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Sustainable Use of Traditional Geomaterials in Construction Practice

Product Code: SP416
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Přikryl, Á. Török, M. Gómez-Heras, K. Miskovsky and M. Theodoridou
Publication Date: 28 July 2016
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Special Publication 416

Geomaterials derived from the Earth’s crust and used in construction after appropriate processing are among the earliest raw materials exploited, processed and used by humans. Their numerous functional properties include accessibility, workability and serviceability, and these are explored within this volume. In modern society, sustainable use of raw materials, specifically those exploited in large volumes such as geomaterials for construction, raises questions of reducing extraction of primary resources and thus minimizing impacts on natural systems, and also employment of materials and technologies to lower emissions of deleterious substances into the atmosphere. This will be possible only if we fully understand the properties, processing and mode of use of traditional geomaterials. Although most of the papers within this volume were written by geologists, the contributions will also be of interest to those working in cultural heritage, monument conservation, civil engineering and architecture.

Published online 15/07/2016. Print copies available from 28/07/2016.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-725-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 311
Weight: 0.9 kg



PŘIKRYL, R., TÖRÖK, Á., THEODORIDOU, M., GOMEZ-HERAS, M. & MISKOVSKY, K. Geomaterials in construction and their sustainability: understanding their role in modern society 

FRANGIPANE, A. From spolia to recycling: the reuse of traditional construction materials in built heritage and its role in sustainability today: a review   

TŮMOVÁ, H., AUGENTI, A., KUCHAŘOVÁ , A., CIRELLI, E. & PŘIKRYL, R. Late Antique marble trade: new insights obtained from stone artefacts from the San Severo complex (Ravenna, Italy)  

HERBST, T. & MENG, B. Concept for a holistic sustainability assessment of the end-of-life phase of masonry 

DANIELSEN, S. W. & KUZNETSOVA, E. Resource management and a Best Available Concept for aggregate sustainability  

PFLEIDERER, S., HEINRICH, M., RABEDER, J., REITNER, H., UNTERSWEG, T. & WIMMER-FREY, I.  Application of a new method for rapid quality assessment of renewable aggregate resources in alpine regions  

DINO, G. A., LASAGNA, M., CLEMENTE, P. & DE LUCA, D. A. Laboratory characterization and pilot site tests of residual sludge from dimension stones for civil and environmental applications

COSTA, C. S., ROCHA, F. & VELOSA, A. L. Sustainability in earthen heritage conservation

GARCÍA-RODRIGUEZ, M., GARCÍA-RODRIGUEZ, M. & GOMEZ-HERAS, M. Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid, Spain): bridging the gap between geology and architecture   

TURMEL, A., FRONTEAU, G., CHALUMEAU, L., DEROIN, J.-P., EYSSAUTIER-CHUINE, S., THOMACHOTSCHNEIDER, C., DE KOCK, T., CNUDDE, V. & BARBIN, V. GIS-based variability of building materials towards the Île-de-France cuesta (Paris Basin, France): inventory, distribution, uses and relationship with the environment   

ERGENÇ, D., CANER SALTıK, E. N. & TOPAL, T. Antique stone quarries in Turkey: a case study on tuffs in the Temple of Apollon Smintheus

MODESTOU, S., THEODORIDOU, M., FOURNARI, R. & IOANNOU, I. Physico-mechanical properties and durability performance of natural building and decorative carbonate stones from Cyprus

DUBELAAR, C. W. & NIJLAND, T. G. Early Cretaceous Obernkirchen and Bentheim Sandstones from Germany used as dimension stone in the Netherlands: geology, physical properties, architectural use and comparative weathering  

CALIA, A., LETTIERI, M., MECCHI, A. &  QUARTA, G. The role of the petrophysical characteristics on  the durability and conservation of some porous calcarenites from Southern Italy 

VÁZQUEZ, P., MENÉNDEZ, B., DENECKER, M. F. C. & THOMACHOT-SCHNEIDER, C. Comparison between petrophysical properties, durability and use of two limestones of the Paris region

JOHANSSON, E.,MIŠKOVSKÝ , K., BERGKNUT, M. &  ŠACHLOVÁ,  Š.  Petrographic characteristics of intrusive rocks as an evaluation tool of their technical properties 

HAMED, A., ALY, N., GOMEZ-HERAS, M. &  ALVAREZ DE BUERGO, M. New experimental method to study the combined effect of temperature and salt weathering  

BARICZA, Á ., BAJNÓCZI, B., TÓTH, M., KÁLDOS, R. &  SZABÓ , CS. Characterization of particulate matter in attic and settled dusts collected from two buildings in Budapest, Hungary 

ARIZZI, A., MOLINA, E. & CULTRONE, G. Repair rendering mortars for the restoration of the Vargas Palace in Granada (Spain): a comparative study of the mortar behaviour in the laboratory and on site 

ARIZZI, A. & CULTRONE, G. Inadequacy of different methods of assessing the correct dosages during the preparation of air-hardening lime mortars 

KAPRIDAKI, C. &  MARAVELAKI, N.-P. TiO2–SiO2–PDMS nanocomposites with self-cleaning properties for stone protection and consolidation 

STEFANIDOU, M., MATZIARIS, K. & KARAGIANNIS, G. Resistance to weathering and retreatability of composite protective nanostructured coatings applied to Pendelikon marbles  




Christos Botsialas

This is a comprehensive contribution in the field of geomaterials in construction, enriched with high quality graphs, location maps, data-tables and schematic diagrams. It is a recommended read and reference work both for specialists and non-specialists.

Featured in Geoscientist vol 27/5 June 2017

Giovanni Pesce ProfGradIMMM

This publication offers the reader a useful overview of issues related to the use of specific geomaterials, has access to sound scientific information, and, more importantly, to a number of further useful resources through the reference lists at the end of each paper… This book is as an interesting resource for academics or university students interested in the relationship between geomaterials and the current and past construction industry, and in the sustainability of these materials.

Featured in Materials World May 2018

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