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Origin and Evolution of the Ontong Java Plateau

Product Code: SP229
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J G Fitton, J J Mahoney, P J Wallace and A D Saunders
Publication Date: 09 July 2004
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Geological Society Special Publication 229

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The Cretaceous submarine Ontong Java Plateau, in the western Pacific Ocean, is the most voluminous of the world’s large igneous provinces (LIPs), and represents the largest known magmatic event on Earth. LIPs are the products of basaltic volcanism on a scale and at an effusion rate not seen on Earth at the present time, and their formation may have had significant effects on the Earth’s climate and biosphere. The currently favoured explanation for LIP formation is the rapid decompression and melting of anomalously hot mantle in the heads of newly ascended mantle plumes. This volume summarizes the results of research aimed principally at testing the plume-head hypothesis for the formation of the Ontong Java Plateau, and presents the results of integrated studies following recent basement drilling on the plateau by the Ocean Drilling Program. Nineteen papers cover topics as diverse as petrology, geochemistry, tectonics, volcanology, palaeomagnetism and biostratigraphy.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-157-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-157-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 384
Weight: 1.10 kg


Origin and evolution of the Ontong Java Plateau: introduction, J G Fitton, J J Mahoney, P J Wallace and A D Saunders • Motion of the Ontong Java Plateau in the hot-spot frame of reference: 122 Ma – Present, L W Kroenke, P Wessel and A Sterling • Modelled palaeolatitudes for the Louisville hot spot and the Ontong Java Plateau, M Antretter, P Riisager, S Hall, X Zhao and B Steinberger • Early Cretaceous Pacific palaeomagnetic pole from Ontong Java Plateau basement rocks, P Riisager, S Hall, M Antretter and X Zhao • Rock magnetic results from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 192: implications for Ontong Java Plateau emplacement and tectonics of the Pacific, X Zhao, M Antretter, P Riisager and S Hall • The geology of north and central Malaita, Solomon Islands: the thickest and most accessible part of the world's largest (Ontong Java) ocean plateau, M G Petterson • Lower Cretaceous planktonic foraminiferal and nannofossil biostratigraphy of Ontong Java Plateau sites from DSDP Leg 30 and ODP Leg 192, P J Sikora and J A Bergen • Calcareous nannofossils from ODP Leg 192, Ontong Java Plateau, J A Bergen • Pin-pricking the elephant: evidence on the origin of the Ontong Java Plateau from Pb-Sr-Hf-Nd isotopic characteristics of ODP Leg 192 basalts, M L G Tejada, J J Mahoney, P R Castillo, S P Ingle, H C Sheth and D Weis • Origin and evolution of magmas on the Ontong Java Plateau, J G Fitton and M Godard • Partial melting below the Ontong Java Plateau, C Herzberg • Experimental petrology of basement lavas from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 192: implications for differentiation processes in Ontong Java Plateau magmas, T Sano and S Yamashita • LIP magma petrogenesis from source to surface: platinum-group element evidence from Ontong Java Plateau basalts recovered during ODP Legs 130 and 192, W J Chazey III and C R Neal • Volatiles in submarine basaltic glasses from the Ontong Java Plateau (ODP Leg 192): implications for magmatic processes and source region compositions, J Roberge, R V White and P J Wallace • Lower-temperature alteration of submarine basalts from the Ontong Java Plateau, N R Banerjee, J Honnorez and K Muehlenbachs • Accretionary-lapilli-bearing pyroclastic rocks at ODP Leg 192 Site 1184: a record of subaerial phreatomagmatic eruptions on the Ontong Java Plateau, T Thordarson • Phreatomagmatic eruptions on the Ontong Java Plateau: chemical and isotopic relationship to Ontong Java Plateau basalts, R V White, P R Castillo, C R Neal, J G Fitton and M Godard • Phreatomagmatic eruptions on the Ontong Java Plateau: an Aptian 40Ar/39Ar age for volcaniclastic rocks at ODP Site 1184, L M Chambers, M S Pringle and J G Fitton • Compositional variability in lavas from the Ontong Java Plateau: results from basalt clasts within the volcaniclastic succession at Ocean Drilling Program Site 1184, J T Shafer, C R Neal and P R Castillo • Geochemistry of Cretaceous volcaniclastic sediments in the Nauru and East Mariana Basins provides insights into the mantle sources of giant oceanic plateaus, P R Castillo •


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