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Australian Landscapes

Product Code: SP346
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P Bishop and B Pillans
Publication Date: 15 December 2010
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Special Publication 346.

Australian Landscapes provides an up-to-date statement on the geomorphology of Australia. Karst, desert, bedrock rivers, coasts, submarine geomorphology, biogeomorphology and tectonics are all covered, aided by the latest geochronological techniques and remote sensing approaches. The antiquity and enduring geomorphological stability of the Australian continent are emphasized in several chapters, but the cutting-edge techniques used to establish that stability also reveal much complexity, including areas of considerable recent tectonic activity and a wide range of rates of landscape change.

Links to the biological sphere are explored, in relation both to the lengthy human presence on the continent and to a biota that resulted from Cenozoic aridification of the continent, dated using new techniques. New syntheses of glaciation in Tasmania, aridification in South Australia and aeolian activity all focus on Quaternary landscape evolution.

This major synthesis of Australian geomorphology is dedicated to Professor John Chappell (The Australian National University) and Professor Martin Williams (University of Adelaide).

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-314-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-314-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Weight: 0.95 kg


BISHOP, P. & PILLANS, B. Introduction: Australian geomorphology into the 21st century
NOTT, J. A theory (involving tropical cyclones) on the formation of coarse-grained sand beach ridges in NE Australia
TRAVERS, A., ELIOT, M. J., ELIOT, I. G. & JENDRZEJCZAK, M. Sheltered sandy beaches of southwestern Australia
SCHMIDT, S., DE DECKKER, P., ETCHEBER, H. & CARADEC, S. Are the Murray Canyons offshore southern Australia still active for sediment transport?
THOM, B. G., KEENE, J. B., COWELL, P. J. & DALEY, M. East Australian marine abrasion surface
HOLDAWAY, S. J. & FANNING, P. C. Geoarchaeology in Australia: understanding human–environment interactions
DUNKERLEY, D. Ecogeomorphology in the Australian drylands and the role of biota in mediating the effects of climate change on landscape processes and evolution
FUJIOKA, T. & CHAPPELL, J. History of Australian aridity: chronology in the evolution of arid landscapes
HESSE, P. P. The Australian desert dunefields: formation and evolution in an old, flat, dry continent
COLHOUN, E. A., KIERNAN, K., BARROWS, T. T. & GOEDE, A. Advances in Quaternary studies in Tasmania
HABERLAH, D., GLASBY, P., WILLIAMS, M. A. J., HILL, S. M., WILLIAMS, F., RHODES, E. J., GOSTIN, V., O’FLAHERTY, A. & JACOBSEN, G. E. ‘Of droughts and flooding rains’: an alluvial loess record from central South Australia spanning the last glacial cycle
HEIMSATH, A. M., CHAPPELL, J. & FIFIELD, K. Eroding Australia: rates and processes from Bega Valley to Arnhem Land
QUIGLEY, M. C., CLARK, D. & SANDIFORD, M. Tectonic geomorphology of Australia
BISHOP, P. & GOLDRICK, G. Lithology and the evolution of bedrock rivers in post-orogenic settings: constraints from the high-elevation passive continental margin of SE Australia
OSBORNE, R. A. L. Rethinking eastern Australian caves
CHIVAS, A. R. & ATLHOPHENG, J. R. Oxygen-isotope dating the Yilgarn regolith


Stephen J Gale

This is not just a book for those privileged to work on the island continent; it contains material of significance to all geomorphologists and offers insights into important
questions of long-term landscape evolution.

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