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High-Strain Zones: Structure and Physical Properties

Product Code: SP245
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D. Bruhn and L. Burlini
Publication Date: 30 August 2005
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This collection of research and review papers addresses the question of structural evolution during deformation to high strains and the physical properties of rocks that have been affected by high-strain zones. The discussions range from natural examples at outcrop to microscopic studies. They include experiments and numerical models based on the active processes in high-strain zones as well as studies on the physical properties of highly strained rocks in the field and laboratory. Specific questions addressed include magnetotelluric imaging of faults, magnetic fabrics, fabric development, seismic properties of highly strained rocks, change of rheology with strain, influence of melt on the localization of deformation, the relationship between deformation and metamorphism as well as new methods in the analysis of deformation. The book is aimed at an interdisciplinary group of readers interested in the effects of high strain in rocks.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-178-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-178-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 472
Weight: 1.22 kg


High-strain zones: laboratory perspectives on strain softening during ductile deformation, L Burlini and D Bruhn • Shear strain localization from the upper mantle to the middle crust of the Kohistan arc (Pakistan), J P Burg, L Arbaret, N M Chaudhry, H Dawood, S Hussain and G Zeilinger • Flow of partially molten crust and origin of detachments during collapse of the Cordilleran Orogen, C Teyssier, E Ferr?, D L Whitney, B Norlander, O Vanderhaeghe and D Parkinson • Geometric aspects of synkinematic granite intrusion into a ductile shear zone - an example from the Yunmengshan core complex, north China, C W Passchier, J S Zhang and J Konopasek • Laramie Peak shear system, central Laramie Mountains, Wyoming, USA: regeneration of the Archean Wyoming province during Palaeoproterozoic accretion, P G Resor and A W Snoke • Seismic and aseismic weakening effects in transtension: field and microstructural observations on the mechanics and architecture of a large fault zone in SE Tibet, M A Edwards and L Ratschbacher • Magnetic fabric and microstructure of a mylonite: example from the Bitterroot shear zone, western Montana, D Sidman, E Ferre, C Teyssier and M Jackson • Electrical conductivity images of active and fossil fault zones, O Ritter, A Hoffmann-Rothe, P A Bedrosian, U Weckmann and V Haak • High temperature and pressure seismic properties of a lower crustal prograde shear zone from the Kohistan Arc, Pakistan, L Burlini, L Arbaret, G Zeilinger and J P Burg • Damage and recovery of calcite rocks deformed in the cataclastic regime, A Schubnel, J Fortin, L Burlini and Y Gu?guen • Effects of bedding and foliation on mechanical anisotropy, damage evolution and failure mode, P Baud, L Louis, C David, G C Rawling and T-F Wong • Experimental deformation of flint in axial compression, D Mainprice and M Paterson • High-strain deformation tests on natural gypsum aggregates in torsion, V Barberini, L Burlini, E H Rutter and M Dapiaggi • The effect of grain size and melt distributions on the rheology of partially molten olivine aggregates, D Bruhn, D L Kohlstedt and K-H Lee • Influence of phyllosilicates on fault strength in the brittle - ductile transition: insights from rock analogue experiments, A R Niemeijer and C J Spiers • Creep constitutive laws for rocks with evolving structure, B Evans • Initiation of basement thrust detachments by fault zone reaction weakening, C A J Wibberley • Geochemical variations and element transfer during shear zone development and related episyenites at middle crust depths: insights from the Mont Blanc granite (French-Italian Alps), M Rossi, Y Rolland, O Vidal and S F Cox • Water distribution in dynamically recrystallized quartz grains: cathodoluminescence and micro-infrared spectroscopic mappings, J Muto, H Nagahama and T Hashimoto • Application of geographical information systems to shape-fabric analysis, F J Fern?ndez, R Men?ndez-Duarte, J Aller and F Bastida • Rigid polygons in shear, D W Schmid • Strain localization conditions in porous rock using a two yield surface constitutive model, K A Issen and V Challa


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