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Economic and Palaeoceanographic Significance of Contourite Deposits

Product Code: SP276
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A R Viana and M Rebesco
Publication Date: 25 April 2007
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Geological Society Special Publication 276

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There has lately been a growth in the number and level of studies of contourite deposits. Most recent studies of contourites have two major lines of interest. One, propelled by the oil industry’s continuous move into increasingly deep waters, concerns their economic significance. The other involves the stratigraphic/ palaeoceanographic record of ocean circulation changes imprinted on contourite deposits that can be a key to understanding better the climate–ocean connection. The application of many different theoretical, experimental and empirical resources provided by geophysics, sedimentology, geochemistry, petrology, scale modeling and field geology are used in the 16 papers of this volume, proposing answers to those two main aspects. The papers are subdivided into two major categories (economic interest and stratigraphic/palaeoceanographic significance), with case studies ranging from well-documented drifts to new examples of modern and fossil series, involving a large diversity of geographic and physiographic scenarios worldwide.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-226-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-226-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 360
Weight: 0.98 kg


Economic importance of contourites, A R Viana, W Almeida, M C V Nunes and  E M Bulhoes • North Atlantic contourite sand channels, A M Akhmetzhanov, N H Kenyon, E Habgood, A S Van der Mollen, T Nielsen, M Ivanov and P Shashkin  • Quaternary evolution of the contourite depositional system in the Gulf of Cadiz, E Llave, F J Hernandez-Molina, L Somoza, D A V Stow and V Diaz del Rio • Bottom-current reworked Palaeocene-Eocene deep-water reservoirs of Campos Basin, Brazil, M A S Moraes, W B Maciel, M S Braga and A R Viana • Interaction of processes and importance of contourites: insights from the detailed morphology of Sediment Drift 7, Antarctica, M Rebesco, A Camerlenghi, V Volpi, C Neagu, D Accettella, B Lindberg, A Cova, F Zgur and Magico party • Glacial contourites on the Antarctic peninsula margins: insight for palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic conditions, R G Lucchi and M Rebesco • The role of intermediate-depth currents in continental shelf-slope accretion: Canterbury Drifts, SW Pacific Ocean, R M Carter • Slope currents and contourites in an Eastern boundary current regime: California continental borderland, R S Robinson, J M Murillo De Nava and D S Gorsline • Santos Drift System: Stratigraphic organization and implications for late Cenozoic palaeocirculation in the Santos Basin, Southwest Atlantic Ocean, C S L Duarte and A R Viana • Mediterranean bottom current deposits: an example from the Southwestern Adriatic margin, G Verdicchio, F Trincardi and A Asioli • Small mounded drifts associated with deep-water coral banks, Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic Ocean, D Van Rooji, D Blamart, M Kozachencko and J-P Henriet • The Eirik Drift: a longterm barometer of North Atlantic deepwater flux south of Cape Farewell, Greenland, S E Hunter, D Wilkinson, J Stanford, D A V Stow, S Bacon, A M Akhmetzhanov and N H Kenyon • Ridge and valley systems in the Upper Cretaceous chalk of the Danish Basin: contourites in an epeiric sea, E V Esmerode, H Lykke-Andersen F Surlyk • Are there Middle Jurassic contourites in the Tarnovo Depression (South Moesian Platform Margin)? G Georgiev N Botoucharov • Pelagic carbonate ooze reworked by bottom currents during Devonian approach of the continents Gondwana and Laurussia, H Huneke • Hydrodynamic modeling of bottom currents and sediment transport in the Canyon Sao Tome (Brazil), J A M Lima, O O Moller Jr., A R Viana and R Piovesan  


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