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Military Aspects of Hydrogeology

Product Code: SP362
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E P F Rose and J D Mather
Publication Date: 29 March 2012
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This book, generated under the auspices of the Geological Society of London's History of Geology and Hydrogeological Groups, contains 20 papers from authors in the UK, USA, Germany and Austria. Historically, it gives examples of the influence of groundwater on battlefield tactics and fortress construction; describes how groundwater was developed for water supply and overcome as an obstacle to military engineering and cross-country vehicular movement by both sides in World Wars I and II; and culminates with examples of the application of hydrogeology to site boreholes in recent conflicts, notably in Afghanistan. Examples of current research described include hydrological model development; the impact of variations in soil moisture on explosive threat detection and cross-country vehicle mobility; contamination arising from defence sites and its remediation; privatization of water supplies; and the equitable allocation of resources derived from an international transboundary aquifer.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-340-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-340-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 376
Weight: 1.05 kg



MATHER, J. D. & ROSE, E. P. F. Military aspects of hydrogeology: an introduction and overview.

YOUNGER, P. L. Crouching enemy, hidden ally: the decisive role of groundwater discharge features in two major British battles, Flodden 1513 and Prestonpans 1745

MATHER, J. D. Water supply to Britain’s eastern coastal defences in the 18th century and the work of Sir Thomas Hyde Page (1746–1821)

ROSE, E. P. F. Groundwater as a military resource: pioneering British military well boring and hydrogeology in World War I

DOYLE, P. Examples of the influence of groundwater on British military mining in Flanders, 1914–1917

WILLIG, D. & HÄUSLER, H. Aspects of military hydrogeology and groundwater development by Germany and its allies in World War I

ROSE, E. P. F. Groundwater as a military resource: development of Royal Engineers Boring Sections and British military hydrogeology in World War II

MATHER, J. D. War as a catalyst for change: groundwater studies in the Geological Survey of Great Britain before 1950 and the impact of two World Wars

GREENWOOD, D. A. Soil and water: research by the British Army’s Committee on Mud Crossing Performance of Tracked Armoured Fighting Vehicles in World War II

WILLING, D. & HÄUSLER, H. Aspects of German military geology and groundwater development in World War II

ROBINS, N. S., ROSE, E. P. F. & CHENEY, C. S. Basement hydrogeology and fortification of the Channel Islands: legacies of British and German military engineering

GELLASCH, C. A. Hydrogeological support to United States military operations, 1917–2010

DOW, R. I. L. & ROSE, E. P. F. Hydrogeology in support of British military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan 2003 to 2009

WILLIG, D. Hydrogeology and the Bundeswehr: water supply to German armed forces in Somalia, Kosovo and Afghanistan between 1993 and 2010

DOWNER, C. W., OGDEN, F. L., MARTIN, W. D. & HARMON, R. S. Opportunity-driven hydrological model development in US Army research and development programs

HOWINGTON, S. E., PETERS, J. F., BALLARD, J. R. Jr., ESLINGER, O. J., FAIRLEY, J. R., KALA, R. V., GOODSON, R. A., PRICE, S. J., HINES, A. M. & WAKELEY, L. D. Using computer simulation to explore the importance of hydrogeology in remote sensing for explosive threat detection

PRIDDY, J. D., BERNEY IV, E. S. & PETERS, J. F. Effect of near-surface hydrology on soil strength and mobility

MILLER, J. & FORAN, C. Development of cleanup technologies for the management of US Military installations

MCCAFFREY, L. & BULLOCK, C. Hydrogeology of British military sites: Project Aquatrine

MANSOUR, M. M., PEACH, D. W., HUGHES, A. G. & ROBINS, N. S. Tension over equitable allocation of water: estimating renewable groundwater resources beneath the West Bank and Israel



Review by Rick Brassington

Review featured in Geoscientist Vol 23 No. 2 March 2013

This publication has added significantly to the growing literature on this subject and is recommended to those interested in the history of our science and its military applications.

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