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Sediment-Body Geometry and Heterogeneity: Analogue Studies for Modelling the Subsurface

Product Code: SP387
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.W. Martinius, J.A. Howell and T. Good
Publication Date: 22 July 2014
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Special Publication 387.

Over the past 20 years there has been a major growth in efforts to quantify the geometry and dimensions of sediment bodies from analogues to provide quantitative input to geological models. The aim of this volume is to examine the current state of the art, from both an industry and an academic perspective. Contributions discuss the challenges of extracting relevant data from different types of sedimentary analogue (outcrop, process models, seismic) and the application and significance of such information for improving predictions from subsurface static and dynamic models. Special attention is given to modelling reservoir properties and gridding issues for predicting subsurface fluid flow. As such, the volume is expected to be of interest to both the geoscience community concerned with the fundamentals of sedimentary architecture as well as geological modellers and engineers interested in how these characteristics are modelled and influence subsurface predictions.

Published online 25/06/2014. Print copy avaailaable from 21/07/2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-372-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 299
Weight: 0.85 kg



HOWELL, J. A., MARTINIUS, A. W. & GOOD, T. R. The application of outcrop analogues in geological modelling: a review, present status and future outlook

KEOGH, K. J., LEARY, S., MARTINIUS, A. W., SCOTT, A. S. J., RIORDAN, S., VISTE, I., GOWLAND, S., TAYLOR, A. M. & HOWELL, J. Data capture for multiscale modelling of the Lourinhã Formation, Lusitanian Basin, Portugal: an outcrop analogue for the Statfjord Group, Norwegian North Sea

PRANTER, M. J., HEWLETT, A. C., COLE, R. D., WANG, H. & GILMAN, J. Fluvial architecture and connectivity of the Williams Fork Formation: use of outcrop analogues for stratigraphic characterization and reservoir modelling

NORDAHL, K., MESSINA, C., BERLAND, H., RUSTAD, A. B. & RIMSTAD, E. Impact of multiscale modelling on predicted porosity and permeability distributions in the fluvial deposits of the Upper Lunde Member (Snorre Field, Norwegian Continental Shelf)

ALSOP, D. B., AL GHAMMARI, M., AL ABRI, A., AL MAHROOQI, A., AL RAWAHI, H. & SALEM, H. Reservoir architecture of the Gharif Formation outcrops in the Southern Huqf area, Sultanate of Oman

MASSEY, T. A., FERNIE, A. J., AINSWORTH, R. B., NANSON, R. A. & VAKARELOV, B. K. Detailed mapping, three-dimensional modelling and upscaling of a mixed-influence delta system, Mitchell River delta, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

RARITY, F., VAN LANEN, X. M. T., HODGETTS, D., GAWTHORPE, R. L., WILSON, P., FABUEL-PEREZ, I. & REDFERN, J. LiDAR-based digital outcrops for sedimentological analysis: workflows and techniques

RITTERSBACHER, A., BUCKLEY, S. J., HOWELL, J. A., HAMPSON, G. J. & VALLET, J. Helicopter-based laser scanning: a method for quantitative analysis of large-scale sedimentary architecture

ESCHARD, R., DESCHAMPS, R., DOLIGEZ, B., LERAT, O., LANGLAIS, V. & EUZEN, T. Connectivity estimation between turbiditic channels and overbank deposits from the modelling of an outcrop analogue (Pab Formation, Maastrichtian, Pakistan)

LUTHI, S. M. & FLINT, S. S. The application of outcrop-based research boreholes for reservoir modelling: potential, challenges and pitfalls

AAS, T. E., BASANI, R., HOWELL, J. & HANSEN, E. Forward modelling as a method for predicting the distribution of deep-marine sands: an example from the Peïra Cava Sub-basin

JACKSON, M. D., HAMPSON, G. J., SAUNDERS, J. H., EL-SHEIKH, A., GRAHAM, G. H. & MASSART, B.Y. G. Surface-based reservoir modelling for flow simulation



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