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Energy, Waste and the Environment: A Geochemical Perspective

Product Code: SP236
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Gieré and P. Stille
Publication Date: 22 October 2004
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Geological Society Special Publication 236

This book provides incentives for further development of sustainable fuel cycles through a novel and interdisciplinary approach to an Earth science-related topic. The main focus is on geochemical concepts in immobilizing, isolating or neutralizing waste derived from energy production and consumption. The book also addresses the issue of using some types of energy-derived waste as alternative raw materials. Moreover, it highlights research on how certain wastes can be used for energy production, an increasingly important aspect of modern integrated waste management strategies. The main objectives are to: (a) identify the most serious environmental problems related to various types of power generation and associated waste accumulation; (b) present strategies, based on natural analogue materials, for the immobilization of toxic and radioactive waste components through mineralogical barriers; (c) discuss modern procedures for reuse of waste or certain waste components; and (d) review the importance of geochemical modelling in describing and predicting the interaction between waste and the environment.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-167-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-167-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 688
Weight: 1.63 kg


Energy, waste and the environment - a geochemical perspective: introduction, R. Gieré, P. Stille • Environmental impact of the nuclear fuel cycle, R. C. Ewing • Reducing the long-term environmental impact of wastes arising from uranium mining, K. Hart • Nuclear waste forms, S. V. Stefanovsky, S. V. Yudintsev, R. Gieré, G. R. Lumpkin • The geochemical behaviour of Tc, Np and Pu in spent nuclear fuel in an oxidizing environment, E. C. Buck, B. D. Hanson, B. K. McNamara • Geochemical behaviour of host phases for actinides and fission products in crystalline ceramic nuclear waste forms, G. R. Lumpkin, K. L. Smith, R. Gieré, C. T. Williams • Relevance of analogues for long-term prediction, J.-L. Crovisier, T. Advocat, J. L. Dussossoy • Special cases of natural analogues: The Gabon and Cigar Lake U ore deposits, F. Gauthier-Lafaye, P. Stille, R. Bros • Basaltic dykes in evaporites: a natural analogue, M. Steinmann, P. Stille • Anthropogenic radionuclide emissions into the environment, J. Eikenberg, H. Beer, S. Bajo • Atmospheric impact of the fossil fuel cycle, D. S. Golomb, J. A. Fay • Environmental impacts of coal mining and associated wastes: a geochemical perspective, P. L. Younger • Coal combustion wastes: characterization, reuse and disposal, F. P. Glasser • The chemistry and mineralogy of coal and coal combustion products, J. K. Tishmack, P. E. Burns • The beneficiation of coal combustion ash, J. Groppo, T. Robl, J. C. Hower • The chemistry and mineralogy of waste from retorting and combustion of oil shale, O. M. Saether, D. Banks, U. Kirso, L. Bityukova, J.-E. Sorlie • Injection and trapping of carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers, B. Z. Saylor, B. Zerai • Environmental impact of geothermal energy utilization, S. Arnórsson • Geochemical impact of re-injecting geothermal waste waters: example, Larderello, Italy, C. Panichi • Geophysical and mineralogical impacts of fluid injection in a geothermal system: the Hot Fractured Rock site at Soultz-sous-Forêts, France, A. Baldeyrou-Bailly, F. Surma, B. Fritz • Waste heat problems and solutions in geothermal energy, L. Rybach, T. Kohl • Corrosion and stability of vitrified material derived from municipal solid waste, D. Perret, P. Stille, J.-L. Crovisier, G. Shields, U. Mäder, K. Schenk, M. Chardonnens • Chemistry and mineralogy of municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash, U. Eggenberger, K. Schenk, U. Mäder • Incinerator waste as secondary raw material: examples of applications in glasses, glass-ceramics and ceramics, L. Barbieri, I. Lancellotti • Phosphate stabilization of municipal solid waste combustion residues: geochemical principles, T. T. Eighmy, J. D. Eusden Jr • Environmental impact of energy recovery from waste tyres, R. Gieré, S. T. Lafree, L. E. Carleton, J. K. Tishmack • Heat pumps as a tool for energy recovery from mining wastes, D. Banks, H. Skarphagen, R. Wiltshire, C. Jessop • Modelling near- and far-field processes in nuclear waste management, J. Bruno, D. Arcos, E. Cera, L. Duro, M. Grivé • Colloid influence on the radionuclide migration from a nuclear waste repository, H. Geckeis • Mechanisms of uranyl sorption, M. Del Nero, A. Froideval, C. Gaillard, G. Mignot, R. Barillon, I. Munier, A. Ozgümüs • Development and application of the Nagra/PSI Chemical Thermodynamic Data Base 01/01, T. Thoenen, U. Berner, E. Curti, W. Hummel, F. J. Pearson • Towards a consistent rate law: glass corrosion kinetics near saturation, J. P. Icenhower, S. Samson, A. Lüttge, B. P. McGrail • Cement stabilization of heavy-metal-containing wastes, C. A. Johnson • Hydrological and geochemical factors controlling leachate composition in incinerator ash landfills, C. A. Johnson, K. C. Abbaspour • Geochemistry of leachates from coal ash, D. A. Spears, S. Lee • Secondary mineral formation in coal combustion byproduct disposal facilities: implications for trace element sequestration, R. J. Donahoe •


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