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Deformation Structures and Processes within the Continental Crust

Product Code: SP394
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S. Llana-Fúnez, A. Marcos and F. Bastida
Publication Date: 03 June 2014
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Special Publication 394.

This volume presents a selection of papers showing the current focus of studies of deformation structures and processes within the continental crust. The selected contributions use a large range of analytical techniques suited to the full range of structure sizes and fine-tuned to the physical process that controls the deformation, from the grain boundary at the micro-scale, the lithological contact at the meso-scale to the plate boundary at the global scale.

The papers in the volume are grouped into three sections relating to specific lines of research within the analysis of rock deformation structures and processes, in particular in respect to the continental crust: structures within shear zones and faults; magmatic structures, and microstructures and rheology.  These sections include papers describing field studies, experimental rock deformation and numerical modelling of deformation processes.

Published online 23 May 2014. Print copy available from 3 June 2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-627-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 239
Weight: 0.8 kg



LLANA-FÚNEZ, S., MARCOS, A. & BASTIDA, F. Deformation structures and processes within the continental crust: an introduction 

Structures: shear zones and folds

LISLE, R. J. Strain analysis in dilatational shear zones, with examples from Marloes, SW Wales

FREHNER, M. & EXNER, U. Strain and foliation refraction patterns around buckle folds

CALVÍN-BALLESTER, P. & CASAS, A. Folded Variscan thrusts in the Herrera Unit of the Iberian Range (NE Spain)

WEISHEIT, A., BONS, P. D., DANIŠÍK, M. & ELBURG, M. A. Crustal-scale folding: Palaeozoic deformation of the Mt Painter Inlier, South Australia

Magmatism and structure

RUTTER, E. H., BURGESS, R. & FAULKNER, D. R. Constraints on the movement history of the Carboneras Fault Zone (SE Spain) from stratigraphy and 40Ar–39Ar dating of Neogene volcanic rocks

RODRÍGUEZ-MÉNDEZ, L., CUEVAS, J., ESTEBAN, J. J., TUBÍA, J. M., SERGEEV, S. & LARIONOV, A. Age of the magmatism related to the inverted Stephanian–Permian basin of the Sallent area (Pyrenees)

ORIOLO, S., JAPAS, M. S., CRISTALLINI, E. O. & GIMÉNEZ, M. Cross-strike structures controlling magmatism emplacement in a flat-slab setting (Precordillera, Central Andes of Argentina)

CAGGIANELLI, A., RANALLI, G., LAVECCHIA, A., LIOTTA, D. & DINI, A. Post-emplacement thermo-rheological history of a granite intrusion and surrounding rocks: the Monte Capanne pluton, Elba Island, Italy

MORGAN, D. J., JOLLANDS, M. C., LLOYD, G. E. & BANKS, D. A. Using titanium-in-quartz geothermometry and geospeedometry to recover temperatures in the aureole of the Ballachulish Igneous Complex, NW Scotland

Microstructure and rheology

LLANA-FÚNEZ, S. & RUTTER, E. H. Effect of strain geometry on the petrophysical properties of plastically deformed aggregates: experiments on Solnhofen limestone

PIAZOLO, S. & JACONELLI, P. Sillimanite deformation mechanisms within a Grt-Sil-Bt gneiss: effect of pre-deformation grain orientations and characteristics on mechanism, slip-system activation and rheology

BORTHWICK, V. E., PIAZOLO, S., EVANS, L., GRIERA, A. & BONS, P. D. What happens to deformed rocks after deformation? A refined model for recovery based on numerical simulations



Review by Mark N Burdett

Featured in Geoscientist May 2015

The first four papers are presented under the theme of ‘Structures: shear zones and folds’ and provide novel and interesting approaches to quantifying, analysing, and differentiating strain within single and multiple generations of ductile structures. Lisle (2013) reviews new and existing methods for analysing finite strain in shear zones and presents a new algebraic and, graphical method to quantifying finite strain where volume change during deformation is considered.

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