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Global Heritage Stone: Towards International Recognition of Building and Ornamental Stones

Product Code: SP407
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D. Pereira, B.R. Marker, S. Kramar, B.J. Cooper and B.E. Schouenborg
Publication Date: 05 June 2015
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Special Publication 407

This Special Publication is dedicated to heritage stone: those natural stones that have special significance in human culture. Some stones that have had important uses in the past are now neglected because they are no longer extracted. Others are still commercially important, but their heritage uses have not been well documented in widely available sources. The Heritage Stone Task Group of the International Union of Geological Sciences is working to establish a new formal designation of ‘Global Heritage Stone Resource’ to recognize those stones that have had internationally significant architectural and ornamental uses. The aim is to spread awareness of the cultural heritage aspects of these stones, to help to encourage continued supply for maintenance and repair of important monuments and to preserve historically important quarries. The aim is neither to promote nor to limit these stones for new construction: in some cases continuing commercial use might help to ensure future supplies for building conservation purposes.

Published online 02/04/2015. Print copies available from 05/06/2015.

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Special Publication 486: Global Heritage Stone: Worldwide Examples of Heritage Stones

Global Heritage Stone: Worldwide Examples of Heritage Stones front cover

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-685-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 275
Weight: 0.81 kg


Pereira, D., Marker, B. R., Kramar, S., Cooper, B. & Schouenborg, B. Introduction

Marker, B. R. Procedures and criteria for the definition of Global Heritage Stone Resources

Cooper, B. J. The ‘Global Heritage Stone Resource’ designation: past, present and future

Heldal, T., Meyer, G. B. & Dahl, R. Global stone heritage: Larvikite, Norway

Schouenborg, B., Andersson, J., Göransson, M. & Lundqvist, I. The Hallandia gneiss, a Swedish heritage stone resource

Wikström, A. & Pereira, D. The Kolma°rden serpentine marble in Sweden: a stone found both in castles and people’s homes

Lopes, L. & Martins, R. Global Heritage Stone: Estremoz Marbles, Portugal

Almeida, A. & Begonha, A. Contribution of Portuguese two-mica granites to stone built heritage: the historical value of Oporto granite

Pereira, D., Gimeno, A. & Del Barrio, S. Piedra Pajarilla: a candidacy as a global heritage stone resource for Martinamor granite

Navarro, R., Pereira, D., Rodríguez-Navarro, C. & Sebastián-Pardo, E. The Sierra Nevada serpentinites: the serpentinites most used in Spanish heritage buildings

Garcia-Talegón, J., Iñigo, A. C., Alonso-Gavilán, G. & Vicente-Tavera, S. Villamayor Stone (Golden Stone) as a Global Heritage Stone Resource from Salamanca (NW of Spain)

Fort, R., Varas-Muriel, M. J., Alvarez De Buergo, M. & Perez-Monserrat, E. M. Colmenar Limestone, Madrid, Spain: considerations for its nomination as a Global Heritage Stone Resource due to its long term durability

Primavori, P. Carrara Marble: a nomination for ‘Global Heritage Stone Resource’ from Italy

Careddu, N. & Grillo, S. Rosa Beta granite (Sardinian Pink Granite): a heritage stone of international significance from Italy

Fratini, F., Pecchioni, E., Cantisani, E., Rescic, S. & Vettori, S. Pietra Serena: the stone of the Renaissance

Dino, G. A. & Cavallo, A. Ornamental stones of the Verbano Cusio Ossola quarry district: characterization of materials, quarrying techniques and history and relevance to local and national heritage

Borghi, A., Berra, V., d’Atri, A., Dino, G. A., Gallo, L. M., Giacobino, E., Martire, L., Massaro, G., Vaggelli, G., Bertok, C., Castelli, D., Costa, E., Ferrando, S., Groppo, C. & Rolfo, F. Stone materials used for monumental buildings in the historical centre of Turin (NW Italy): architectonical survey and petrographic characterization of Via Roma

Kramar, S., Bedjanič, M., Mirtič, B., Mladenović, A., Rožič , B., Skaberne, D., Gutman, M., Zupančič, N. & Cooper, B. Podpeč limestone: a heritage stone from Slovenia

Golež, M. & Mirtič, B. Stone heritage in Southeast Slovenia

Bulakh, A. G. Ornamental stone in the history of St Petersburg architecture

Costa, A. G. Natural stone in the built heritage of the interior of Brazil: the use of stone in Minas Gerais

Cravero, F., Ponce, M. B., Gozalvez, M. R. & Marfil, S. A. ‘Piedra Mar del Plata’: An Argentine orthoquartzite worthy of being considered as a ‘Global Heritage Stone Resource’




Trevor F Emmett

Featured in Geoscientist 26/1 February 2016

The editors have done well in compiling such a broad range of papers and this prevents the book from becoming a collection of sterile technical papers of specialist interest only. It is a compilation full of interest to the ‘general’ reader and I genuinely enjoyed reading it. There are detailed histories and descriptions of some old friends (larvikite, Carrara Marble) and many fascinating technical and historical details of stones and provinces that are probably poorly known to many readers of Geoscientist.

This could be an important volume to have to hand for those involved in geoheritage projects and many of its papers would be of interest to the more general reader who simply ‘loves’ rocks (and who doesn’t?)

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