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Orogenic Andesites and Crustal Growth

Product Code: SP385
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. Gómez-Tuena, S.M. Straub & G.F. Zellmer
Publication Date: 21 January 2014
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Special Publication 385

Orogenic andesites have long intrigued scientists because of their remarkable compositional similarities to the continental crust. The significance of orogenic andesites as proxies to continental crust formation has been recognized for over 30 years, but no consensus model of andesite genesis exists. Much of the controversy revolves around whether orogenic andesites are primary mantle melts of slab and mantle materials, or instead evolve from basaltic mantle melts at shallower crustal levels. In three sections, this book provides an overview of andesite genesis at convergent margins that focuses on the slab–mantle interaction, crustal processing and andesite evolution through the life of volcanic arcs. Without favouring a particular view, the books aims to engender cross-fertilization and discussion that will smooth the pathway towards a holistic communal model of andesite petrogenesis and its role within the broader geochemical cycles of the Earth.


Published online 09/01/2014. Print copy available from 21/01/2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-369-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 414
Weight: 1.1 kg


Foreword by James Gill

Gómez-Tuena, A., Straub, S.M. & Zellmer, G. F. An introduction to orogenic andesites and crustal growth

The slab–mantle connection

Shibata, T., Yoshikawa, M., Itoh, J., Ujike, O.,Miyoshi, M. & Takemura, K. Along-arc geochemical variations in Quaternary magmas of northern Kyushu Island, Japan

Straub, S. M., Zellmer, G. F., Gómez-Tuena, A., Espinasa-Pereña, R., Martin-Del Pozzo, A. L., Stuart, F. M. & Langmuir, C. H. A genetic link between silicic slab components and calc-alkaline arc volcanism in central Mexico

Gómez-Tuena, A., Díaz-Bravo, B., Vázquez-Duarte, A., Pérez-Arvizu, O. & Mori, L. Andesite petrogenesis by slab-derived plume pollution of a continental rift 

Dosseto, A. & Turner, S. Reappraisal of uranium-series isotope data in Kamchatka lavas: implications for continental arc magma genesis

The role of overriding crust

Smith, I. E. M. High-magnesium andesites: the example of the Papuan Volcanic Arc

Elburg, M. A., Smet, I. & De Pelsmaeker, E. Influence of source materials and fractionating assemblage on magmatism along the Aegean Arc, and implications for crustal growth

Zellmer, G. F., Sakamoto, N., Iizuka, Y., Miyoshi, M., Tamura, Y., Hsieh, H.-H. & Yurimoto, H. Crystal uptake into aphyric arc melts: insights from two-pyroxene pseudo-decompression paths, plagioclase hygrometry, and measurement of hydrogen in olivines from mafic volcanics of SW Japan

Zellmer, G. F., Freymuth, H., Cembrano, J. M., Clavero, J. E., Veloso, E. A. E. & Sielfeld, G. G. Altered mineral uptake into fresh arc magmas: insights from U–Th isotopes of samples from Andean volcanoes under differential crustal stress regimes

Singer, B. S., Jicha, B. R., Fournelle, J. H., Beard, B. L., Johnson, C. M., Smith, K. E., Greene, S. E., Kita, N. T., Valley, J. W., Spicuzza, M. J. & Rogers, N. W. Lying in wait: deep and shallow evolution of dacite beneath Volcán de Santa María, Guatemala

Stern, R. J., Tamura, Y., Ishizuka, O., Shukano, H., Bloomer, S. H., Embley, R. W., Leybourne, M., Kawabata, H., Nunokawa, A., Nichols, A. R . L., Kohut, E. & Pujana, I. Volcanoes of the Diamante cross-chain: evidence for a mid-crustal felsic magma body beneath the Southern Izu–Bonin–Mariana arc

Kent, A. J. R. Preferential eruption of andesitic magmas: Implications for volcanic magma fluxes at convergent margins

Steiner, A. & Streck, M. J. The Strawberry Volcanics: generation of ‘orogenic’ andesites from tholeiite within an intra-continental volcanic suite centred on the Columbia River flood basalt province, USA

Temporal evolution and crustal growth

Kay, S. M., Mpodozis, C. & Gardeweg, M. Magma sources and tectonic setting of Central Andean andesites (25.5–288°S) related to crustal thickening, forearc subduction erosion and delamination

Yoshida, T., Kimura, J.-I., Yamada, R., Acocella, V., Sato, H., Zhao, D., Nakajima, J., Hasegawa, A., Okada, T., Honda, S., Ishikawa, M., Prima, O. D. A., Kudo, T., Shibazaki, B., Tanaka, A. & Imaizumi, T. Evolution of late Cenozoic magmatism and the crust–mantle structure in the NE Japan Arc  

Bryan, S. E., Orozco-Esquivel, T., Ferrari, L. & López-Martínez, M. Pulling apart the Mid to Late Cenozoic magmatic record of the Gulf of California: is there a Comondú Arc?



Mark Griffin

Featured in Geoscientist April 2015

This Geological Society Special Publication documents the recent research developments undertaken to address this fundamental petrogenetic issue.
The volume is non-dogmatic and well-balanced on this important issue favouring neither particular genetic viewpoint. Attempting to establish a forum for discussion, the volume successfully promotes the need for new and further research efforts on the petrogenesis of these important and enigmatic rocks and their role in the global geochemical cycles of the Earth.
The editors are to be congratulated on an excellent and significant contribution to the field.

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