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The Internal Structure of Fault Zones: Implications for Mechanical and Fluid-Flow Properties

Product Code: SP299
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C A J Wibberley, W Kurz, J Imber, R E Holdsworth and C Collettini
Publication Date: 18 July 2008
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Faults are primary focuses of both fluid migration and deformation in the upper crust. The recognition that faults are typically heterogeneous zones of deformed material, not simple discrete fractures, has fundamental implications for the way geoscientists predict fluid migration in fault zones, as well as leading to new concepts in understanding seismic/aseismic strain accommodation. This book captures current research into understanding the complexities of fault-zone internal structure, and their control on mechanical and fluid-flow properties of the upper crust. A wide variety of approaches are presented, from geological field studies and laboratory analyses of fault-zone and fault-rock properties to numerical fluid-flow modelling, and from seismological data analyses to coupled hydraulic and rheological modelling. The publication aims to illustrate the importance of understanding fault-zone complexity by integrating such diverse approaches, and its impact on the rheological and fluid-flow behaviour of fault zones in different contexts.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862392533
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 376
Weight: 1.01 kg


• The internal structure of fault zones: fluid flow and mechanical properties, W Kurz, J Imber, C A Wibberley, R E Holdsworth & C Collettini
• Recent advances in the understanding of fault zone internal structure: a review, C A J Wibberley, G Yielding & G Di Toro.

Part I: Fault zone evolution

• Internal geometry of fault damage zones in interbedded siliciclastic sediments, T E S Johansen & H Fossen
• The influence of layering and pre-existing joints on the development of internal structure in normal fault zones: the Lode`ve basin, France, W Van Der Zee, C A J Wibberley & J L Urai
• Fault damage zones dominated by high-angle fractures within layer-parallel brittle shear zones: examples from the eastern Alps, F-J Brosch & W Kurz
• The distribution of faults and fractures and their importance in accommodating extensional strain at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, UK, M W Putz-Perrier & D J Sanderson
• Displacement-length scaling for single-event fault ruptures: insights from Newberry Springs Fault Zone and implications for fault zone structure, D A Ferrill, K J Smart.& M Necsoiu
• Normal fault terminations in limestones from the SE-Basin (France): implications for fluid flow, L Micarelli & A Benedicto

Part II: Mechanical consequences

• On the structure and mechanical properties of large strike-slip faults, D R Faulkner, T M Mitchell, E H Rutter & J Cembrano
• Frictional–viscous flow, seismicity and the geology of weak faults: a review and future directions, J Imber, R E Holdsworth, S A F Smith, S P Jefferies & C Collettini
• Fault weakening due to CO2 degassing in the Northern Apennines: short- and
• long-term processes, C Collettini, C Cardellini, G Chiodini, N De Paola, R E Holdsworth & S A F Smith
• Deep-crust strike–slip earthquake faulting in southern Italy aided by high fluid
• pressure: insights from rheological analysis, P Boncio
• Deformation partitioning within a sinistral transpression zone along the southwestern margin of the Tauern Window (eastern Alps), A Wölfler, R Rabitsch, H Fritz, H Gaich, W Kurz & A Reiter


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