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Sedimentary Basins and Crustal Processes at Continental Margins: From Modern Hyper-extended Margins to Deformed Ancient Analogues

Product Code: SP413
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G.M. Gibson, F. Roure and G. Manatschal
Publication Date: 19 October 2015
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Special Publication 413

Continental margins and their fossilized analogues are important repositories of natural resources. With better processing techniques and increased availability of high-resolution seismic and potential field data, imaging of present-day continental margins and their embedded sedimentary basins has reached unprecedented levels of refinement and definition, as illustrated by examples described in this volume. This, in turn, has led to greatly improved geological, geodynamic and numerical models for the crustal and mantle processes involved in continental margin formation from the initial stages of rifting through continental rupture and break-up to development of a new ocean basin. Further informing these models, and contributing to a better understanding of the features imaged in the seismic and potential field data, are observations made on fossilized fragments of exhumed subcontinental mantle lithosphere and ocean–continent transition zones preserved in ophiolites and orogenic belts of both Palaeozoic and Mesozoic age from several different continents, including Europe, South Asia and Australasia.

Published online 05/10/2015. Print copies available from 19/10/2015.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-720-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 338
Weight: 0.95 kg


Gibson, G. M., Roure, F. & Manatschal, G. Sedimentary basins and continental margin processes  –  from modern hyper-extended margins to deformed ancient analogues: an introduction


Extensional continental margins: their architecture, basins and evolution

Higgins, K., Hashimoto, T., Rollet, N., Colwell, J., Hackney, R. & Milligan, P. Structural analysis of extended Australian continental crust: Capel and Faust basins, Lord Howe Rise

Uruski, C. The contribution of offshore seismic data to understanding the evolution of the New Zealand continent

Mohn, G., Karner, G. D., Manatschal, G. & Johnson, C. A. Structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Iberia – Newfoundland hyper-extended rifted margin: a quantitative modelling approach

Sun, M., Chen, H., Zhang, F., Wilde, S. A., Minna, A., Lin, X. & Yang, S. Cretaceous provenance change in the Hegang Basin and its connection with the Songliao Basin, NE China: evidence for lithospheric extension driven by palaeo-Pacific roll-back


Sedimentary basin formation in other plate tectonic settings

Ettensohn, F. R. & Lierman, R. T. Using black shales to constrain possible tectonic and structural influence on foreland-basin evolution and cratonic yoking: late Taconian Orogeny, Late Ordovician Appalachian Basin, eastern USA

Håkansson, E. & Pedersen, S. A. S. A healed strike-slip plate boundary in North Greenland indicated through associated pull-apart basins

Tugend, J., Manatschal, G., Kusznir, N. J. & Masini, E. Characterizing and identifying structural domains at rifted continental margins: application to the Bay of Biscay margins and its Western Pyrenean fossil remnants


Fossilized ancient analogues of rifted continental margins and their mantle substrate

Padovano, M., Piccardo, G. B. & Vissers, R. L. M. Tectonic and magmatic evolution of the mantle lithosphere during the rifting stages of a fossil slow – ultraslow spreading basin: insights from the Erro–Tobbio peridotite (Voltri Massif, NW Italy)

Piccardo, G. B. Passive rifting and continental splitting in the Jurassic Ligurian Tethys: the mantle perspective

Gibson, G. M., Champion, D. C. & Ireland, T. R. Preservation of a fragmented late Neoproterozoic–earliest Cambrian hyper-extended continental-margin sequence in the Australian Delamerian Orogen

Soibam, I., Khuman, M. Ch. & Subhamenon, S. S. Ophiolitic rocks of the Indo-Myanmar Ranges, NE India: relicts of an inverted and tectonically imbricated hyper-extended continental margin basin?




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