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Petrophysical Properties of Crystalline Rocks

Product Code: SP240
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P.K. Harvey, T. S. Brewer, P. A. Pezard and V. A. Petrov
Publication Date: 10 March 2005
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Boreholes are commonly drilled into crystalline rocks to evaluate their suitability for various applications such as waste disposal (including nuclear waste), geothermal energy, hydrology, sequestration of greenhouse gases and for fault analysis. Crystalline rocks include igneous, metamorphic and even some sedimentary rocks. The quantification and understanding of individual rock masses requires extensive modelling and an analysis of various physical and chemical parameters. This volume covers the following aspects of the petrophysical properties of crystalline rocks: fracturing and deformation, oceanic basement studies, permeability and hydrology and laboratory-based studies. With the growing demands for sustainable and environmentally effective development of the subsurface, the petrophysics of crystalline rocks is becoming an increasingly important field.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-173-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-173-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 360
Weight: 1.10 kg


Types of permeable fractures in granite, J Sausse and A Genter • In-situ seismic investigations of fault zones in the Leventina Gneiss Complex of the Swiss Central Alps, R Giese, C Klose and G Borm • Natural fracturing and petrophysical properties of the Palisades dolerite sill, D Goldberg and K Burgdorff • Scale dependence of hydraulic and structural parameters in fractured rock from borehole data (KTB and HSDP), G Zimmermann, H Burkhardt and L Engelhard • Brittle fracture in two crystalline rocks under true triaxial compressive stresses, B Haimson and C Chang • Distribution and properties of fractures in and around the Nojima fault in Hirabayashi GSJ borehole, H Ito and T Kiguchi • Petrofabric-derived seismic properties of a mylonitic quartz simple shear zone: implications for seismic reflection profiling, G E Lloyd and J M Kendall • Fractured reservoir analysis using modern geophysical well techniques: application to basement reservoirs in Vietnam, S M Luthi • Fracture mapping with electrical core images, M Lovell, P Jackson, R Flint and P Harvey • Shear-wave anisotropy from dipole shear logs in oceanic crustal environments, G J Iturrino, D Goldberg, H Glassman, D Patterson, Y F Sun, G Guerin and S Haggas • Reactive flow and permeability prediction : numerical simulation of complex hydrogeothermal problems, J Bartels, C Clauser, M Kuhn, H Pape and W Schneider • Permeability of rock samples from the Kola and KTB superdeep boreholes at high P-T parameters as related to the problem of underground disposal of radioactive waste, A V Zharikov, V I Malkovsky, V M Shmonov and V M Vitovtova • Integration of electrical and optical images for structural analysis: a case study from ODP Hole 1105A, S Haggas, T S Brewer, P K Harvey and C J MacLeod • Electrical properties of slow-spreading ridge gabbros from ODP Hole 1105A, SW Indian Ridge, F Einaudi, P A Pezard, B Ildefonse and P Glover • Non-invasive characterization of fractured crystalline rocks using a combined multicomponent transient electromagnetic, resistivity and seismic approach, M A Meju • On the neutron absorption properties of basic and ultrabasic rocks: the significance of minor and trace elements, P K Harvey and T S Brewer • The interpretation of thermal neutron properties in ocean floor volcanics, T S Brewer, P K Harvey, S R Barr, S Haggas and H Delius • Microstructure, filtration, elastic and thermal properties of granite rock samples: implications for HLW disposal, V A Petrov, V V Poluektov, A V Zharikov, R M Nasimov, N I Diaur, V A Terentiev, A A Burmistrov, G I Petrunin, V G Popov, V G Sibgatulin, E N Lind, A A Grafchikov and V M Shmonov • Effect of compositional and structural variations on log responses of igneous and metamorphic rocks I: mafic rocks, A Bartetzko, H Delius and R Pechnig • Effect of compositional variations on log responses of igneous and metamorphic rocks II: acid and intermediate rocks, R Pechnig, H Delius and A Bartetzko • Laboratory investigations for the evaluation of in situ geophysical measurements in a salt mine, J Kulenkampff, A Just, L Aschmann and F Jacobs • Deformation of metavolcanics in the Karachay Lake area, Southern Urals: petrophysical and mineral - chemical aspects, V A Petrov, V V Poluektov, A V Zharikov, V I Velichkin, R M Nasimov, N I Diaur, V A Terentiev, V M Shmonov, and V M Vitovtova • Non-linearity in multidirectional P-wave velocity: confining pressure behaviour based on real 3-D laboratory measurements and its mathematical approximation, R Prikryl, K Klima, T Lokajicek and Z Pros • The C-polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) impregnation method and image analysis as a tool for porosity characterization of rock-forming minerals, E Oila, P Sardini, M Siitari-Kauppi and K H Hellmuth • 


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