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Intra-Oceanic Subduction Systems

Product Code: SP219
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Larter and P. T. Leat
Publication Date: 27 November 2003
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Recycling of oceanic plate back into the Earth’s interior at subduction zones is one of the key processes in Earth evolution. Volcanic arcs, which form above subduction zones, are the most visible manifestations of plate tectonics, the convection mechanism by which the Earth loses excess heat. They are probably also the main location where new continental crust is formed, the so-called ‘subduction factory’. About 40% of modern subduction zones on Earth are intra-oceanic. These subduction systems are generally simpler than those at continental margins as they commonly have a shorter history of subduction and their magmas are not contaminated by ancient sialic crust. They are therefore the optimum locations for studies of mantle processes and magmatic addition to the crust in subduction zones.

This volume contains a collection of papers that exploit the relative simplicity of intra-oceanic subduction systems to provide insights into the tectonic, magmatic and hydrothermal processes associated with subduction. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-147-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-147-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 358
Weight: 1.10 kg


Intra-oceanic subduction systems: introduction, P T Leat and R D Larter • Controls on back-arc crustal accretion: insights from the Lau, Manus and Mariana basins, F Martinez and B Taylor • The subduction factory: its role in the evolution of the Earth's crust and mantle, Y Tatsumi and T Kogiso • A general model of arc–continent collision and subduction polarity reversal from Taiwan and the Irish Caledonides, P D Clift, H Schouten and A E Draut • Felsic volcanism in the Kermadec arc, SW Pacific: crustal recycling in an oceanic setting, I E M Smith, T J Worthington , R B Stewart, R C Price and J A Gamble • Chemically rich and diverse submarine hydrothermal plumes of the southern Kermadec volcanic arc (New Zealand), G J Massoth, C E J De Ronde, J E Lupton, R A Feely, E T Baker, G T Lebon and S M Maenner • Submarine hydrothermal venting on the southern Kermadec volcanic arc front (offshore New Zealand): location and extent of particle plume signatures, E T Baker, R A Feely, C E J De Ronde, G J Massoth and I C Wright • Geodynamic setting of Izu–Bonin–Mariana boninites, A Deschamps and S Lallemand • Volcanic history of the back-arc region of the Izu–Bonin (Ogasawara) arc, O Ishizuka, K Uto and M Yuasa • Geochemical evolution of magmatism in an arc–arc collision: the Halmahera and Sangihe arcs, eastern Indonesia, C G Macpherson, E J Forde, R Hall and M F Thirlwall • Some geochemical constraints on hot fingers in the mantle wedge: evidence from NE Japan, Y Tamura • Mantle genesis and crustal evolution of primitive calc-alkaline basaltic magmas from the Lesser Antilles arc, M Pichavant and R Macdonald • Structure and tectonic evolution of the South Sandwich arc, R D Larter, L E Vanneste, P Morris and D K Smythe • Magmatism in the South Sandwich arc, P T Leat, J L Smellie, I L Millar and R D Larter • Back-arc spreading and mantle flow in the East Scotia Sea, R Livermore • Resolving mantle components in oceanic lavas from segment E2 of the East Scotia back-arc ridge, South Sandwich Islands, D Harrison, P T Leat, P G Burnard, G Turner, S Fretzdorff and I L Millar •


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