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Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Ecosystems in SE Asia

Product Code: SP315
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E Buffetaut, G Cuny, J Le Loeuff, & V Suteethorn
Publication Date: 02 June 2009
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Non-marine Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic formations are widespread in mainland SE Asia. Although the first reports on fossils from some of these formations were published as early as the 1890s, it is only since 1980 that floras and faunas from the Permian, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous of SE Asia have received the attention they deserve. Fieldwork in various parts of Thailand and Laos has revealed a succession of fossil assemblages that now allows a reconstruction of the evolution of continental ecosystems in that part of the world during the Late Palaeozoic and the Mesozoic. The first papers in this book present the geological background of these floral and faunal successions, as well as historical aspects of their discovery. Descriptions of new taxa and review papers deal with plants, sharks, bony fishes, turtles, crocodilians, dinosaurs and mammal-like reptiles. Papers about the Mesozoic palaeobiogeography, environments and climates of Asia conclude the volume.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-275-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-275-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 308
Weight: 0.89 kg



Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic continental ecosystems of SE Asia: an introduction, E Buffetaut, G Cuny, J Le Loeuff & V Suteethorn

Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic tectonic and palaeogeographical evolution of SE Asia, I Metcalfe

The geological and palaeontological exploration of Laos: following in the footsteps of J. B. H. Counillon and A. Pavie, J S Steyer

Late Permian dicynodont fauna from Laos, B Battail

Mesozoic red bed sequences from SE Asia and the significance of the Khorat Group of NE Thailand, A Racey

Palynology and stratigraphy of the Mesozoic Khorat Group red bed sequences from Thailand, A Racey & J G S Goodall

Silhouette and palaeoecology of Mesozoic trees in Thailand, M PHILIPPE, V Daviero-Gomez & V Suteethorn

A new elasmobranch fauna from the Middle Jurassic of southern Thailand, G Cuny, P Srisuk S Khamha, V Suteethorn & H Tong

Morphometric and taphonomic study of a ray-finned fish assemblage (Lepidotes buddhabutrensis, Semionotidae) from the Late Jurassic–basal Cretaceous of NE Thailand, U Deesri, L Cavin, J Claude, V Suteethorn & P Yuangdetkla

The Jurassic and Cretaceous bony fish record (Actinopterygii, Dipnoi) from Thailand, L Cavin, U Deesri & V Suteethorn

Turtle assemblages of the Khorat Group (Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous) of NE Thailand and their palaeobiogeographical significance, H Tong, J Claude, V Suteethorn, W Naksri & E Buffetaut

Basilochelys macrobios gen. n. and sp. n., a large cryptodiran turtle from the Phu Kradung Formation (terminal Jurassic–basal Cretaceous) of the Khorat Plateau, NE Thailand, H Tong, J Claude, W Naksri, V Suteethorn, E Buffetaut, S Khansubha, K Wongko & P Yuangdetkla

Khoratosuchus jintasakuli gen. et sp. nov., an advanced neosuchian crocodyliform from the Early Cretaceous (Aptian–Albian) of NE Thailand, K Lauprasert, G Cuny, K Thirakhupt & V Suteethorn

A new skeleton of Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from NE Thailand, N Klein, M Sander & V Suteethorn

Bone histology and its implications for the life history and growth of the Early Cretaceous titanosaur Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae, S Suteethorn, J Le Loeuff, E Buffetaut, V Suteethorn, C Talubmook & C Chonglakmani

An early ‘ostrich dinosaur’ (Theropoda: Ornithomimosauria) from the Early Cretaceous Sao Khua Formation of NE Thailand, E Buffetaut, V Suteethorn & H Tong

Mesozoic vertebrate footprints of Thailand and Laos, J Le Loeuff, T Saenyamoon, C Souillat, V Suteethorn & E Buffetaut

Ichnological evidence for small quadrupedal ornithischians from the basal Cretaceous of SE Asia and North America: implications for a global radiation, M G Lockley, R T Mccrea & M Matsukawa

Oxygen isotope composition of continental vertebrate apatites from Mesozoic formations of Thailand; environmental and ecological significance, R Amiot, E Buffetaut, C Lécuyer, V Fernandez, F Fourel, F Martineau & V Suteethorn

Biogeographical affinities of Jurassic and Cretaceous continental vertebrate assemblages from SE Asia, V Fernandez, J Claude, G Escarguel, E Buffetaut & V Suteethorn



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The rich and fairly well-studied Palaeozoic and Mesozoic geology of Southeast Asia are the subject of this collection of 20 papers. The volume is well-illustrated with maps, drawings, and b&w photos.

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