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Isotopic Studies in Cretaceous Research

Product Code: SP382
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.-V. Bojar, M. C. Melinte-Dobrinescu and J. Smit
Publication Date: 21 January 2014
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Special Publication 382

The Cretaceous was a period characterized by very warm climate, oceanic anoxic and oxic events and enhanced volcanic activity. The end of the Cretaceous is punctuated by a well-documented meteoric impact and the extinction of, among other groups, the dinosaurs. This volume elucidates various aspects of Cretaceous marine and continental environmental conditions. The articles in this book present a broad range of interdisciplinary contributions, which are grouped into sections on marine environments (including anoxic and oxic events, volcanism and the Cretaceous-Paleocene boundary); mixed marine–freshwater environments and continental records. The isotopic data are combined with further geochemical, palaeontological, lithological and mineralogical proxies. The interdisciplinary approach offered here gives a solid investigation base for this fascinating period. There are examples from Europe, Asia, South and North America, and from the Early Cretaceous to the Cretaceous-Paleocene boundary.


Published online 04/12/2013. Print copy available from 21/01/2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-364-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 221
Weight: 0.83 kg


BOJAR, A.-V. & SMIT, J. Isotopic studies in Cretaceous research: an introduction

Marine deposits

Cretaceous Anoxic events (OAE1, OAE2)

BARBU, V. Valanginian isotopic and palaeoecological signals from the Bucegi Mountains, Southern Carpathians, Romania

GAONA-NARVAEZ, T., MAURRASSE, F. J.-M. R. & ETAYO-SERNA, F. Geochemistry, palaeoenvironments and timing of Aptian organic-rich beds of the Paja Formation (Curití, Eastern Cordillera, Colombia)      

PAPP, D. C. & COCIUBA, I. Anoxic events in the Early Cretaceous succession of Pădurea Craiului. Correlation and comparison with other Carpathian areas                    

MELINTE-DOBRINESCU, M. C., BERNáRDEZ, E., KAIHO, K. & LAMOLDA, M. A. Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in the Arobes section, northern Spain: nannofossil fluctuations and isotope events          

Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) boundary

SILVA, M. V. N., SIAL, A. N., BARBOSA, J. A., FERREIRA, V. P., NEUMANN, V. H. & DE LACERDA, L. D. Carbon isotopes, rare-earth elements and mercury geochemistry across the K–T transition of the Paraíba Basin, northeastern Brazil  

BOJAR, A.-V. & BOJAR, H.-P. The Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary in the East Carpathians, Romania: evidence from geochemistry, mineralogy and calcareous nannofossils     

Mixed freshwater–marine succession

HOFER, G., WAGREICH, M. & SPöTL, C. Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotopes as a tool to decipher marine and non-marine environments: Implications from a case study of cyclic Upper Cretaceous sediments         

Terrestrial and freshwater deposits

Lacustrine record of anoxic event OAE1

SUAREZ, M. B., LUDVIGSON, G. A., GONZáLEZ, L. A., AL-SUWAIDI, A. H. & YOU, H.-L. Stable isotope chemostratigraphy in lacustrine strata of the Xiagou Formation, Gansu Province, NW China  

Hydrocarbon source rocks

GRATZER, R., NEUMANN, V. H., VORTISCH, W., ROCHA, D. E. A. & BECHTEL, A. Stable isotopes of organics and inorganics, clay mineralogy and chemical environment of an Aptian lacustrine succession in northeastern Brazil         

Arctic palaeohydrological conditions

SUAREZ, C. A., LUDVIGSON, G. A., GONZALEZ, L. A., FIORILLO, A. R., FLAIG, P. P. & MCCARTHY, P. J. Use of multiple oxygen isotope proxies for elucidating Arctic Cretaceous palaeo-hydrology      

Volcanoclastics within Late Cretaceous deposits

BOJAR, A.-V., DODD, J. & SEGHEDI, I. Isotope geochemistry (O, H and Sr) of Late Cretaceous volcanic rocks, Haţeg Basin, South Carpathians, Romania   



Hubert Wierzbowski, Polish Geological Institute

Review featured on Geologos website.

The book is an important contribution to knowledge of the environment and the sedimentology of the Cretaceous and does not contain major shortcomings. Figures are of sufficient resolution and of good quality. The book contains new data from sections, which were previously poorly studied.

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