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Geodynamic Evolution of East Antarctica: A Key to the East-West Gondwana Connection

Product Code: SP308
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M Satish-Kumar, Y Motoyoshi, Y Osanai, Y Hiroi and K Shiraishi
Publication Date: 22 December 2008
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Special Publication 308

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Geological correlations of East Antarctica with adjoining continents have been puzzling geologists ever since the concept of a Gondwana supercontinent surfaced. Despite the paucity of outcrops because of ice cover, difficulty of access and extreme weather, the past 50 years of Japanese Antarctic Research Expeditions (JARE) has successfully revealed vital elements of the geology of East Antarctica. This volume presents reviews and new research from localities across East Antarctica, especially from Dronning Maud Land to Enderby Land, where the geological record preserves a history that spans the Archaean and Proterozoic. The reviews include extensive bibliographies of results obtained by geologists who participated in the JARE. Comprehensive geological, petrological and geochemical studies, form a platform for future research on the formation and dispersion of Rodinia in the Mesoproterozoic and subsequent assembly of Gondwana in the Neoproterozoic to Early Palaeozoic.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-268-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-268-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 464
Weight: 1.22 kg




Geosciences research in East Antarctica (0°E–60°E): present status and future perspectives, M Satish-Kumar, T Hokada, T Kawakami & D J Dunkley

Geochronological constraints on the Late Proterozoic to Cambrian crustal evolution of eastern Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: a synthesis of SHRIMP U–Pb age and Nd model age data, K Shiraishi, D J Dunkley, T Hokada, C M Fanning, H Kagami & T Hamamoto

Early Palaeozoic orogenic collapse and voluminous late-tectonic magmatism in Dronning Maud Land and Mozambique: insights into the partially delaminated orogenic root of the East African–Antarctic Orogen? J Jacobs, B Bingen, R J Thomas, W Bauer, M T D Wingate & P Feitio

Terrane correlation between Antarctica, Mozambique and Sri Lanka; comparisons of geochronology, lithology, structure and metamorphism and possible implications for the geology of southern Africa and Antarctica, G H Grantham, P H Macey, B A Ingram, M P Roberts, R A Armstrong, T Hokada, K Shiraishi, C Jackson, A Bisnath & V Manhica

An overview of geological studies of JARE in the Napier Complex, Enderby Land, East Antarctica, H Ishizuka

Macroscopic geological structures of the Napier and Rayner Complexes, East Antarctica, T Toyoshima, Y Osanai & Y Nogi

Pre-metamorphic carbon, oxygen and strontium isotope signature of high-grade marbles from the Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica: apparent age constraints of carbonate deposition, M Satish-Kumar, T Miyamoto, J Hermann, H Kagami,Y Osanai & Y Motoyoshi

Motoyoshi, Y. & Carson, C. J. Post-peak (<530 Ma) thermal history of Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica, based on Rb–Sr and Sm–Nd mineral chronology, T Miyamoto, M Satish-Kumar, D J Dunkley, Y Osanai & Y Yoshimura

Elastic properties of high-grade metamorphosed igneous rocks from Enderby Land and eastern Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: evidence for biotite-bearing mafic lower crust, M Ishikawa, E Shingai & M Arima

Early to middle Proterozoic dykes in the Mt. Riiser-Larsen area of the Napier Complex, East Antarctica: tectonic implications as deduced from geochemical studies, S Suzuki, H Ishizuka & H Kagami

Magmatic evolution and tectonic setting of metabasites from Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica, Y Suda, Y Kawano, G Yaxley, H Korenaga & Y Hiroi

Geochemistry of post-kinematic mafic dykes from central to eastern Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: evidence for a Pan-African suture in Dronning Maud Land, M Owada, S Baba, Y Osanai & H Kagami

Geodynamic evolution of Mt. Riiser-Larsen, Napier Complex, East Antarctica, with reference to the UHT mineral associations and their reaction relations, T Hokada, Y Motoyoshi, S Suzuki, M Ishikawa. & H Ishizuka

Early Palaeozoic metasomatism of the Archaean Napier Complex, East Antarctica, C J Carson & J J Ague

Carbonic fluids in ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism: evidence from Raman spectroscopic study of fluid inclusions in granulites from the Napier Complex, East Antarctica, T Tsunogae, M Santosh, J Dubessy, Y Osanai, M Owada, T Hokada &
T Toyoshima

Origin of xenocrystic garnet and kyanite in clinopyroxene–hornblende-bearing adakitic meta-tonalites from Cape Hinode, Prince Olav Coast, East Antarctica, Y Hiroi, Y Motoyoshi, N Ishikawa, T Hokada & K Shiraishi

Kornerupine sensu stricto associated with mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Lützow-Holm Complex at Akami Point, East Antarctica: what is the source of boron? T Kawakami, E S Grew, Y Motoyoshi, C K Shearer, T Ikeda, P V Burger &
I Kusachi

Sapphirine + quartz association in garnet: implication for ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in Rundvågshetta, Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica, Y Yoshimura, Y Motoyoshi & T Miyamoto

Crystal size distribution of garnet in quartzo-feldspathic gneisses from the Lützow-Holm Complex at Skallen, East Antarctica, S Goto & T Ikeda

Contrasting metamorphic P–T path between Schirmacher Hills and Mühlig-Hofmannfjella, central Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica, S Baba, M Owada & K Shiraishi

Empirical thermometer of TiO2 in quartz for ultrahightemperature granulites of East Antarctica, T Kawasaki & Y Osanai

Fe2+–Mg partitioning experiments between orthopyroxene and spinel using ultrahigh-temperature granulite from the Napier Complex, East Antarctica, K Sato, T Miyamoto & T Kawasaki



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