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Cretaceous-Tertiary High-Latitude Palaeoenvironments: James Ross Basin Antarctica

Product Code: SP258
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J E Francis, D Pirrie and J A Crame
Publication Date: 03 July 2006
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Special Publication 258.

High-latitude settings are sensitive to climatically driven palaeoenvironmental change and the resultant biotic response. Climate change through the peak interval of Cretaceous warmth, Late Cretaceous cooling, onset and expansion of the Antarctic ice sheet, and subsequently the variability of Neogene glaciation, are all recorded within the sedimentary and volcanic successions exposed within the James Ross Basin, Antarctica. This site provides the longest onshore record of Cretaceous-Tertiary sedimentary and volcanic rocks in Antarctica and is a key reference section for Cretaceous-Tertiary global change. The sedimentary succession is richly fossiliferous, yielding diverse invertebrate, vertebrate and plant fossil assemblages, allowing the reconstruction of both terrestrial and marine systems. The papers within this volume provide an overview of recent advances in the understanding of palaeoenvironmental change spanning the mid-Cretaceous to the Neogene of the James Ross Basin and related biotic change, and will be of interest to many working on Cretaceous and Tertiary palaeoenvironmental change.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-197-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-197-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 216
Weight: 0.80 kg


Cretaceous-Tertiary high-latitude palaeoenvironments, James Ross Basin, Antarctica: introduction, J E Francis, J A Crame and D Pirrie • Mid-Cretaceous stratigraphy of the James Ross Basin, Antarctica, J A Crame, D Pirrie and J B Riding • Marine volcaniclastics of the Hidden Lake Formation (Coniacian) of James Ross Island, Antarctica: an enigmatic element in the history of the back-arc basin, A G Whitham, J R Ineson and D Pirrie • Palaeoclimate analysis of the Late Cretaceous angiosperm leaf floras, James Ross Island, Antarctica, P A Hayes, J E Francis, D J Cantrill and J A Crame • Cretaceous and Cenozoic vegetation of Antarctica integrating the fossil wood record, I Poole and D J Cantrill • Late Cretaceous Antarctic fish diversity, J Kriwet, J M Lirio, H J Nuñez, E Puceat and C Lécuyer • Biostratigraphy of the Mosasauridae (Reptilia) from the Cretaceous of Antarctica, J E Martin • Palaeobiological significance of high-latitude Late Cretaceous vertebrate fossils from the James Ross Basin, Antarctica, J E Martin and J A Crame • Eustatically controlled sedimentation recorded by Eocene strata of James Ross Basin, Antarctica, S A Marenssi • First Gondwanatherian mammal from Antarctica, F J Goin, M A Reguero, R Pascual, W Von Koenigswald, M O Woodburne, J A Case, S A Marenssi, C Vieytes and S F Vizcaíno • Late Eocene penguins from West Antarctica: systematics and biostratigraphy, C P Tambussi, C I Acosta Hospitaleche, M A Reguero and S A Marenssi • A new 'South American ungulate' (Mammalia: Litopterna) from the Eocene of the Antarctic Peninsula, M Bond, M A Reguero, S F Vizcaíno and S A Marenssi • The late Middle Eocene terrestrial vertebrate fauna from Seymour Island: the tails of the Eocene Patagonian size distribution, J A Case • Distribution, lithofacies and environmental context of Neogene glacial sequences on James Ross and Vega Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, M J Hambrey and J L Smellie 


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