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Salt Tectonics, Sediments and Prospectivity

Product Code: SP363
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G I Alsop, S Archer, A J Hartley, N Grant and R Hodgkinson
Publication Date: 21 March 2012
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In this timely volume, geoscientists from both industry and academia present a contemporary view of salt at a global scale. The studies examine the influence of salt on synkinematic sedimentation, its role in basin evolution and tectonics, and ultimately in hydrocarbon prospectivity. Recent improvements in seismic reflection, acquisition and processing techniques have led to significant advances in the understanding of salt and sediment interactions, both along the flanks of vertical or overturned salt margins, and in subsalt plays such as offshore Brazil. The book is broadly separated into five major themes covering a variety of geographical and process-linked topics. These are: halokinetic sequence stratigraphy, salt in passive margin settings, Central European salt basins, deformation within and adjacent to salt, and salt in contractional settings and salt glaciers.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-341-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-341-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 632
Weight: 1.60 kg



ARCHER, S. G., ALSOP, G. I., HARTLEY, A. J., GRANT,N. T. & HODGKINSON, R. Salt tectonics, sediments and prospectivity: an introduction

Halokinetic sequence stratigraphy

GILES,K.A. & ROWAN, M. G. Concepts in halokinetic-sequence deformation and stratigraphy
ROWAN, M. G., LAWTON,T.F. & GILES, K. A. Anatomy of an exposed vertical salt weld and flanking strata, La Popa Basin, Mexico
ANDRIE, J. R., GILES, K. A., LAWTON,T.F. & ROWAN, M. G. Halokinetic-sequence stratigraphy, fluvial sedimentology and structural geometry of the Eocene Carroza Formation along La Popa salt weld, La Popa Basin, Mexico
KERNEN, R. A., GILES, K. A., ROWAN, M. G., LAWTON,T.F. & HEARON, T. E. Depositional and halokinetic-sequence stratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic Wonoka Formation adjacent to Patawarta allochthonous salt sheet, Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia
SMITH, A. P., FISCHER,M. P. & EVANS, M. A. Fracture-controlled palaeohydrology of a secondary salt weld, La Popa Basin, NE Mexico

Salt in passive margin settings

MOHRIAK, W. U., SZATMARI,P. & ANJOS, S. Salt: geology and tectonics of selected Brazilian basins in their global context
DAVISON, I., ANDERSON,L. & NUTTALL, P. Salt deposition, loading and gravity drainage in the Campos and Santos salt basins
GUERRA,M.C.M. & UNDERHILL, J. R. Role of halokinesis in controlling structural styles and sediment dispersal in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil
QUIRK, D. G., SCHØDT, N., LASSEN, B., INGS, S. J., HSU, D., HIRSCH,K. K. & VON NICOLAI, C. Salt tectonics on passive margins: examples from Santos, Campos and Kwanza basins
QUIRK,D.G. & PILCHER, R. S. Flip-flop salt tectonics
FORT,X. & BRUN, J.-P. Kinematics of regional salt flow in the northern Gulf of Mexico
KANE, I. A., MCGEE,D.T. & JOBE, Z. R. Halokinetic effects on submarine channel equilibrium profiles and implications for facies architecture: conceptual model illustrated with a case study from Magnolia Field, Gulf of Mexico
ALBERTZ,M. & INGS, S. J. Some consequences of mechanical stratification in basin-scale numerical models of passive-margin salt tectonics
ADAM, J. & KREZSEK, C. Basin-scale salt tectonic processes of the Laurentian Basin, Eastern Canada: insights from integrated regional 2D seismic interpretation and 4D physical experiments
FERRER, O., JACKSON, M. P. A., ROCA, E. & RUBINAT, M. Evolution of salt structures during extension and inversion of the Offshore Parentis Basin (Eastern Bay of Biscay)

Central European salt basins

KRZYWIEC, P. Mesozoic and Cenozoic evolution of salt structures within the Polish basin: An overview
BURLIGA, S., KOYI,H.A. & CHEMIA, Z. Analogue and numerical modelling of salt supply to a diapiric structure rising above an active basement fault
MAYSTRENKO, Y. P., BAYER,U. & SCHECK-WENDEROTH, M. Regional-scale structural role of Permian salt within the Central European Basin System
BROWN, J., BOWYER,M. & ZOLOTARENKO, V. Wedges and buffers: Some new structural observations from the Dnieper–Donets Basin, onshore Ukraine

Deformation within and adjacent to salt

CARTWRIGHT, J., JACKSON, M., DOOLEY,T. & HIGGINS, S. Strain partitioning in gravity-driven shortening of a thick, multilayered evaporite sequence
FIDUK,J.C. & ROWAN, M. G. Analysis of folding and deformation within layered evaporites in Blocks BM-S-8 & -9, Santos Basin, Brazil
STROZYK, F., VAN GENT, H., URAI,J.L. & KUKLA, P. A. 3D seismic study of complex intra-salt deformation: An example from the Upper Permian Zechstein 3 stringer, western Dutch offshore
LI, S., ABE, S., REUNING, L., BECKER, S., URAI,J.L. & KUKLA, P. A. Numerical modelling of the displacement and deformation of embedded rock bodies during salt tectonics: A case study from the South Oman Salt Basin
QUINTÁ, A., TAVANI,S. & ROCA, E. Fracture pattern analysis as a tool for constraining the interaction between regional and diapir-related stress fields: Poza de la Sal Diapir (Basque Pyrenees, Spain)
TRUDE, J., GRAHAM,R. & PILCHER, R. Salt-related structures on the Bristol Channel coast, Somerset (UK)

Salt in contractional settings and salt glaciers

CALLOT, J.-P., TROCMÉ , V., LETOUZEY, J., ALBOUY, E., JAHANI,S. & SHERKATI, S. Pre-existing salt structures and the folding of the Zagros Mountains
BAIKPOUR,S. & TALBOT, C. J. The Garmsar salt nappe and seasonal inversions of surrounding faults imaged by SAR interferometry, Northern Iran
MASROUHI,A. & KOYI, H. A. Submarine ‘salt glacier’ of Northern Tunisia, a case of Triassic salt mobility in North African Cretaceous passive margin
GRAHAM, R., JACKSON, M., PILCHER,R. & KILSDONK, B. Allochthonous salt in the sub-Alpine fold–thrust belt of Haute Provence, France


Marek Jarosinski & Grzegorz Czapowski

Searching for specific information in this book is supported by a 16-page index, including geographical and geological names and also the most important geological terms. The book, with its abundant illustrations and high-quality seismic cross-sections from all over the world, is unavoidable reading for any geologist dealing with salt, sedimentary basins, modelling, tectonics or petroleum systems.

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