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New Techniques in Sediment Core Analysis

Product Code: SP267
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R G Rothwell
Publication Date: 13 October 2006
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Marine sediment cores are the fundamental data source for information on seabed character, depositional history and environmental change. They provide raw data for a wide range of research including studies of climate change, palaeoceanography, slope stability, oil exploration, pollution assessment and control, seafloor survey for laying cables, pipelines and construction of seafloor structures.  During the last three decades, a varied suite of new technologies have been developed to analyse cores, often non-destructively, to produce high-quality, closely spaced, co-located downcore measurements. These techniques can characterize sediment physical properties, geochemistry and composition in unprecedented detail. Palaeoenvironmentally significant proxies can now be logged at decadal, and in some cases, annual or sub-annual scales, allowing highly detailed insights into climatic history and associated environmental change. These advances have had a profound effect on many aspects of the Earth Sciences and our understanding of the Earth’s history.


In this volume, recent advances in analytical and logging technology and their application to the analysis of sediment cores are presented. Developments in providing access to core data and associated datasets, and advances in data mining technology in order to integrate and interpret new and legacy datasets within the wider context of seafloor studies are also discussed.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-210-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-210-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 272
Weight: 0.84 kg


New techniques in sediment core analysis: an introduction, R G Rothwell and F R Rack
• The Eagle III BKA system, a novel sediment core X-ray fluorescence analyser with very high spatial resolution, M Haschke
• The AVAATECH XRF Core Scanner: technical description and applications to NE Atlantic sediments, T O Richter, S Van Der Gaast, R Koster, A Vaars, R Gieles, H C de Stigter, H de Haas and T C E van Weering
• ITRAX: description and evaluation of a new multi-function X-ray core scanner, I W Croudace, A Rindby and R G Rothwell
• A geochemical application of the ITRAX scanner to a sediment core containing eastern Mediterranean sapropel units, J Thomson, I W Croudace and R G Rothwell
• Turbidite emplacement on the southern Balearic Abyssal Plain (western Mediterranean Sea) during Marine Isotope Stages 1-3: an application of ITRAX XRF scanning of sediment cores to lithostratigraphic analysis, R G Rothwell, B Hoogakker, J Thomson, I W Croudace and M Frenz
• Colour logging as a tool in high-resolution palaeoceanography, M Rogerson, P P E Weaver, E J Rohling, L J Lourens, J W Murray and A Hayes
• Sediment colour analysis from digital images and correlation with sediment composition, A J Nederbragt, R B Dunbar, A T Osborn, A Palmer, J W Thurow and T Wagner
• Sediment mineralogy based on visible and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy, R D Jarrard and M D Vanden Berg
• Applications of confocal macroscope–microscope luminescence imaging to sediment cores, A C Ribes, F R Rack, G Tsintzouras, S Damaskinos and A E Dixon
• Pressure coring, logging and sub-sampling with the HYACINTH system, P J Schultheiss, T J G Francis, M Holland, J A Roberts, H Amann, Thjunjoto, R J  Parkes, D Martin, M Rothfuss, F Tyunder, and P D Jackson
• On-site geological core analysis using a portable X-ray computed tomographic system, B M Freifeld, T J Kneafsey and F R Rack
• Nuclear magnetic resonance pore-scale investigation of permafrost and gas hydrate sediments, R L Kleinberg
• Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging methods for core analysis, Q Chen, F R Rack and B J Balcom
• Rapid non-contacting resistivity logging of core, P D Jackson, M A Lovell, J A Roberts, P J Schultheiss, D Gunn, R C Flint, A Wood, R Holmes and T Frederichs
• Logging-while-coring - new technology from the simultaneous recovery of downhole cores and geophysical measurements, D Goldberg, G Myers, G J Iturrino, K Grigar, T Pettigrew and S Mrozewski
• Integration of the stratigraphic aspects of the very large sea-floor databases using information processing, C Jenkins, J Flocks and M Kulp
• Core data stewardship: a long-term perspective, C J Moore and R E Habermann
• The Janus database: providing worldwide access to ODP and IODP data, R Mithal and D G Becker 



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