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Future of Geological Modelling in Hydrocarbon Development, The

Product Code: SP309
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A Robinson, P Griffiths, S Price, J Hegre & A Muggeridge
Publication Date: 22 December 2008
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The 3D geological model is still regarded as one of the newest and most innovative tools for reservoir management purposes. The computer modelling of structures, rock properties and fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoirs has evolved from a specialist activity to part of the standard desktop toolkit. The application of these techniques has allowed all disciplines of the subsurface team to collaborate in a common workspace. In today’s asset teams, the role of the geological model in hydrocarbon development planning is key and will be for some time ahead.

The challenges that face the geologists and engineers will be to provide more seamless interaction between static and dynamic models. This interaction requires the development of conventional and unconventional modelling algorithms and methodologies in order to provide more risk-assessed scenarios, thus enabling geologists and engineers to better understand and capture inherent uncertainties at each aspect of the geological model’s life.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-266-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-266-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 232
Weight: 0.78 kg


The future of geological modelling in hydrocarbon development: introduction, Robinson. A

Fault seal mapping – incorporating geometric and property uncertainty, S R Freeman, S D Harris & R J Knipe

Realizing complex carbonate facies, diagenetic and fracture properties with standard reservoir modelling software, M C Poppelreiter, M A Balzarini, B Hansen & R Nelson

Assessing structural controls on reservoir performance in different stratigraphic settings, J Tveranger, J Howell, S I Aanonsen, O Kolbjørnsen, S L Semshaug A Skorstad & S Ottesen

Using multiple-point statistics to build geologically realistic reservoir models: the MPS/FDM workflow, S Strebelle & M Levy

Reservoir-scale 3D sedimentary modelling: approaches to integrate sedimentology into a reservoir characterization workflow, R Labourdette, J Hegre,P Imbert & E Insalaco

Calibration and validation of reservoir models: the importance of high resolution, quantitative outcrop analogues, R R Jones, K J W Mccaffrey, J Imber, R Wightman, S A F Smith, R E Holdsworth, P Clegg, N De Paola, D Healy & R W Wilson

Modelling of dipping clinoform barriers within deltaic outcrop analogues from the Cretaceous Western Interior Basin, USA, J Howell, A Våssel & T Aune

Multiscale geological reservoir modeling in practice, P S Ringrose, A W Martinius & J Alvestad

Flow upscaling in highly heterogeneous reservoirs, P Zhang, G E Pickup, H Monfared & M A Christie

Scenario-based reservoir modelling: the need for more determinism and less anchoring, M Bentley & S Smith

Incorporating uncertainty into geological and flow simulation modelling in Chevron: application to Mafumeira, a pre-development field, Offshore Angola, A Chakravarty, A W Harding & R Scamman

Addressing uncertainty and remaining potential in a mature field. A case study from the Tertiary of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, C A L Martin.

A method for quantifying geological uncertainties in assessing remaining oil targets: a case study from the Glitne Field, North Sea, K J Keogh, F K Berg & Glitne Petek.

The Schiehallion Field: lessons learned modelling a complex deepwater turbidite, P Freeman, S Kelly, C Macdonald, J Millington & M Tothill



Bill McMaugh

The availability of this publication could well allow future model makers to confidently assert that their practices and simulation results are adequate for reliable decision making.

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