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Vertical Coupling and Decoupling in the Lithosphere

Product Code: SP227
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J Grocott, K J W McCaffrey, G Taylor and B Tikoff
Publication Date: 22 September 2004
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Geological Society Special Publication 227

Recent advancements in the understanding of mountain belts have focused on vertical coupling of the lithospheric layers. This volume describes the extent to which observed or inferred sub-horizontal coupling or attachment zones provide vertical kinematic linkage between rheologically distinct layers in the continental lithosphere. A common theme is whether the deformation, which partitioned differently in each layer, is linked kinematically across attachment zones and driven by flow in the deeper crust and mantle lithosphere.

The papers are divided into six sections. The first analyses the extent to which mantle flow controls deformation of the overlying layers. The Vertical axis block rotations section uses geological and palaeomagnetic data to constrain the role and magnitude of basal shear across mid-crustal attachment zones. The Lower crustal flow and topography section addresses the time-dependent development of orogenic plateaux and their role in the orogenic cycle. Multiple examples of the spatial and temporal development of lithospheric coupling are given in both the Orogenic examples and Subduction examples sections. Finally, rheological constraints of vertical coupling in the lithosphere are investigated.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-159-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-159-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 352
Weight: 0.98 kg


Vertical coupling and decoupling in the lithosphere, J Grocott, K J W McCaffrey, G K Taylor and B Tikoff • Strain modelling, seismic anisotropy and coupling at strike-slip boundaries: applications in New Zealand and the San Andreas Fault, M K Savage, K M Fischer and C E Hall • Mantle-driven deformation of orogenic zones and clutch tectonics, B Tikoff, R Russo, C Teyssier and A Tommasi • Termination of strike-slip faults at convergence zones within continental transform boundaries: examples from the California Continental Borderland, M R Legg, M J Kamerling and R D Francis • Vertical-axis rotation of rigid crustal blocks driven by mantle flow, S Giorgis, M Markley and B Tikoff • Strain gradients in transpressional to transtensional attachment zones, C Teyssier and L Cruz • The role of crustal heterogeneity in controlling vertical coupling during Laramide shortening and the development of the Caribbean-North America transform boundary in southern Mexico: insights from analogue models, M Cerca, L Ferrari, M Bonini, G Corti and P Manetti • Distributed strike-slip faulting, block rotation, and possible intracrustal vertical decoupling in the convergent zone of SW Japan, O Fabbri, K Iwamura, S Matsunaga, G Coromina and Y Kanaori • Growth and demise of continental arcs and orogenic plateaux in the North American Cordillera: from Baja to British Columbia, D L Whitney, S R Paterson, K L Schmidt, A F Glazner and C F Kopf • Displacement transfer between thick- and thin-skinned décollement systems in the central North American Cordillera, W C McClelland, J S Oldow and J D Payne • The evolution of an exposed mid-lower crustal attachment zone in Fiordland, New Zealand, K A Klepeis and G L Clarke • Attachment formation during partitioning of oblique convergence in the Ketilidian Orogen, south Greenland, K J W McCaffrey, J Grocott, A A Garde and M A Hamilton • Lower Miocene deformation in the hanging wall of the Internal-External Zone boundary of the Betic Cordillera: deformation at the edges of vertical-axis rotation domains in oblique convergent margins, E Fernández-Fernández, A Jabaloy and F González-Lodeiro • Flow patterns during exhumation of the Sambagawa metamorphic rocks, SW Japan, caused by brittle-ductile, arc-parallel extension, T Takeshita and K Yagi • Transtensional deformation at the junction between the Okinawa trough back-arc basin and the SW Japan island arc, O Fabbri, P Monié and M Fournier • Isothermal decompression, partial melting and exhumation of deep continental crust, D L Whitney, C Teyssier and A K Fayon • Strain-rate-dependent rheology of partially molten rocks, J L Vigneresse and J P Burg • 


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