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Evaporites Through Space and Time

Product Code: SP285
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by B C Schreiber, S Lugli and M Babel
Publication Date: 21 November 2007
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This book is an exploration of varying approaches to the study of the deposition, diagenesis and stratigraphy of evaporites. The volume includes papers from chemical modellers, who work on the basis of geochemical representations of the formative water bodies, and from basin-wide depositional-stratigraphical modellers, who propose depositional scenarios that are fitted to individual basinal pictures.

Until now there have been only a few studies of evaporite formation that explain the characteristic features we observe in the real rock record. This volume is a collection of relevant papers in which these features are integrated in a realistic manner, based on our new understanding of saline water bodies, to the diverse tectonic, chemical and depositional constraints of their individual basins. In additional there are several review articles that offer oversight and extensive referencing of basins worthy of further study.

This book is a valuable resource for sedimentologists and stratigraphers looking for an up-to-date reference on evaporite deposits.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-232-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-232-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 384
Weight: 1.1 kg


Introduction and overview, B C Schreiber, M Babel and S Lugli • Tectonics, basin evolution and evaporates • Timing and origin of the South Atlantic pre-salt sag basins and their capping evaporates, G D Karner and L A P Gamboa • Clastic depositional systems at the base of the late Miocene evaporites of the Levant region, Eastern Mediterranean, C Bertoni and J A Cartwright • Basin analysis of the Burdigalian and Early Langhian successions, Kirkuk Basin, Iraq, A I Al-Juboury, A M Al-Tarif and M Al-Eisa • Role of rifting in evaporite deposition in the Great Kavir Basin, central Iran, H Rahimpour-Bonab, Z Shariatinia and M G Siemann • A giant late Triassic-Early Jurassic evaporitic basin on the Saharan Platform, North Africa, P Turner and H Sherif • Working depositional models • Depositional environments of a saline-type evaporite basin recorded in the Badenian Gypsum facies in the northern Carpathian foredeep, M Babel • Experimental evaporation of superficial brines from continental playa-lake systems located in Central Ebro Basin (NE Spain), P L Lopez and J M Mandado • Post-depositional evolution of sediments • Genesis and evolution of 'pseudocarniole': preliminary observations from the Susa Valley (Western Alps), W Alberto, F Carraro, M Giardino and D Tiranti • Messinian halite and residual facies in the Crotone basin (Calabria, Italy), S Lugli, R Dominici, M Barone, E Costa and C Cavozzi • Ancient basins • The Messian 'Vena del Gesso' evaporites revisited: characterization of isotopic composition and organic matter, S Lugli, M A Bassetti, V Manzi, M Barbieri, A Longinelli and M Roveri • The 'Evaporati di Monte Castello' deposits of the Messinian Southern Apennines foreland basin (Irpinia-Daunia Mountains, Southern Italy): stratigraphic evolution and geological context, F Matano • The Badenian evaporite basin of the northern Carpathian Foredeep as a model of a meromictic selenite basin, M Babel and A Bogucki • Sedimentology and geochemistry of the Middle Miocene (Badenian) salt-bearing succession from East Slovakian Basin (Zbudza Formation), K Bukowski, G Czapowski, S Karoli and M Babel • Sulphur isotopic composition of K-Mg sulphates of the Miocene evaporites of the Carpathian foredeep, Ukraine, S P Hryniv, J Parafiniuk and T M Peryt • Generation of primary sylvite: the fluid inclusion data from the Upper Permian (Zechstein) evaporatives, SW Poland, S V Vovnyuk and G Czapowski • Evidence of vanished evaporites on Neoarchaean carbonates of South Africa, A Gandin and D T Wright • Regional reviews • Evaporites of Ukraine: a review, S P Hryniv, B V Dolishniy, O V Khmelevska, A V Poberezhskyy and S V Vovnyuk • Depth indicators in Permian Basin evaporites, S D Hovorka, R M Holt and D W Powers


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