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Function of Soils for Human Societies and the Environment

Product Code: SP266
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E Frossard, W E H Blum and B P Warkentin
Publication Date: 10 February 2007
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Earth sciences are becoming ever more concerned with how their disciplines, their research and teaching, need to become directly related to environmental and social concerns. The biology of the surface layers and at depth is increasingly important in the geosciences. A knowledge of biological and physical-chemical functions in terrestrial ecosystems (such as biomass production, filtering, buffering and transformation, water routing, and maintenance of biodiversity) that are studied in soil science provides a background for Earth sciences.

The papers in this volume address issues of soil formation, soil management, soil protection and the role of biodiversity that must be considered for a sustainable soil use. The papers are aimed at geoscientists in the broadest sense, and others concerned with soil use who will also find chapters relevant to their interests. Soils knowledge used within other Earth sciences is essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems, for the solutions of problems in environmental quality and for sustainable use of soils by humans.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-207-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-207-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 208
Weight: 0.83 kg


Soil, human society and the environment, W E H Blum, B P Warkentin and E  Frossard
• Functions, services, and value of soil organic matter for human societies and the environment: a historical perspective, C Feller, R J Manlay, M J Swift and M Bernoux
• Soils and greenhouse gases, J Leifeld
• Soil as an important interface between agricultural activities and groundwater: leaching of nutrients and pesticides in the vadose zone, L F Bergstrom and F Djodjic
• Understanding of a soil system derived from a single bed-rock for improved vineyard management in southern France, M Dosso, O Philippon and A Ruellan
• Heavy metals in Swiss forest soils: modification of lithogenic and anthropogenic contents by pedogenetic processes and implications for ecological risk assessment, J  Luster, S Zimmermann, C Zwicky, P Lienemann and P Blaser
• Reuse of agricultural drainage water in central California: Photosustainability in soil with high levels of salinity and toxic trace elements, G S Banuelos and Z Q Lin
• The effects of agricultural practices on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, J Jansa, A Wiemken and E Frossard
• Soil sealing and soil properties related to sealing, W Burghardt
• Cultural soilscapes, E C Wells
• From agricultural geology to hydropedology: forging links within the twenty-first-century geoscience community, E R Landa
• Australian examples of the role of soils in environmental problems, P A Hazelton
• Policies for a sustainable use of soil resources, L Montanarella
• Assessing anthropogenic inputs to soils by comparing element contents and their spatial distribution in O- and A-horizons, M Inácio, V Pereira and M Pinto
• Nutrient balances for improving the use of non-renewable resources: experiences from Switzerland and Southeast Asia, H Menzi and P Gerber
• Perspectives on the relationship between soil science and geology, F C Ugolini and B P Warkentin   



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