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Tufas and Speleothems: Unravelling the Microbial and Physical Controls

Product Code: SP336
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by H M Pedley and M Rogerson
Publication Date: 02 July 2010
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Our understanding of calcium carbonate precipitation within freshwater carbonate systems is being revolutionized by new quantitative approaches at both field and laboratory scale. These systems cover a diverse range of topical research areas including tufas, speleothems, stromatolites and microbial processes. Progress by various international research groups has been impressive, with major contributions to such areas as climate change, absolute dating, carbon sequestration, and biofilm construction and precipitation. A diverse sample of interrelated research is presented that provides a tantalizing glimpse of the interplay between microbial, geochemical and physical processes that control the development of tufas and speleothems.
This volume will provide a cross-disciplinary platform that will stimulate further exchanges about new concepts, methodologies and interpretations associated with freshwater carbonates. In particular, it will help reinforce the importance of cross-discipline research: the driving force behind the new field of Geobiology

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-301-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-301-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 1.02 kg


PEDLEY, H. M. & ROGERSON, M. Introduction to tufas and speleothems

JONES, B. Microbes in caves: agents of calcite corrosion and precipitation

GONZÁLEZ-MUÑOZ, M. T., RODRIGUEZ-NAVARRO, C., MARTÍNEZ-RUIZ, F., ARIAS, J. M., MERROUN, M. I. & RODRIGUEZ-GALLEGO, M. Bacterial biomineralization: new insights from Myxococcus-induced mineral precipitation

DITTRICH, M. & SIBLER, S. Calcium carbonate precipitation by cyanobacterial polysaccharides

ROGERSON, M., PEDLEY, H. M. & MIDDLETON, R. Microbial influence on macroenvironment chemical conditions in alkaline (tufa) streams: perspectives from in vitro experiments

ARP, G., BISSETT, A., BRINKMANN, N., COUSIN, S., DE BEER, D., FRIEDL, T., MOHR, K. I., NEU, T. R., REIMER, A., SHIRAISHI, F., STACKEBRANDT, E. & ZIPPEL, B. Tufa-forming biofilms of German karstwater streams: microorganisms, exopolymers, hydrochemistry and calcification

ARENAS, C., OSÁCAR, C., SANCHO, C., VÁZQUEZ-URBEZ, M., AUQUÉ, L. & PARDO, G. Seasonal record from recent fluvial tufa deposits (Monasterio de Piedra, NE Spain): sedimentological and stable isotope data

GRADZI?SKI, M. Factors controlling growth of modern tufa: results of a field experiment

PEDLEY, H. M. & ROGERSON, M. In vitro investigations of the impact of different temperature and flow velocity conditions on tufa microfabric

BENZERARA, K., MEIBOM, A., GAUTIER, Q., KA?MIERCZAK, J., STOLARSKI, J., MENGUY, N. & BROWN JR, G. E. Nanotextures of aragonite in stromatolites from the quasi-marine Satonda crater lake, Indonesia

BINDSCHEDLER, S., MILLIÈRE, L., CAILLEAU, G., JOB, D. & VERRECCHIA, E. P. Calcitic nanofibres in soils and caves: a putative fungal contribution to carbonatogenesis

PENTECOST, A. The fractionation of phosphorus in some modern and late-Holocene calcareous tufas in North Yorkshire, UK

ÖZKUL, M., GÖKGÖZ, A. & HORVATIN?I?, N. Depositional properties and geochemistry of Holocene perched springline tufa deposits and associated spring waters: a case study from the Denizli Province, Western Turkey

CAPEZZUOLI., E., GANDIN, A. & SANDRELLI, F. Calcareous tufa as indicators of climatic variability: a case study from southern Tuscany (Italy)

BALDINI, J. U. L. Cave atmosphere controls on stalagmite growth rate and palaeoclimate records

FAIRCHILD, I. J., SPÖTL, C., FRISIA, S., BORSATO, A., SUSINI, J., WYNN, P. M., CAUZID, J. & EIMF Petrology and geochemistry of annually laminated stalagmites from an Alpine cave (Obir, Austria): seasonal cave physiology

MATTEY, D. P., FAIRCHILD, I. J., ATKINSON, T. C., LATIN, J.-P., AINSWORTH, M. & DURELL, R. Seasonal microclimate control of calcite fabrics, stable isotopes and trace elements in modern speleothem from St Michaels Cave, Gibraltar

HAMMER, Ø, DYSTHE, D. K. & JAMTVEIT, B. Travertine terracing: patterns and mechanisms


Royal Geographical Society

This book should be useful to those making palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from such tufa (stream, lake and swamp carbonate) and speleothem (cave carbonate) petrography and geochemistry. It could also be of interest to those studying early life and astobiology and to petroleum geologists exploring microbial carbonate reservoirs like those of South Atlantic.

Thomas Hofmann

The mixture of high quality articles dealing with all aspects of tufas and speleothems including various disciplines, like sedimentology, geochemistry, biology and some others, makes this book with its valuable index an indispensible reference for all researchers.

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