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Slope Tectonics

Product Code: SP351
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M Jaboyedoff
Publication Date: 10 May 2011
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Usually geomorphology, structural geology and engineering geology provide descriptions of slope instability in quite distinctive ways. This new research is based on combined approaches to providing an integrated view of the operative slope processes. ‘Slope Tectonics’ is the term adopted here to refer to those deformations that are induced or fully controlled by the slope morphology, and that generate features which can be compared to those created by tectonic activity. Such deformation can be induced by the stress field in a slope which is mainly controlled by gravity, topography and the geological setting created by the geodynamic context.
The content of this book includes slope-deformation characterization using morphology and evolution, mechanical behaviour of the material, modes of failure and collapse, influence of lithology and structural features, and the role played by controlling factors. The contributions cover broad aspects of slope tectonics that attempt to underline a multidisciplinary approach, which should create a better framework for studies of slope instability.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-324-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-324-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 292
Weight: 0.92 kg


Foreword • JABOYEDOFF, M., CROSTA, G. B. & STEAD, D. Slope tectonics: a short introduction • EL BEDOUI, S., BOIS, T., JOMARD, H., SANCHEZ, G., LEBOURG, T., TRICS, E., GUGLIELMI, Y., BOUISSOU, S., CHEMENDA, A., ROLLAND, Y., CORSINI, M. & PÉREZ, J. L. Paraglacial gravitational deformations in the SW Alps: a review of field investigations, 10Be cosmogenic dating and physical modelling • SAINTOT, A., HENDERSON, I. H. C. & DERRON, M.-H. Inheritance of ductile and brittle structures in the development of large rock slope instabilities: examples from western Norway • HENDERSON, I. H. C. & SAINTOT, A. Regional spatial variations in rockslide distribution from structural geology ranking: an example from Storfjorden, western Norway • BO¨ HME, M., SAINTOT, A., HENDERSON, I. H. C., HENRIKSEN, H. & HERMANNS, R. L. Rock slope instabilities in Sogn and Fjordane County, Norway: a detailed structural and geomorphological analysis • MARTINOTTI, G., GIORDAN, D., GIARDINO, M. & RATTO, S. Controlling factors for deep-seated gravitational slope deformation (DSGSD) in the Aosta Valley (NW Alps, Italy) • BARON, I., KERNSTOCKOVA, M., NOVOTNY, R., BURIANEK, D., HRADECKY, P., HAVLICEK, P. & MELICHAR, R. Palaeostress analysis of a giant Holocene rockslide near Boaco and Santa Lucia (Nicaragua, Central America) • JABOYEDOFF, M., OPPIKOFER, T., DERRON, M.-H., BÖHME, M., BLIKRA, L. H. & SAINTOT, A. Complex landslide behaviour and structural control: a three-dimensional conceptual model ofA ° knes rockslide, Norway • PEDRAZZINI, A., JABOYEDOFF, M., FROESE, C. R., LANGENBERG, C. W. & MORENO, F. Structural analysis of Turtle Mountain: origin and influence of fractures in the development of rock slope failures • HENDERSON, I. H. C., LAUKNES, T. R., OSMUNDSEN, P. T., DEHLS, J., LARSEN, Y. & REDFIELD, T. F. A structural, geomorphological and InSAR study of an active rock slope failure development • FASANI, G. B., DI LUZIO, E., ESPOSITO, C., MARTINO, S. & SCARASCIA-MUGNOZZA, G. Numerical modelling of Plio-Quaternary slope evolution based on geological constraints: a case study from the Caramanico Valley (Central Apennines, Italy) • AMBROSI, C. & CROSTA, G. B. Valley shape influence on deformation mechanisms of rock slopes • GHIROTTI, M., MARTIN, S. & GENEVOIS, R. The Celentino deep-seated gravitational slope deformation (DSGSD): structural and geomechanical analyses (Peio Valley, NE Italy) • JARMAN, D., AGLIARDI, F. & CROSTA, G. B. Megafans and outsize fans from catastrophic slope failures in Alpine glacial troughs: the Malser Haide and the Val Venosta cluster, Italy • Index


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