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Subsurface Sediment Mobilization

Product Code: SP216
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P. Van Rensbergen, R. R. Hillis, A. J. Maltman and C. K. Morley
Publication Date: 05 November 2003
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Sedimentary facies in the subsurface are usually interpreted from a depositional/stratigraphical perspective: the depositional layering is generally considered to remain undisturbed, except in a few settings. But, there is growing evidence that subsurface sediment mobilization (SSM) is more widespread than previously thought, as new observations arise from the ever-increasing resolution of subsurface data. Many examples are from hydrocarbon provinces but studies elsewhere, for example in preparation for the underground storage of hazardous waste, have yielded unexpected examples. Although until now the different aspects of SSM, including soft sediment deformations, sand injections, shale diapirs, mud volcanoes, etc, have been separated, the new discoveries emphasize their inter-connection, regardless of scale, depth, location, grain size or trigger mechanism.

This volume integrates the different aspects of sediment mobilization in the subsurface and their structural consequences, allowing a more general and a more coherent view of the subject.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-141-6
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-141-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 528
Weight: 1.32 kg


VAN RENSBERGEN, P., HILLIS, R.R, MALTMAN, A.J. & MORLEY, C.K. Introduction • MALTMAN, A. J. & BOLTON, A. How sediments become mobilized • OWEN, G. Load structures: gravity-driven sediment mobilization in the shallow subsurface • HARRISON, P. & MALTMAN, A.J. Numerical modelling of reverse-density structures in soft non-Newtonian sediments • PARIZE, O. & FRIES, G. The Vocontian clastic dykes and skills: a geometric model • BANKWITZ, P., BANKWITZ, E., BRÄUER, K., KÄMPF, H. & STÖRR, M. Deformation structures in Plio- and Pleistocene sediments (NW Bohemia, Central Europe) • LEDÉSERT, B., BURET, C., CHANIER, F. FERRIÉRE, J. & RECOURT, P. Tubular structures of northern Wairarapa (New Zealand) as possible examples of ancient fluid expulsion in an accretionary prism: evidence from field and petrographical observations • DRAGANITS, E., GRASEMANN , B. & SCHMID, H. P. Fluidization pipes and spring pits in a Gondwanan barrier-island environment: Groundwater phenomenon, palaeo-seismicity or a combination of both? • HURST, A., CARTWRIGHT, J. & DURANTI, D. Fluidization structures produced by upward injection of sand through a sealing lithology • LOSETH, H., WENSAAS, L., ARNTSEN, B. & HOVLAND, M. Gas and fluid injection triggering shallow mud mobilization in the Hordaland Group, North Sea • PRALLE, N., KÜLZER, M. & GUDEHUS, G. Experimental evidence on the role of gas in sediment liquefaction and mud volcanism • GAY, A., LOPEZ, M., COCHONAT, P., SULTAN, N., CAUQUIL, E. & BRIGAUD, F. Sinuous pockmark belt as indicator of a shallow buried turbiditic channel on the lower slope of the Congo basin, West African margin • NOUZÉ, H. & BALTZER, A. Shallow bottom simulating reflectors on the Angola margin, in relation with gas and gas hydrate in the sediments • VAN RENSBERGEN, P., POORT, J., KIPFER, R., DE BATIST, M. VANNESTE, M., KLERKX, J., GRANIN, N., KHLYSTOV, O. & KRINITSKY, P. Near-surface sediment mobilization and methane venting in relation to hydrate destabilization in Southern Lake Baikal, Siberia • CARTWRIGHT, J., JAMES, D. & BOLTON, A. The genesis of polygonal fault systems: a review • NICOL, A., WALSH, J. J., WATTERSON, J., NELL, P. A. R. & BRETAN, P. The geometry, growth and linkage of faults within a polygonal fault system from South Australia • STUEVOLD, L. M., FAERSETH, R. B., ARNSEN, L., CARTWRIGHT, J. & MOLLER, N. Polygonal faults in the Ormen Lange Field, More Basin, offshore Mid Norway • BERNDT, C., BÜNZ, S. & MIENERT, J. Polygonal fault systems on the mid-Norwegian margin: a long-term source for fluid flow • HIBSCH, C. CARTWRIGHT, J. HANSEN, D. M., GAVIGLIO, P., ANDRÉ, G., CUSHING, M., BRACQ, P., JUIGNET , P., BENOIT, P. & ALLOUC , J. Normal faulting in chalk: tectonic stresses vs. compaction-related polygonal faulting • MERTENS, J., VANDENBERGHE, N., WOUTERS, L. & SINTUBIN, M. The origin and development of joints in the Boom Clay Formation (Rupelian) in Belgium • WATTRUS, N.J., RAUSCH , D.E. & CARTWRIGHT, J. Soft-sediment deformation in Lake Superior: evidence for an immature Polygonal Fault System? • MORLEY, C. K. Mobile shale related deformation in large deltas developed on passive and active margins • HILLIS, R.R. Pore pressure/stress coupling and its implications for rock failure • TINGAY, M. R. P., HILLIS, R. R., MORLEY, C. K., SWARBRICK, R. E. & OKPERE, E. C. Pore pressure/stress coupling in Brunei Darussalam - implications for shale injection • MORLEY, C. K. Outcrop examples of mudstone intrusions from the Jerudong anticline, Brunei Darussalam, and inferences for hydrocarbon reservoirs • VAN RENSBERGEN, P. & MORLEY, C. K. Re-evaluation of mobile shale occurrences on seismic sections of the Champion and Baram deltas, offshore Brunei • MCCLAY, K., DOOLEY, T. & ZAMORA, G. Analogue models of delta systems above ductile substrates • TOTTERDELL, J. M. & KRASSAY, A. A. The role of shale deformation and growth faulting in the Late Cretaceous evolution of the Bight Basin, offshore southern Australia • TALUKDER, A. R., COMAS, M. C. & SOTO, J. I. Pilocene to Recent mud diapirism and related mud volcanoes in the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean) • YASSIR, N. The role of shear stress in mobilizing deep-seated mud volcanoes: geological and geomechanical evidence from Trinidad and Taiwan • DEVILLE, E., BATTANI, A. GRIBOULARD, R., GUERLAIS, S., HERBIN, J. P., MULLER, C. & PRINZHOFER, A. The origin and processes of mud volcanism: New insights from Trinidad • DEYHLE, A., KOPF, A. J. & ALOISI, G. Boron and boron isotopes as tracers for diagenetic reactions and depth of mobilization, using muds and authigenic carbonates from eastern Mediterranean mud volcanoes • PARNELL, J. & KELLY, J. Remobilization of sand from consolidated sandstones: evidence from mixed bitumen-sand intrusions • 


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