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Analogue and Numerical Modelling of Crustal-Scale Processes

Product Code: SP253
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S. J. H. Buiter and G. Schreurs
Publication Date: 20 April 2006
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The crust of the Earth records the deformational processes of the inner Earth and the influence of the overlying atmosphere. The state of the Earth's crust at any time is therefore the result of internal and external processes, which occur on different time and spatial scales. In recent years important steps forward in the understanding of such complex processes have been made by integrating theory and observations with experimental and computer models. This volume presents state-of-the-art analogue and numerical models of processes that alter the Earth's crust. It shows the application of models in a broad range of geological problems with careful documentation of the modelling approach used. This volume contains contributions on analogue and numerical sandbox models, models of orogenic processes, models of sedimentary basins, models of surface processes and deformation, and models of faults and fluid flow.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-191-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-191-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 456
Weight: 1.20 kg


Analogue and numerical sandbox model.
• Analogue benchmarks of shortening and extension experiments, G Schreurs, S J H Buiter, D Boutelier, G Corti, E Costa, A R Cruden, J -M Daniel, S Hoth, H A Koyi, N Kukowski, J Lohrmann, A Ravaglia, R W Schlische, M O Withjack, Y Yamada, C Cavozzi, C Delventisette, J A Elder Brady, A Hoffmann-Rothe, J -M Mengus, D Montanari and F Nilforoushan
• The numerical sandbox: comparison of model results for a shortening and an extension experiment, S J H Buiter, A Y Babeyko, S Ellis, T V Gerya, B J P Kaus, A Kellner, G Schreurs and Y Yamada
• Models of orogenic processes.
• Interaction between normal faults and pre-existing thrust systems in analogue models, G Corti, S Lucia, M Bonini, F Sani and F Mazzarini
• Surface topography and internal strain variation in wide hot orogens from three-dimensional analogue and two-dimensional numerical vice models, A R Cruden, M H B Nasseri and R Pysklywec
• Relative importance of trenchward upper plate motion and friction along the plate interface for the topographic evolution of subduction-related mountain belts, A Hampel and A Pfiffner
• Deformation transfer in viscous detachments: comparison of sandbox models to the South Pyrenean Triangle Zone, H A Koyi and M Sans
• Analogue modelling of a reactivated, basement controlled strike-slip zone, Sierra de Albarracín, Spain: application of sandbox modelling to polyphase deformation, S Merten, W G Smit, D A Nieuwland and H E Rondeel
• Lithospheric scale gravitational flow: the impact of body forces on orogenic processes from Archaean to Phanaerozoic, P F Rey and G Houseman
• Analogue and numerical modelling of accretionary prisms with a décollement in sediments, Y Yamada, K Baba and T Matsuoka
• Models of sedimentary basins.
• Integrated four-dimensional modelling of sedimentary basin architecture and hydrocarbon migration, S M Clarke, S D Burley, G D Williams, A J Richards, D J Meredith and S S Egan
• Rifting through a heterogeneous crust: insights from analogue models and application to the Gulf of Corinth, L Mattioni, L Le Pourhiet and I Moretti
• 3D modelling of rifting through a pre-existing stack of nappes in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece): a mixed analogue/numerical approach, L Le Pourhiet, L Mattioni and I Moretti
• Inversion of a symmetric basin: insights from a comparison between analogue and numerical experiments, M Panien, S J H Buiter, G Schreurs O A Pfiffner
• Lower crustal rheological expression in inverted basins, M Sandiford, D L Hansen and S N McLaren
• Geometric and experimental models of extensional fault-bend folds, M O Withjack and R W Schlische
• Models of surface processes and deformation.
• Recent advances and current problems in modelling surface processes and their interaction with crustal deformation, J Braun
• Macroscale dynamics of experimental landscapes, S Bonnet and A Crave
• Numerical modelling of erosion processes in the Himalayas of Nepal: effects of spatial variations of rock strength and precipitation, V Godard, J Lavé and R Cattin
• Models of faults and fluid flow
• Effects of compactions processes on stresses, faults, and fluid flow in sedimentary basins: examples from the Norwegian margin, K Bjørlykke
• Multiple faults in ductile simple shear: analogue models of flanking structure systems, U Exner, B Grasemann and N S Mancktelow
• Using an elastic dislocation model to investigate static Coulomb stress change scenarios for earthquake ruptures in the eastern Marmara Sea region, Turkey, J R Muller, A Aydin and T J Wright
• Oil reservoirs in foreland basins charged by thrustbelt source rocks: insights from numerical stress modelling and geometric balancing in the West Carpathians, M Nemtok and A Henk
• Relation between effective friction and fault slip rate across the Northern San Andreas fault system, A -S Provost and J Chéry 


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