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Sediment-Hosted Gas Hydrates: New Insights on Natural and Synthetic Systems

Product Code: SP319
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D Long, M Lovell, J G Rees and C A Rochelle
Publication Date: 22 July 2009
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There is much interest in gas hydrates in relation to their potential role as an important driver for climate change and as a major new energy source; however, many questions remain, not least the size of the global hydrate budget. Much of the current uncertainty centres on how hydrates are physically stored in sediments at a range of scales. This volume details advances in our understanding of sediment-hosted hydrates, and contains papers covering a range of studies of real and artificial sediments containing both methane hydrates and CO2 hydrates. The papers include an examination of the techniques used to locate, sample and characterize hydrates from natural, methane-rich systems, so as to understand them better. Other contributions consider the nature and stability of synthetic hydrates formed in the laboratory, which in turn improve our ability to make accurate predictive models.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-279-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-279-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 0.75 kg



Sediment-hosted gas hydrates: new insights on natural and synthetic systems, D Long, M A Lovell, J G Rees & C A Rochelle

Gas hydrate drilling transect across northern Cascadia margin – IODP Expedition 311, M Riedel, T Collett, M J Malone & Iodp Expedition 311 Scientists.

Exploration strategy for economically signi?cant accumulations of marine gas hydrate, R L Kleinberg

Hydrocarbon gas hydrates in sediments of the Mississippi Canyon area, Northern Gulf of Mexico, T Mcgee, L Macelloni, C Lutken, A Bosman, C Brunner, R Rogers, J Dearman, K Sleeper & J R Woolsey

Gas hydrate forming ?uids on the NE Sakhalin slope, Sea of Okhotsk, L L Mazurenko, T V Matveeva, E M Prasolov, H Shoji, A I Obzhirov, Y K Jin, J Poort, E A Logvina, H Minami, H Sakagami, A Hachikubo, A S Salomatin, A N Salyuk, E B Prilepskiy & Chaos 2003 Scientific Team.

Hydrate occurrences in the Namibe Basin, offshore Namibia, R Swart

Mapping hydrate stability zones offshore Scotland, A P Camps, D Long, C A Rochelle & M A Lovell

The pore-scale distribution of sediment-hosted hydrates: evidence from effective medium modelling of laboratory and borehole seismic data, T A Minshull & S Chand

Regional versus detailed velocity analysis to quantify hydrate and free gas in marine sediments: the South Shetland Margin case study, U Tinivella, M F Loreto & F Accaino

Mimicking natural systems: methane hydrate formation–decomposition in depleted sediments, N M Eaton, K W Jones & D Mahajan

Effects of solid surfaces on hydrate kinetics and stability, B Kvamme, A Graue, T Buanes, T Kuznetsova & G Ersland

Gas hydrate growth and dissociation in narrow pore networks: capillary inhibition and hysteresis phenomena, R Anderson, B Tohidi & J B W Webber

Gas hydrate crystallite size investigations with high¬ energy synchrotron radiation, S A Klapp, H Klein & W F Kuhs

Can CO2 hydrate assist in the underground storage of carbon dioxide? C A Rochelle, A P Camps, D Long, A Milodowski, K Bateman, D Gunn, P Jackson, M A Lovell & J Rees



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