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Sedimentary Basin Tectonics from the Black Sea and Caucasus to the Arabian Platform

Product Code: SP340
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M Sosson, N Kaymakci, R A Stephenson, V Starostenko & F Bergerat
Publication Date: 03 September 2010
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This wide area of the Alpine-Himalayan belt evolved through a series of tectonic events related to the opening and closure of the Tethys Ocean. In doing so it produced the largest mountain belt of the world, which extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. The basins associated with this belt contain invaluable information related to mountain building processes and are the locus of rich hydrocarbon accumulations. However, knowledge about the geological evolution of the region is limited compared to what they offer. This has been mainly due to the difficulty and inaccessibility of cross-country studies. This Special Publication is dedicated to the part of the Alpine-Himalayan belt running from Bulgaria to Armenia, and from Ukraine to the Arabian Platform. It includes twenty multidisciplinary studies covering topics in structural geology/tectonics; geophysics; geochemistry; palaeontology; petrography; sedimentology; stratigraphy; and subsidence and lithospheric modelling. This volume reports results obtained during the MEBE (Middle East Basin Evolution) Programme and related projects in the circum Black Sea and peri-Arabian regions.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-308-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 512
Weight: 1.4 kg


Foreword and acknowledgements

SOSSON, M., KAYMAKCI, N., STEPHENSON, R., BERGERAT, F. & STAROSTENKO, V. Sedimentary basin tectonics from the Black Sea and Caucasus to the Arabian Platform: introduction

STEPHENSON, R. & SCHELLART, W. P. The Black Sea back-arc basin: insights to its origin from geodynamic models of modern analogues

YEGOROVA, T. & GOBARENKO, V. Structure of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle of the West- and East-Black Sea Basins revealed from geophysical data and its tectonic implications

YEGOROVA, T., BARANOVA, E. & OMELCHENKO, V. The crustal structure of the Black Sea from the reinterpretation of deep seismic sounding data acquired in the 1960s

STAROSTENKO, V. I., RUSAKOV, O. M., SHNYUKOV, E. F., KOBOLEV, V. P. & KUTAS, R. I. Methane in the northern Black Sea: characterization of its geomorphological and geological environments

BERGERAT, F., VANGELOV, D. & DIMOV, D. Brittle deformation, palaeostress field reconstruction and tectonic evolution of the Eastern Balkanides (Bulgaria) during Mesozoic and Cenozoic times

HIPPOLYTE, J.-C., MU¨ LLER, C., KAYMAKCI, N. & SANGU, E. Dating of the Black Sea Basin: new nannoplankton ages from its inverted margin in the Central Pontides (Turkey)

KHRIACHTCHEVSKAIA, O., STOVBA, S. & STEPHENSON, R. Cretaceous–Neogene tectonic evolution of the northern margin of the Black Sea from seismic reflection data and tectonic subsidence analysis

KONERDING, C., DINU, C. & WON, H. K. Seismic sequence stratigraphy, structure and subsidence history of the Romanian Black Sea shelf

MCCANN, T., CHALOT-PRAT, F. & SAINTOT, A. The Early Mesozoic evolution of the Western Greater Caucasus (Russia): Triassic–Jurassic sedimentary and magmatic history

ADAMIA, SH., ALANIA, V., CHABUKIANI, A., CHICHUA, G., ENUKIDZE, O. & SADRADZE, N. Evolution of the Late Cenozoic basins of Georgia (SW Caucasus): a review

MOSAR, J., KANGARLI, T., BOCHUD, M., GLASMACHER, U. A., RAST, A., BRUNET, M.-F. & SOSSON, M. Cenozoic–Recent tectonics and uplift in the Greater Caucasus: a perspective from Azerbaijan

USTAÖMER, T. & ROBERTSON, A. H. F. Late Palaeozoic–Early Cenozoic tectonic development of the Eastern Pontides (Artvin area), Turkey: stages of closure of Tethys along the southern margin of Eurasia

SOSSON, M., ROLLAND, Y., MULLER, C., DANELIAN, T., MELKONYAN, R., KEKELIA, S., ADAMIA, S., BABAZADEH, V., KANGARLI, T., AVAGYAN, A., GALOYAN, G. & MOSAR, J. Subductions, obduction and collision in the Lesser Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), new insights

ROLLAND, Y., GALOYAN, G., SOSSON, M., MELKONYAN, R. & AVAGYAN, A. The Armenian Ophiolite: insights for Jurassic back-arc formation, Lower Cretaceous hot spot magmatism and Upper Cretaceous obduction over the South Armenian Block

DANELIAN, T., ASATRYAN, G., SAHAKYAN, L., GALOYAN, GH., SOSSON, M. & AVAGYAN, A. New and revised radiolarian biochronology for the sedimentary cover of ophiolites in the Lesser Caucasus (Armenia)

AVAGYAN, A., SOSSON, M., KARAKHANIAN, A., PHILIP, H., REBAI, S., ROLLAND, Y., MELKONYAN, R. & DAVTYAN, V. Recent tectonic stress evolution in the Lesser Caucasus and adjacent regions

KAYMAKCI, N., INCEÖZ, M., ERTEPINAR, P. & KoÇ, A. Late Cretaceous to Recent kinematics of SE Anatolia (Turkey)

KUSCU, I., KUSCU, G. G., TOSDAL, R. M., ULRICH, T. D. & FRIEDMAN, R. Magmatism in the southeastern Anatolian orogenic belt: transition from arc to post-collisional setting in an evolving orogen

OBERHÄNSLI, R., CANDAN, O., BOUSQUET, R., RIMMELE, G., OKAY, A. & GOFF, J. Alpine high pressure evolution of the eastern Bitlis complex, SE Turkey

ÖZACAR, A. A., ZANDT, G., GILBERT, H. & BECK, S. L. Seismic images of crustal variations beneath the East Anatolian Plateau (Turkey) from teleseismic receiver functions


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