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Evolution of the Levant Margin and Western Arabia Platform since the Mesozoic

Product Code: SP341
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C Homberg and M Bachmann
Publication Date: 06 October 2010
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This volume combines original data in various fields from the offshore Levant Basin and adjacent continental slopes and platforms. The first group of papers document the tectonic structures and sedimentological patterns associated with the development of the Levant Basin. They identify the successive rifting events from the Late Palaeozoic to the Early Cretaceous, followed by a moderate tectonic activity. The contribution of external factors like global sea-level and climate changes to the sedimentation processes during the Mid-Cretaceous is discussed in the second set of papers. The final group presents new kinematics and age constraints on the Late Cretaceous to Neogene tectonic phases and discusses the relationship of the structures with the closure of the Neo-Tethys and separation of the Arabia plate. This collection of research papers demonstrates new concepts on the opening and crustal thinning of the Levant Basin and gives updated interpretations of the latter tectonic structures of the Levant.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862393066
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 352
Weight: 1.00 kg


HOMBERG, C. & BACHMANN, M. Evolution of the Levant margin and western Arabia platform since the Mesozoic: introduction

GARDOSH, M. A., GARFUNKEL, Z., DRUCKMAN, Y. & BUCHBINDER, B. Tethyan rifting in the Levant Region and its role in Early Mesozoic crustal evolution

MOUSTAFA, A. R. Structural setting and tectonic evolution of North Sinai folds, Egypt

YOUSEF, M., MOUSTAFA, A. R. & SHANN, M. Structural setting and tectonic evolution of offshore North Sinai, Egypt

CAMERA, L., RIBODETTI, A. & MASCLE, J. Deep structures and seismic stratigraphy of the Egyptian continental margin from multichannel seismic data

BACHMANN, M., KUSS, J. & LEHMANN, J. Controls and evolution of facies patterns in the Upper Barremian–Albian Levant Platform in North Sinai and northern Israel

FRANK, R., BUCHBINDER, B. & BENJAMINI, C. The mid-Cretaceous carbonate system of northern Israel: facies evolution, tectono-sedimentary configuration and global control on the central Levant margin of the Arabian Plate

WENDLER, J. E., LEHMANN, J. & KUSS, J. Orbital time scale, intra-platform basin correlation, carbon isotope stratigraphy and sea-level history of the Cenomanian–Turonian Eastern Levant platform, Jordan

MORSI, A.-M. M. & WENDLER, J. E. Biostratigraphy, palaeoecology and palaeogeography of the Middle Cenomanian–Early Turonian Levant Platform in Central Jordan based on ostracods

JOSEPH-HAI, N., EYAL, Y. & WEINBERGER, R. Disharmonic folds and associated faults along a flank of a Syrian Arc monocline

COLLIN, P.-Y., MANCINELLI, A., CHIOCCHINI, M., MROUEH, M., HAMDAM, W. & HIGAZI, F. Middle and Upper Jurassic stratigraphy and sedimentary evolution of Lebanon (Levantine margin): palaeoenvironmental and geodynamic implications

HOMBERG, C., BARRIER, E., MROUEH, M., MULLER, C., HAMDAN, W. & HIGAZI, F. Tectonic evolution of the central Levant domain (Lebanon) since Mesozoic time

HENRY, B., HOMBERG, C., MROUEH, M., HAMDAN, W. & HIGAZI, F. Rotations in Lebanon inferred from new palaeomagnetic data and implications for the evolution of the Dead Sea Transform system

MÜLLER, C., HIGAZI, F., HAMDAN, W. & MROUEH, M. Revised stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic series of Lebanon based on nannofossils

Al ABDALLA, A., BARRIER, E., MATAR, A. & MÜLLER, C. Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the NW Arabian platform in NW Syria


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