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Cryospheric Systems: Glaciers and Permafrost

Product Code: SP242
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C. Harris and J. B. Murton
Publication Date: 31 March 2005
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Special Publication 242.

The introduction of the term periglacial by Lozinski in 1909 to describe the cold-climate conditions in the zone adjacent to, but beyond, the Pleistocene glaciers encouraged the separate development of geocryological and glaciological research. Geological and geomorphological processes at the interface between glaciers and permafrost have, as a result, been given less attention than they warrant, and the influence of one on the other has in many respects been neglected. This book includes a collection of papers that emphasize glacier-permafrost interactions. Papers consider permafrost and its influence on glacitectonic processes, glacial meltwater systems and ground-ice development in proglacial and ice-marginal environments. In addition, recent research findings are reported on paraglacial processes, permafrost evolution, rock glaciers, the formation of ice-wedge casts and periglacial slope evolution. It is hoped that this book will stimulate interest in the interface between glacial and periglacial systems, and encourage further collaborative research involving glaciologists and glacial geologists on the one hand, and geocryologists and permafrost scientists on the other.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-175-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-175-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 168
Weight: 0.75 kg


Interactions between glaciers and permafrost: an introduction, C. Harris, J. B. Murton • Glaciers and Permafrost Glacier–permafrost interaction in Arctic and alpine mountain environments with examples from southern Norway and Svalbard, B. Etzelmüller, J. O. Hagen • Investigating glacier–permafrost relationships in high-mountain areas: historical background, selected examples and research needs, W. Haeberli • Glacier–permafrost interactions and glaciotectonic landform generation at the margin of the Leverett Glacier, West Greenland, R. I. Waller, G. W. Tuckwell • The interaction of a surging glacier with a seasonally frozen foreland: Hagafellsjökull-Eystri, Iceland, M. R. Bennett, D. Huddart, R. I. Waller • Glacier–permafrost hydrological interconnectivity: Stagnation Glacier, Bylot Island, Canada, B. J. Moorman • Glacier–rock glacier relationships as climatic indicators during the late Quaternary in the Cordillera Ampato, Western Cordillera of southern Peru, U. Dornbusch • Proglacial and Ice Marginal Processes Cryological processes implied in Arctic proglacial stream sediment dynamics using principal components analysis and regression, T. D. L. Irvine-Fynn, B. J. Moorman, D. B. Sjogren, F. S. A. Walter, I. C. Willis, A. J. Hodson, J. L. M. Williams, P. N. Mumford • Melt rates at calving termini: a study at Glaciar León, Chilean Patagonia, E. Haresign, C. R. Warren • Actual paraglacial progradation of the coastal zone in the Kongsfjorden area, western Spitsbergen (Svalbard), D. Mercier, D. Laffly • Permafrost and Frozen Ground Holocene permafrost aggradation in Svalbard, O. Humlum • Experimental simulation of ice-wedge casting: processes, products and palaeoenvironmental significance, C. Harris, J. B. Murton • Late Holocene solifluction history reconstructed using tephrochronology, M. P. Kirkbride, A. J. Dugmore • 


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