C., SOTO, R., PUEYO, E. L. & PARDO, G. New magnetostratigraphic dating of the Palaeogene syntectonic sediments of the west-central Pyrenees: tectonostratigraphic implications

ANASTASIO, D., PARES, J. M., KODAMA, K. P., TROY, J. & PUEYO, E. L. Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) records synsedimentary deformation kinematics at Pico del Aguila anticline, Pyrenees, Spain

CARDELLO, G. L., ALMQVIST, B. S. G., HIRT, A. M. & MANCKTELOW, N. S. Determining the timing of formation of the Rawil Depression in the Helvetic Alps by palaeomagnetic and structural methods

VALCARCEL, M., SOTO, R., BEAMUD, E., OLIVA-URCIA, B., MUN˜ OZ, J. A. & BIETE, C. Integration of palaeomagnetic data, basement-cover relationships and theoretical calculations to characterize the obliquity of the Altomira–Loranca structures (central Spain)

CINKU, M. C., HISARLI, M., HIRT, A. M., HELLER, F., USTAO MER, T., KAYA, N.,OKSUM, E. & ORBAY, N. Evidence of Late Cretaceous oroclinal bending in north-central Anatolia: palaeomagnetic results from Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks along the Izmir–Ankara–Erzincan Suture Zone


New approaches for the application of paleomagnetism to fold and thrust belts

GARCES, M.,GARCIA-SENZ, J.,MUNOZ, J. A., LOPEZ-MIR, B. & BEAMUD, E. Timing of magnetization and vertical-axis rotations of the Cotiella massif (Late Cretaceous, South Central Pyrenees)

VILLALAIN, J. J., CASAS-SAINZ, A.M. & SOTO, R. Reconstruction of inverted sedimentary basins from syn-tectonic remagnetizations. A methodological proposal

RAMON, M. J., PUEYO, E. L., CAUMON, G. & BRIZ, J. L. Parametric unfolding of flexural folds using palaeomagnetic vectors

PUEYO, E. L., SUSSMAN, A. J., OLIVA-URCIA, B. & CIFELLI, F. Palaeomagnetism in fold-and-thrust belts: use with caution


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