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Fractured Reservoirs

Product Code: SP270
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by L Lonergan, R J H Jolly, K Rawnsley and D J Sanderson
Publication Date: 17 February 2007
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Fractured reservoirs contain a significant proportion of the global hydrocarbon reserves; however, they commonly exhibit unpredictable and extreme production behaviour. To develop such reservoirs it is necessary to obtain the best understanding possible of the fracture network and its impact on the fluid flow within the reservoir, using the full range of geoscience and engineering datasets available at all scales. This book presents an overview of current techniques and the latest technologies used to understand and exploit fractured reservoirs. The contributions are organized into sections on outcrop analogues, the application of geophysical techniques for fracture detection and imaging, numerical and analogue modelling and case studies from fields in the Middle East, Europe and North America. A number of the case studies also consider ways of assessing uncertainties in fracture geometry description and the implications for effective reservoir management.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-213-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-213-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 296
Weight: 0.85 kg


Structural and stratigraphic controls on fold-related fracturing in the Zagros Mountains, Iran: implications for reservoir development, B J Stephenson, A Koopman, H Hillgartner, H McQuillan, S Bourne, J J Noad and K Rawnsley
• The Khaviz Anticline: an outcrop analogue to giant fractured Asmari formation reservoirs in SW Iran, O P Wennberg, M Azizzadeh, A A M Aqrawi, E Blanc, P Brockbank, K B Lyslo, N Pickard, L D Salem and T Svånå
• Transient permeability and reseal hardening in fault zones: evidence from dilation breccia textures, N H Woodcock, J A D Dickson and J P T Tarasewicz
• Are relay ramps conduits for fluid flow? Structural analysis of a relay ramp in Arches National Park, Utah, A Rotevatn, H Fossen, J Hesthammer, T E Aas and J A Howell
• The scaling of fracture compliance, M H Worthington and R Lubbe
• Using VSP surveys to bridge the scale gap between well and seismic data, S J Emsley, P Shiner, N Enescu, A Beccacini and C Cosma
• Laboratory measurements of acoustic emissions and wave velocities associated with the formation of fractures in sandstones, W S Pettitt and M S King
• Combining diagenesis and mechanics to quantify fracture aperture distributions and fracture pattern permeability, J E Olson, S E Laubach and R H Lander
• Study of fracture-induced anisotropy from discrete fracture network simulation of well test responses, R J Leckenby, L Lonergan, S F Rogers and  D J Sanderson • Elastic  dislocation modelling for prediction of small-scale fault and fracture network characteristics, S J Dee, G Yielding, B Freeman, D Healy, N J  Kusznir, N Grant and P Ellis • Fold amplification and style transition involving fractured dip-domain boundaries: buckling experiments in brittle paraffin wax multilayers and comparison with natural examples, L Bazalgette and J-P Petit
• The Machar Oil Field: waterflooding a fractured chalk reservoir, D Casabianca, R J H  Jolly and R Pollard
• Integrating discrete fracture network models and pressure transient data for testing conceptual fractual models of the Valhall chalk reservoir, Norwegian North Sea, S F Rogers, C Enachescu, R Trice and K Buer
• Pre-development fracture modelling in the Clair field, West of Shetland, D Barr, K E Savory, S R Fowler, K Arman and J P McGarrity
• A surface–subsurface study of reservoir-scale fracture heterogeneities in Cretaceous carbonates, North Oman, M de Keijzer, H Hillgartner, S al Dhahab, and K Rawnsley
• Flow potential of fracture corridors and large conductive fractures in a clastic reservoir, Oman, S I Ozkaya and K R Minton
• Characterizing fracture and matrix heterogeneities in folded Devonian carbonate thrust sheets, Waterton tight gas fields, Western Canada, K Rawnsley, M de Keijzer, L Wei, S Bettembourg, W Asyee, J-L Massaferro, P Swaby, D Drysdale and D Boettcher  


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