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Evolving Continents: Understanding Processes of Continental Growth, The

Product Code: SP338
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T M Kusky, M-G Zhai and W Xiao
Publication Date: 06 October 2010
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This volume honours the career of Brian F. Windley, who has been hugely influential in helping to achieve our current understanding of the evolution of the continental crust, and who has inspired many students and scientists to pursue studies on the evolution of the continents. Brian has studied processes of continental formation and evolution on most continents and of all ages, and has educated and inspired two generations of geologists to undertake careers in studies of continental evolution. The volume is organized into six sections, including: oceanic and island arc systems and continental growth; tectonics of accretionary orogens and continental growth; growth and stabilization of continental crust; collisions and intraplate processes; Precambrian tectonics and the birth of continents; and active tectonics and geomorphology of continental collision and growth zones.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-303-6
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-303-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 424
Weight: 1.10 kg



KUSKY, T. M., ZHAI, M. & XIAO, W. The evolving continents: understanding processes of continental growth: introduction

Oceanic and island arc systems and continental growth

STERN, R. J. The anatomy and ontogeny of modern intra-oceanic arc systems

XIAO, W., HAN, C., YUAN, C., SUN, M., ZHAO, G. & SHAN, Y. Transitions among Mariana-, Japan-, Cordillera- and Alaska-type arc systems and their final juxtapositions leading to accretionary and collisional orogenesis

Tectonics of accretionary orogens and continental growth

MARUYAMA, S., KAWAI, T. &WINDLEY, B. F. Ocean plate stratigraphy and its imbrications in an accretionary orogen: the Mona Complex, Anglesey–Lleyn, Wales, UK

SANTOSH, M., MARUYAMA, S., KOMIYA, T. & YAMAMOTO, S. Orogens in the evolving Earth: from surface continents to ‘lost continents’ at the core–mantle boundary

WILDE, S. A., WU, F.-Y. & ZHAO, G. The Khanka Block, NE China, and its significance for the evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and continental accretion

Growth and stabilization of continental crust: collisions and intraplate processes

RAZAKAMANANA, T., WINDLEY, B. F. & ACKERMAND, D. Petrology, chemistry and phase relations of borosilicate phases in phlogopite diopsidites and granitic pegmatites from the Tranomaro belt, SE Madagascar; boron-fluid evolution

PENG, P. Reconstruction and interpretation of giant mafic dyke swarms: a case study of 1.78 Ga magmatism in the North China craton

Precambrian tectonics and the birth of continents

KRÖNER, A. The role of geochronology in understanding continental evolution

ROLLINSON, H., REID, C. & WINDLEY, B. Chromitites from the Fiskenæsset anorthositic complex, West Greenland: clues to late Archaean mantle processes

GARDE, A. A. & HOLLIS, J. A. A buried Palaeoproterozoic spreading ridge in the northern Nagssugtoqidian orogen, West Greenland

ZHAI, M., LI, T.-S., PENG, P., HU, B., LIU, F. & ZHANG, Y. Precambrian key tectonic events and evolution of the North China craton

OLIVEIRA, E. P., MCNAUGHTON, N. J. & ARMSTRONG, R. Mesoarchaean to Palaeoproterozoic growth of the northern segment of the Itabuna–Salvador–Curaçá orogen, São Francisco craton, Brazil

Active tectonics and geomorphology of continental collision and growth zones

PETTERSON, M. G. A review of the geology and tectonics of the Kohistan island arc, north Pakistan

ALLEN, M. B. Roles of strike-slip faults during continental deformation: examples from the active Arabia–Eurasia collision

SEARLE, M. P. & TRELOAR, P. J. Was Late Cretaceous–Palaeocene obduction of ophiolite complexes the primary cause of crustal thickening and regional metamorphism in the Pakistan Himalaya?

CUNNINGHAM, D. Tectonic setting and structural evolution of the Late Cenozoic Gobi Altai orogen

OWEN, L. A. Landscape development of the Himalayan–Tibetan orogen: a review



P. De Wever

This book presents this major interest and I think that all those who are interested in biosphere-geosphere relations will find material for reflection.

Translated from Geochronique no. 118.

G. Mascle

In all, therefore, the book varies in rich documents likely to interest the specialists of the various fields concerned.
Translated from Geochronique no 117.

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