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Fundamental Controls on Fluid Flow in Carbonates: Current Workflows to Emerging Technologies

Product Code: SP406
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S.M. Agar and S. Geiger
Publication Date: 02 February 2015
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Special Publication 406.

This volume highlights key challenges for fluid-flow prediction in carbonate reservoirs, the approaches currently employed to address these challenges and developments in fundamental science and technology. The papers span methods and case studies that highlight workflows and emerging technologies in the fields of geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir modelling and computer science. Topics include: detailed pore-scale studies that explore fundamental processes and applications of imaging and flow modelling at the pore scale; case studies of diagenetic processes with complementary perspectives from reactive transport modelling; novel methods for rock typing; petrophysical studies that investigate the impact of diagenesis and fault-rock properties on acoustic signatures; mechanical modelling and seismic imaging of faults in carbonate rocks; modelling geological influences on seismic anisotropy; novel approaches to geological modelling; methods to represent key geological details in reservoir simulations and advances in computer visualization, analytics and interactions for geoscience and engineering.


Published online 14/01/2015. Print copy available from 02/02/2015.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-659-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 473
Weight: 1.2 kg


AGAR, S. M. & GEIGER, S. Fundamental controls on fluid flow in carbonates: current workflows to emerging technologies

HEBERT, V., GARING, C., LUQUOT, L., PEZARD, P. A. & GOUZE, P. Multi-scale X-ray tomography analysis of carbonate porosity

LEVENSON, Y., SCHILLER, M., KREISSERMAN, Y. & EMMANUEL, S. Calcite dissolution rates in texturally diverse calcareous rocks

PRODANOVIć, M., MEHMANI, A. & SHEPPARD, A. P. Imaged-based multiscale network modelling of microporosity in carbonates

LI, Z., GOLDSTEIN, R. H. & FRANSEEN, E. K. Geochemical record of fluid flow and dolomitization of carbonate platforms: ascending freshwater–mesohaline mixing, Miocene of Spain

HIEMSTRA, E. J. & GOLDSTEIN, R. H. Repeated injection of hydrothermal fluids into downdip carbonates: a diagenetic and stratigraphic mechanism for localization of reservoir porosity, Indian Basin Field, New Mexico, USA

RAMAKER, E. M., GOLDSTEIN, R. H., FRANSEEN, E. K. & WATNEY, W. L. What controls porosity in cherty fine-grained carbonate reservoir rocks? Impact of stratigraphy, unconformities, structural setting and hydrothermal fluid flow: Mississippian, SE Kansas

PAL, M., TABERNER, C. & TUECKMANTEL, C. Simulation of end-member scenarios of density-driven flow: prediction of dolostone geobody dimensions using COMSOL

SKALINSKI, M. & KENTER, J. A. M. Carbonate petrophysical rock typing: integrating geological attributes and petrophysical properties while linking with dynamic behaviour

HEALY, D., NEILSON, J. E., HAINES, T. J., MICHIE, E. A. H., TIMMS, N. E. & WILSON, M. E. J. An investigation of porosity–velocity relationships in faulted carbonates using outcrop analogues

WELCH, M. J., SOUQUE, C., DAVIES, R. K. & KNIPE, R. J. Using mechanical models to investigate the controls on fracture geometry and distribution in chalk

VANORIO, T., EBERT, Y. & GROMBACHER, D. What laboratory-induced dissolution trends tell us about natural diagenetic trends of carbonate rocks

ASTRATTI, D., AARRE, V., VEJBÆK, O. V. & WHITE, G. Mapping and time-lapse analysis of South Arne Chalk fault network using new developments in seismic dip computation

GIBSON, JR, R. L. & GAO, K. An effective medium model for the stress-dependence of anisotropic seismic velocities in fractured rock

SHAO, S., PETROVITCH, C. L. & PYRAK-NOLTE, L. J. Wave guiding in fractured layered media

CANTRELL, D. L., GRIFFITHS, C. M. & HUGHES, G. W. New tools and approaches in carbonate reservoir quality prediction: a case history from the Shu’aiba Formation, Saudi Arabia

CHANDRA, V., WRIGHT, P., BARNETT, A., STEELE, R., MILROY, P., CORBETT, P., GEIGER, S. & MANGIONE, A. Evaluating the impact of a late-burial corrosion model on reservoir permeability and performance in a mature carbonate field using near-wellbore upscaling

COSTA SOUSA, M., VITAL BRAZIL, E. & SHARLIN, E. Scalable and interactive visual computing in geosciences and reservoir engineering



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