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Geological Development of Anatolia and the Easternmost Mediterranean Region

Product Code: SP372
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.H.F. Robertson, O. Parlak & Ü.C. Ünlügenç
Publication Date: 15 July 2013
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Special Publication 372

Anatolia and the easternmost Mediterranean region, especially Turkey, Cyprus and northern Syria, represent an excellent natural laboratory for the study of fundamental geological processes (e.g. rifting, seafloor spreading, ophiolite genesis and emplacement, subduction, exhumation and collision). Their interaction has created an intriguing array of deep-sea basins, microcontinents and suture zones.

The volume’s 22 papers include a large amount of new field-based information (much of it multidisciplinary and the product of teamwork). After an overview, the volume is divided into four sections: Late Palaeozoic--Early Cenozoic of the Pontides (northern Turkey); Late Palaeozoic--Early Cenozoic of the Taurides--Anatolides (central and southern Turkey); Late Cretaceous--Pliocene sedimentary basins and structural development (central Anatolia to the Mediterranean); Late Miocene--Recent Neotectonics (southern Turkey, Cyprus and northern Syria).
The volume will interest numerous academic researchers, those concerned with resources (e.g. hydrocarbons; mineral deposits) and also hazards (e.g. earthquakes), as well as advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-353-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 655
Weight: 1.53 kg


ROBERTSON, A. H. F., PARLAK, O. & ÜNLÜGENÇ, U. C. Editorial introduction to ‘Geological Development of Anatolia and the Easternmost Mediterranean Region’

ROBERTSON, A. H. F., PARLAK, O. & USTAÖMER, T. Late Palaeozoic–Early Cenozoic tectonic development of Southern Turkey and the easternmost Mediterranean region: evidence from the inter-relations of continental and oceanic units

USTAÖMER, T., ROBERTSON, A. H. F., USTAÖMER, P. A., GERDES, A. & PEYTCHEVA, I. Constraints on Variscan and Cimmerian magmatism and metamorphism in the Pontides (Yusufeli–Artvin area), NE Turkey from U–Pb dating and granite geochemistry

PARLAK, O., ÇOLAKOĞLU, A., DÖNMEZ, C., SAYAK, H., YILDIRIM, N., TÜRKEL, A. & ODABAŞI, I. Geochemistry and tectonic significance of ophiolites along the Izmir–Ankara–Erzincan Suture Zone in northeastern Anatolia

GÜLMEZ, F., GENÇ, S¸. C., KESKIN, M. & TÜYSÜZ, O. A post-collision slab-breakoff model for the orgin of the Middle Eocene magmatic rocks of the Armutlu–Almacık belt, NW Turkey and its regional implications

ÖZBEY, Z., USTAÖMER, T. & ROBERTSON, A. H. F. Mesozoic magmatic and sedimentary development of the Tavşanlı Zone (NW Turkey): implications for rifting, passive margin development and ocean crust emplacement

ROBERTSON, A. H. F., PARLAK, O., METIN, Y., VERGILI, Ö., TASLI, K., INAN, N. & SOYCAN, H. Late Palaeozoic–Cenozoic tectonic development of carbonate platform, margin and oceanic units in the Eastern Taurides, Turkey

PARLAK, O., KARAOĞLAN, F., RIZAOĞLU, T., NURLU, N., BAĞCI, U., HÖCK, V., ÖNAL, A. Ö., KÜRÜM, S. & TOPAK, Y. Petrology of the Ispendere (Malatya) ophiolite from the Southeast Anatolia: implications for the Late Mesozoic evolution of the southern Neotethyan Ocean

KARAOĞLAN, F., PARLAK, O., ROBERTSON, A., THÖNI, M., KLÖTZLI, U., KOLLER, F. & OKAY, A. I. Evidence of Eocene high-temperature/high-pressure metamorphism of ophiolitic rocks and granitoid intrusion related to Neotethyan subduction processes (Doğanşehir area, SE Anatolia)

GILBERT, M. F. & ROBERTSON, A. H. F. Field relations, geochemistry and origin of the Upper Cretaceous volcaniclastic Kannaviou Formation in western Cyprus: evidence of a southerly Neotethyan volcanic arc

MACKINTOSH, P. W. & ROBERTSON, A. H. F. Sedimentary and structural evidence for two-phase Upper Cretaceous and Eocene emplacement of the Tauride thrust sheets in central southern Turkey

IREDALE, L. J., TEYSSIER, C. &WHITNEY, D. L. Cenozoic pure-shear collapse of the southern Menderes Massif, Turkey

NAIRN, S. P., ROBERTSON, A. H. F., ÜNLÜGENÇ, U. C., TASLI, K. & INAN, N. Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Upper Cretaceous–Cenozoic central Anatolian basins: an integrated study of diachronous ocean basin closure and continental collision

BOOTH, M. G., ROBERTSON, A. H. F., TASLI, K., INAN, N., ÜNLÜGENÇ, U. C. & VINCENT, S. Two-stage development of the Late Cretaceous to Late Eocene Darende Basin: implications for closure of Neotethys in central eastern Anatolia (Turkey)

MCCAY, G. A. & ROBERTSON, A. H. F. Upper Miocene–Pleistocene deformation of the Girne (Kyrenia) Range and Dar Dere (Ovgos) lineaments, northern Cyprus: role in collision and tectonic escape in the easternmost Mediterranean region

HARDENBERG, M. F. & ROBERTSON, A. H. F. Role of the Palaeogene–Recent sinistral El-Kabir Lineament and the associated transtensional Neogene–Recent El-Kabir Basin (northern Syria) in distributed deformation between the African and Eurasian plates

CIPOLLARI, P., COSENTINO, D., RADEFF, G., SCHILDGEN, T. F., FARANDA, C., GROSSI, F., GLIOZZI, E., SMEDILE, A., GENNARI, R., DARBAŞ, G., DUDAS, F. Ö., GÜRBÜZ, K., NAZIK, A. & ECHTLER, H. Easternmost Mediterranean evidence of the Zanclean flooding event and subsequent surface uplift: Adana Basin, southern Turkey

DUMAN, T. Y. & EMRE, Ö. The East Anatolian Fault: geometry, segmentation and jog characteristics

BOULTON, S. J. Tectonic development of the southern Karasu Valley, Turkey: successive structural events during basin formation

ÖVER, S., ÖZDEN, S., YILMAZ, H., PINAR, A., ÜNLÜGENÇ, U. C. & KAMACI, Z. Plio-Quaternary stress regime in Eşen Çay Basin, SW Turkey

HARRISON, R. W., TSIOLAKIS, E., STONE, B. D., LORD, A., MCGEEHIN, J. P., MAHAN, S. A. & CHIRICO, P. Late Pleistocene and Holocene uplift history of Cyprus: implications for active tectonics along the southern margin of the Anatolian microplate

KINNAIRD, T. & ROBERTSON, A. Tectonic and sedimentary response to subduction and incipient continental collision in southern Cyprus, easternmost Mediterranean region

TRIFONOV, V. G., BACHMANOV, D. M., ALI, O., DODONOV, A. E., IVANOVA, T. P., SYAS’KO, A. A., KACHAEV, A. V., GRIB, N. N., IMAEV, V. S., ALI, M. & AL-KAFRI, A. M. Cenozoic tectonics and evolution of the Euphrates valley in Syria


Amy Clare Ellis

This special edition presents a comprehensive collection of 22 papers on the development of the Anatolian region from the Late Palaeozoic to the present day. The papers represent a wide range of areas encompassing the whole region and cover an array of topics with a distinct structural and tectonic bias. The volume is organised in an approximate chronological order for the casual reader, however an annotated map in the introduction helpfully locates the area covered by each subsequent paper allowing the reader to jump to particular sections of interest.
At almost 650 pages this is certainly one of the longer special publications (and I suspect could have been much longer still) but justifiably so given the complexity of the region. All things considered, the collection is an enjoyable and deeply informative read for postgraduates, academics or professionals with an interest in the tectonics of Anatolia.

John Piper, University of Liverpool

The editors have performed an impressive task of compiling and editing the volume and have succeeded in putting together a collection of substantial papers significantly advancing our understanding of Eastern Mediterranean geology.

Review featured in Geol. Mag 2013

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