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Cool-Water Carbonates: Depositional Systems and Palaeoenvironmental Controls

Product Code: SP255
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by H. M. Pedley and G. Carannante
Publication Date: 11 March 2006
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Special Publication 255.

During the past decade, work on cool-water carbonates has expanded to become a mainstream research area. Studies on modern and Quaternary deposits will continue to be important; however, there is increasing momentum towards unravelling sediment processes, biota-sediment interactions and diagenetic products in Cenozoic and older cool-water carbonates.

Many contributions in this book document Cenozoic and Quaternary carbonates from landlocked (microtidal) water-bodies. These carbonates display important differences in biota and fabric distributions when compared with world ocean examples. Consequently, the scientific community is now better placed to reinterpret pre-Tertiary carbonates where there is a suspicion that they have developed under microtidal conditions. Some papers in the book provide new approaches to interpreting environmental change within macrotidal regimes and others lay firm foundations for future cool-water carbonate diagenetic research 

The aim of the book is to illustrate recent international contributions to cool-water carbonates research, with an emphasis on Neogene and Recent case studies. Contributions are divided into three sections: microtidal carbonates from the Mediterranean realm; macrotidal examples from New Zealand, Australia and Mexico; and early diagenetic fabrics.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-193-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-193-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 384
Weight: 1.10 kg


Cool-water carbonate ramps: a review,H. M. Pedley, G. Carannante • Pleistocene coralline algal build-ups (coralligène de plateau) and associated bioclastic deposits in the sedimentary cover of Cutro marine terrace (Calabria, southern Italy), R. Nalin, D. Basso, F. Massari • Rhodolith facies evolution and burial as a response to Holocene transgression at the Pontian Islands shelf break, D. Basso, C. Morbioli, C. Corselli • Rhodalgal/bryomol assemblages in temperate-type carbonate, channelized depositional systems: the Early Miocene of the Sarcidano area (Sardinia, Italy), D. Bassi, G. Carannante, M. Murru, L. Simone, F. Toscano • Pleistocene calcified cyanobacterial mounds, Perachora peninsula, central Greece: a controversy of growth and history, S. Kershaw, L. Guo • Present-day temperate carbonate sedimentation on the Balearic Platform, western Mediterranean: compositional and textural variation along a low-energy isolated ramp, J. J. Fornós, W. M. Ahr • Variety of coralline algal deposits (rhodalgal facies) from the Bays of Naples and Pozzuoli (northern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy), F. Toscano, M. Vigliotti, L. Simone • Biocalcarenite and mixed cool-water prograding bodies of the Mediterranean Pliocene and Pleistocene: architecture, depositional setting and forcing factors, F. Massari, F. Chiocci • Models of temperate carbonate deposition in Neogene basins in SE Spain: a synthesis, J. C. Braga, J. M. Martín, C. Betzler, J. Aguirre • The response of cool-water carbonates to eustatic change in microtidal, Mediterranean Quaternary settings of Sicily, H. M. Pedley, M. Grasso • Shallow-marine carbonates of the tropical-temperate transition zone: effects of hinterland climate and basin physiography (late Miocene, Crete/Greece), M. Reuter, T. C. Brachert, K. F. Kroeger • Rudist lithosomes related to current pathways in Upper Cretaceous temperate-type, inner shelves: a case study from the Cilento area, southern Italy, D. Ruberti, F. Toscano, G. Carannante, L. Simone • Oceanography, sedimentology and acoustic mapping of a bryomol carbonate factory in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico, J. Halfar, M. Strasser, B. Riegl, L. Godinez-Orta • Carbonate sedimentation, climate change, and stratigraphic completeness on a Miocene cool-water epeiric ramp, Murray Basin, South Australia, J. Lukasik, N. P. James • Lithofacies and dynamics of a cool-water carbonate seaway: mid-Tertiary, Te Kuiti Group, New Zealand, A. S. Anastas, R. W. Dalrymple, N. P. James, C. S. Nelson • The Southern Marion Platform (Marion Plateau, NE Australia) during the early Pliocene: a lowstand-producing, temperate-water carbonate factory, P. Kindler, C. Ruchonnet, T. White • Cool-water shell bed taphofacies from Miocene-Pliocene shelf sequences in New Zealand: utility of taphofacies in sequence stratigraphic analysis, A. J. W. Hendy, P. J. J. Kamp, A. J. Vonk • Chemostratigraphy in Miocene heterozoan carbonate settings: applications, limitations and perspectives, M. Mutti, C. M. John, A. C. Knoerich • Epitaxial calcite cements in Earth history: a cooler-water phenomenon during aragonite-sea times? A. C. Knoerich, M. Mutti • Microstratigraphy of calcite cements in Pliocene cool-water limestones, New Zealand: relationship to sea-level, burial and exhumation events, V. Caron, C. S. Nelson, P. J. J. Kamp 


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